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  1. Bill  Hullett

    R.I.P. Priscilla Cooledge

    Wow....I just learned from Bonnie Bramlett that sister to Rita Cooledge , Priscilla was shot and killed! In the early 70's she was married to Booker T and a great singer in her own right.....sad.. :-( Bill Hullett...
  2. Bill  Hullett

    Broadcasters galore!

    I was just checking out George Gruhns website and noticed that he had 2 Broadcasters for sale !! That's a rare day indeed....One of them is Broadcaster 0135 that was owned by session great Ray Edenton!! Ray showed me that guitar years ago on a session.. I wonder if George would cut me a deal if...
  3. Bill  Hullett

    I'll Do My Cryin In The Rain

    Tomcatf Tom..... The tremolo that you asked about is one that my son Clay made for me , I don't know any tech details though....:sad: it's just a little stompbox but I always think it sounds like a great old Fender! Thanks for asking Bill Hullett
  4. Bill  Hullett

    I'll Do My Cryin In The Rain

    I Wish I had Telegator....I wish I had gotten to work with them...Ray Edenton was the Man who taught me how to play ac gtr on sessions (baptism by fire) he played all the famous acoustic intros on their records from the 50's and 60's ie: Birdog, Wake up little suzie, etc Thanks Bill Hullett
  5. Bill  Hullett

    I'll Do My Cryin In The Rain Hi Guys... Ever since Phil Everly passed away last month I can't get this song out of my head, This past Sunday was a rainy one here in Nashville so I went down to my...
  6. Bill  Hullett

    Mystery Critter

    well....... My guess would be a raccoon ....and take my word for it, they are not to taken lightly, I had one as a pet in my youth and when they get mad or feel cornered they are NOT KIND!!! Bill Hullett
  7. Bill  Hullett

    R.I.P. Gordon Stoker (The Jordinaires)

    [B]Gordon was a great guy! I'm gonna miss him![B NASHVILLE, Tenn. -- Gordon Stoker, a member of The Jordanaires vocal group that backed Elvis Presley, died Wednesday. He was 88. His son, Alan, told The Associated Press that Stoker died at his home in Brentwood, Tenn., after a...
  8. Bill  Hullett

    1972 Tele with a black guard???

    Sixstringer I ordered a brand new Tele in 72 (the shop didn't have one) and I specified I would like a black pickguard....The Tele arrived with a black pickguard (3 ply) and the white pickguard was in the case... Bill Hullett
  9. Bill  Hullett


    Set The Record Straight Whoa!!!!! I've got set something straight here ... I had a 51 Nocaster that I owned for apx 28 years!!! Sold it about 10 years ago...A few years later Nacho found it and bought it (I'm sure he paid dearly for it) Then after writing the Blackguard book he was insnspired...
  10. Bill  Hullett


    This will get you fired up!!!!! Bill Hullett
  11. Bill  Hullett

    J.R. Kohler Saddles!! Amazing!!!

    To Sum Up.... Someone in the thread asked why I switched from the Glendales...well all of my reasoning is stated in the original post....They are great bridges and they might be just what the Doctor Ordred !!!!! :lol: Bill Hullett
  12. Bill  Hullett

    J.R. Kohler Saddles!! Amazing!!!

    Stephant :Stephant, They replaced my Glendale saddles which I would by all acounts have to say is a great product... If JR Kohler bridges hadn't come along that is what would still be on my tele. My observation is that these (Kohler) are a next generation in forward thinking as a...
  13. Bill  Hullett

    J.R. Kohler Saddles!! Amazing!!!

    well...... Hey, I'm just excited about a great product and have a forum full of Tele friends that I want to share my experience with...I've used a Tele almost exclusively as my electric for a long time and as great as Leo made it there is room for improvment and this is one major upgrade. YMMV...
  14. Bill  Hullett

    J.R. Kohler Saddles!! Amazing!!!

    Step By Step.... Teles are like 1/4 mile drag racers...... you can keep tweeking them and each improvement will get you a little better than the next pretty soon you're slaying everyone!!!!! These Bridges will get you a better E.T. down at the Tele Track!!:lol: Bill Hullett
  15. Bill  Hullett

    J.R. Kohler Saddles!! Amazing!!!

    A couple of months ago, my interest was peaked by a thread Johhny Isaacs had started where he spoke of how well he liked theses new saddles. I went to the webpage and was intrigued by the design, and so I thought that they were worth a try...I got 1 set of brass, 1 of copper and 1 of cold rolled...
  16. Bill  Hullett

    Clive Brown and Nacho Banos? Relic Blackguards?

    0514 I agree with Redd 150%!!!! My Nachocaster is every bit as good (and in someways better) than any real blackguard I've owned or played... I believe that Redds guitar and mine, were two of the first ones that Nacho did and yes, he did everything but the neck (Clive Brown) and...
  17. Bill  Hullett

    Nacho Guitars NachoCasters???

    Revv23 Revv23.... I am biased, by the fact that I've owned old ones and a Nachocaster....His guitars are at least equals to Vintage and in somecases (mine) I feel that Nachos beat the original!!:grin: Bill Hullett
  18. Bill  Hullett

    Nacho Guitars NachoCasters???

    Nachocasters Nachocasters are unequaled period...... JMHO Bill Hullett
  19. Bill  Hullett

    OMG...Has anybody got the JR Kohler Saddles yet?

    well...... I've played Teles almost exclusivly since 1972 and I will say this 1. As hard as I've tried....I've never been able to get a stock three way bridge to tune up well on todays professional level. ie: well enough as to not get called down at a recording session sitting next to a...
  20. Bill  Hullett

    Great Anti Piracy Essay

    Uncle!!!!!! I've been a studio musician for 30+ years and have had a very nice life afforded to me by way of the music business. I don't think any of my equally talented children will have even a glimps of a living from music , like they saw our household enjoy the whole time they were...
  21. Bill  Hullett

    Happy birthday Bill Hullett

    Thanks!!! Thank You all for the Birthday wishes!!!! I had a great Day with my Family and Friends....Yes Peter Frampton and I were born on the same day....I think He's the rich evil twin!!!:lol: We also share the same birthday as Glen Campbell but he beat us here by a few years and guitar...
  22. Bill  Hullett


    well...... I just went and listened to Kieths "Put YOu In A Song". I personaaly don't see the simularity in what you're hearing, But if my song holds up against KU's and reminds you of Speed Racer...I'll take that compliment anyday!!... I actually wrote that song the night before the...
  23. Bill  Hullett

    Waylon jennings sound

    AND..... Keep In Mind..... If you're refering to electric sound on actual records and not TV footage in most cases it was Wayne Moss (the 60's Waylon recordings) and later in the 70's and later it was usually Reggie Young. Bill Hullett
  24. Bill  Hullett

    Well, there's thirteen hundred and fifty two Guitar pickers in Nashville

    well........ I guess the more the change.....The more they remain the same...Unless I mis counted I show 1350 guitar players in the Nashville Union Book!!!!!:shock::lol: Bill Hullett
  25. Bill  Hullett

    Reggie Young's black Tele. Any insight ?

    Reggie.... I may be all wrong on this but if you look at the clip where hes explaining his licks hes got it back looking stock again..I think thats the way the guitar is at present we did a session together about a month ago and I swear if my memory is right thats the way it was....And I think...