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  1. Blues Twanger

    g & L ASAT Classic Telecaster Case

    I personally wouldn't transport my guitars in a case where I had to push the protective foam out of the way to get the guitar to fit. Storage in the closet, maybe. Ironically the angled Fender case is what I used to use for a Mustang as despite being a shorter scale ends up a slightly longer...
  2. Blues Twanger

    New G & L ASAT Fullerton Classic Telecaster

    Yup the G&L headstock is a little bit longer due to shape and spacing between tuner holes so the G&L specific case is needed. The bolder output of the MFDs allows a greater range of tones via the volume and tone knobs than typical alnicos. I find volume at about 85% and tone to taste is pretty...
  3. Blues Twanger

    I'm Getting Reverse-GAS-Syndrome?

    This is absolutely the right answer.
  4. Blues Twanger

    Anyone done P90 for neck with 250 pots ?

    The rule about which pot value goes with which type of pickup didn't seem to become a rule until the internet came along, before that is was more of a guideline. In the end the different values allow you to tune the sound to your liking so use the combination of pots, caps, etc that give you the...
  5. Blues Twanger

    Can bad pots/switches/jacks/wiring affect max guitar volume?

    Are your Chibson Firebird pickups designed like Gibson Firebird pickups? Their engineering differs from the usual humbucker and single coil and resistance might not be a good way to compare output.
  6. Blues Twanger

    Please help identifying guitar

    The Ibanez fandom supports a thorough wiki, if you have the time you will probably find it here
  7. Blues Twanger

    Nut slot radius different from fretboard radius

    It's clever for a quick repair but I would never use one on my own guitar. I am from the Paul Reed Smith school of "Everything that touches the string is god" and would rather have full mating, whether flat or matching radius, from nut to neck.
  8. Blues Twanger

    Partscaster vs MIM

    Edit (my post ended on the wrong topic, thank you multiple tabs and poor attention span) Partscaster for a guitar you know you will keep, or at least would be comfortable parting out at a loss.
  9. Blues Twanger

    Nut slot radius different from fretboard radius

    It's already been said but add my vote to the flat-bottom nut in this case.
  10. Blues Twanger

    G & L ASAT Question

    There really isn't one called the Standard. They did make something called the Fullerton Standard for a couple of years that was their least expensive USA line. It still had all the same bits and quality but came in limited finishes and with a gig bag. At the time the Fullerton Deluxe was...
  11. Blues Twanger

    Hardtails are so rare

    The Legacy (with alnico pickups instead of the S500's MFDs) can also be ordered with Leo's fantatsic Saddle Lock bridge.
  12. Blues Twanger

    G & L ASAT and Bluesboy

    The neck finish and feel of my Fullerton-made G&Ls are the best of any guitars I own. That is a major difference from the Tribute series because a lot of hand-finishing goes into the Fullerton guitars and it is a major source of pride for the company and in my opinion results in fantastic guitars.
  13. Blues Twanger

    Throwing two neck humbuckers in HH guitar. (Need some help!)

    FWIW the pickups themselves don't know they are 'neck' models, that only means something in relation to other pickups in a designated set.
  14. Blues Twanger

    American Pro II Tele Weight

    I tend to like guitars before I weigh them and T-types that I've liked best have ended up from about 7.5 to 8.25 lbs.
  15. Blues Twanger

    What kind of wood is this?

    Well, some more industrial composites are cheap and have appeared in cheaper guitars. It could also be almost any locally sourced hardwood that that was good enough and probably stained to the uniform color. Heck I've had a guitar that used a one piece mahogany neck/fretboard and the...
  16. Blues Twanger

    Return, Or No?

    If you like it then it's a keeper as the issues you describe can probably be addressed once the source is nailed down. If you return it for another guitar you chance a new set of quirks to address.
  17. Blues Twanger

    Which one would you buy?

    Of the two I would choose the blue. G&L guitars run a little heavy and their semi-hollows, while light, are not typically so featherweight to result in neck dive problems. The red also looks to me too close to the Fender FMT HH import guitar which while good in their won right isn't what I'd...
  18. Blues Twanger

    This Site Is Becoming Very Hard To Navigate

    I would imagine that the Venn diagram containing circles for those who prefer a 70 year old guitar design and those who dislike change is more overlap than not.
  19. Blues Twanger

    New Schecter Tele factory issue -

    I would call that a design preference and not an issue, the scale and intonation will be correct but the pickup will indeed have a slightly different tonality. FWIW those particular Schecters are extremely well built guitars.
  20. Blues Twanger

    New to me camera day

    Nice. I was helping clear out my grandfather's townhouse since he recently passed and was amazed to find this ~100 year old No. 1 Autographic Kodak Jr. that nobody else claimed so its now going to be displayed as a curio on my shelf as I no longer work in films like 120 at all.
  21. Blues Twanger

    Grinding at the Rumor Mill: American Original replacement

    If you track the specs throughout the years this isn't entirely correct. FMIC is excellent at driving a product cycle but the changes are more than the name and finishes offered.
  22. Blues Twanger

    Taming the Wild Mustang

    Your image reminded me of my favorite Mustang Fun Fact: Despite having a shorter scale length a Mustang is longer in overall length than a Tele or Strat. All that body real estate underneath and behind the bridge and tremolo adds up. Just compare in the image the distance from the tail to the...
  23. Blues Twanger

    ZamStar - ideal new beginner guitar?

    I've handled a few guitars along those lines and IMO it is harder to learn how to see the dots than to just have a chart in front of you and learn to play any normal guitar.