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  1. SoK66

    tweed super 2x10 speaker solution required

    Whatever, the blue frames are worth checking out for anyone interested. Everyone has their preferences. The old initial run blue frames are to die for, maybe the ones you had are later production, etc. It's really great that we have the variety of speakers to choose from today. Weber is...
  2. SoK66

    Bassman sounding off. Help

    Clean the tube sockets with isopropyl alcohol.
  3. SoK66

    tweed super 2x10 speaker solution required

    Another vote for the 10A125s. But, FWIW, I had a set of Eminence alnico blue frames new in the box that I'd bought in 1990 to put in a brown Super. They never made it out of their boxes and into the 6G4. After they'd been stashed for about 20 years I put them in my 5F4 Suoer clone and they sing...
  4. SoK66

    $150 a lot of money to ship a used Fender '68 Princeton Reverb domestically.

    For those "local pickup" ads, the sellers will usually agree to drop the amp off at their local UPS Store for packing and shipping. This is expensive in some cases, but a good process. UPS won't pay for damage if you pack it yourself. No matter what you do, they will claim "improper packaging"...
  5. SoK66

    68 Custom deluxe amp

    I'm tempted to remove the reverb on the Custom channel. It's not difficult, you just remove the jumper they put between the channels and install a .047 or .022 cap in the empty slot. That should get rid of the reverb noise to the degree you might be able to record using the amp's reverb. Like...
  6. SoK66

    GZ34 in 5U4GB Fender circuits

    If you run a vintage 5U4GB Fender at today's line voltage and then throw in a GZ34 substitution you're flirting with really high B+/plate voltage. Knock the line voltage back with a buck transformer to 115-117 VAC and you might be ok. Your guideline for the B+ sweet spot is the heater voltage...
  7. SoK66

    68 Custom deluxe amp

    Can of worms alert! Lol! Most owners like the amps, "BUT." In the best of cases they have a high idle noise floor due to Fender's design compromises, reduced negative feedback and the way they combined reverb and tremolo on both channels. In that regard the noise floor on mine was unacceptable...
  8. SoK66

    1964 Deluxe (non-reverb) barn find

    I would gently blow out and vacuum the inside of the chassis. Then clean it with isopropyl alcohol, like I mean a serious douchng. It'll loosen the remaining dirt so you can wipe it out. As it dries it will evaporate off humidity that's gotten into the fibreboard. Afterwards the board will look...
  9. SoK66

    1964 Deluxe (non-reverb) barn find

    The wasps nest is going to add some serious mojo! A patient cleanup and servicing might pay off handsomely. Great find!
  10. SoK66

    Why the internet disinformation campaign about 5881/6L6?

    The confusion comes from the tube marketing characters' bad practice of labelling suposedly "ruggedized" 6L6GCs as 5881s. A true 5881 is a 23w tube, a 6l6GC is a 30w tube. a "ruggedized" (what does that word reall mean?) true 5881 is a 6L6WGC, a 26w tube. Sylvania started making a very stout...
  11. SoK66

    Had a chance to play a Fender Pro Reverb.

    Too bad they didn't make it a 2x12 like the original, an all time iconic Fender amp.
  12. SoK66

    Shellacking Grill Cloth Guitar Cab Yay or Nay?

    Gerald Weber (Kendrick Amps) suggested soaking grill cloth in a strong tea solution to give it an aged look. He was refering to repro blackface silver/blue cloth to give it that brownish look (exposure to club smoke, etc.) That might work for whatever you have planned.
  13. SoK66

    What are these speaker connectors officially called?

    Solder is your friend. Use an alligator clip as a heat sink.
  14. SoK66

    Late '60s Jensen C10Q Recone?

    If there's nothing wrong with it I'd just leave it as is. If yu want to try reconing it yourself you can get a kit from Speaker Exchange in Tampa. They are great folks and have some videos that will show you how to do it. I just did three C12NAs with their kits. Look at the frame rim for a five...
  15. SoK66

    Stand By Switch

    Once I understood the role of rectifier "boot up" (warmup) vs standby switches I stopped using the latter, other than perhaps momentarily changing speaker cabs, etc. The on/odff function of a tuner pedal at the head of your signal chain is a better way of silencing the amp.
  16. SoK66

    An observation: When all the components are in spec...

    I essentially had to do to my '66 BFDR what you've done. When I got the amp it was cosmetically an A-, with a speaker replacement (Weber 12F150 in place of the 12K5 Oxford), one screen resistor, filter caps and a poorly done 3-prong power cord the only other replacements. It had a good, mostly...
  17. SoK66

    '66 Tele restoration

    I wholeheartedly agree. For my '68 Sparkle Tele restoration the bridge pickup worked but was dull and weak sounding (which was why I'd added a humbucker back in '73) and the bridge pickup was completely dead. I sent them off to Lindy and he rewound both to original spec, correct wire, etc. Very...
  18. SoK66

    The Pinecaster Book

    I have a Squier '50 Classic Vibe Pinecaster. They used 5 pieces of not very light pine to make it, but for $300 used it's a honey! ;-)
  19. SoK66

    More headroom Fender Deluxe Reverb

    Most likely what you need is a Vibrolux Reverb.
  20. SoK66

    '68 Custom Deluxe Reverb Idle Noise Cured

    Wanted to add that as a very pleasant additional benefit the power supply grounding revisions to my '68 CDR have rid the amp of it's annoying Vibrato tick.
  21. SoK66

    '68 Custom Deluxe Reverb Club

    This is a link to my post on ridding the 68 CDR of its characteristic high idle noise level. I rarely if every use the Vibrato effect but as a pleasant surprise I've learned making these mods also rid the amp of it's annoying Vibrato tick, which was pronounced...
  22. SoK66

    '68 Custom Deluxe Reverb Idle Noise Cured

    BTW, I think the next step on the amp will be moving the screen resistors onto the power tube sockets and removing the a/c circuit from the PCB, wiring it directly to the PT and switches. I'll also try the shielded wire from volume pot to V1 & V2 mod, seems to be straightforward and effective...
  23. SoK66

    Is Antonio Brown worth the aggravation?

    Sad that great talents often have serious issues that overwhelm their positives. He's done, and probably cost himself and his family millions. Needs some help.
  24. SoK66

    Fender 68/65 Deluxe Reverb Reissue - Questions on mods

    Lyle of Psionic Audio has done great work on these amps. I recommend watching all of the ones he's done on the DRRI and the '68 CDR. The heater wires are the two green leads coming off the power transformer that are plugged into the main PCB. Look up above it on the board and you'll see two 100...
  25. SoK66

    '68 Custom Deluxe Reverb Idle Noise Cured

    Thanks for your post, but sorry must disagree with your assumptions. First, long before I made the decision to do surgery on the amp I tried every simple step, like altering bias settings, changing out the tubes (valves) one at a time, then an entire new set of new tubes, spinning the reverb...