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  1. rand z

    Neil Young "Barn" Movie!

    BTW, I enjoyed the movie. They should have called it "Old Hippie Guys playing Music in a Barn," though. The songs were OK (typical Neil songs). It was really nice to see them having a good time... and laughing! imo.
  2. rand z

    Where is everyone? Has anyone else noticed the slowness

    site suicide? imo.
  3. rand z

    Neil Young "Barn" Movie!

    Not that it really makes any difference, because I agree... (and I don't feel the same about Neil, or his music, as I did 40 year's ago) BUT... I heard through a pretty reliable source that Peggy, knowing she was terminally ill, let Neil go. These peeps are of a different ilk than most of...
  4. rand z

    Monkeys Loose in Danville PA

    The lab monkey's are $$$$$. Around 30K each. According to my step daughter (Phd) who works in a university lab. (Btw, I was born in Danville, PA.) imo.
  5. rand z

    RIP Don Wilson

    Those Melodies live on... RIP.
  6. rand z

    RIP Marvin Lee Aday aka Meatloaf

    My brother pumped gas into his motorcycle in Stamford, CT back in the 70's. Said he was... OK. RIP. imo.
  7. rand z

    What's your hometown's claim to fame

    The Amish. And everything that comes/goes with them... imo.
  8. rand z

    Martin D28 or 00 28 for jazz

    Double post.
  9. rand z

    Martin D28 or 00 28 for jazz

    I have a D 18 and an OM 21. I would go with the OM 21 before the D 18 for Jazz. The OM 21 has more of an "intimate" sound suited for fingerstyle or subdued playing. And, like a M 36, is better for recording. The D 18 has too big of a sound for my idea of a good Jazz guitar. You can play...
  10. rand z

    Martin D28 or 00 28 for jazz

    Check out the Martin M 36. It's very well balanced sonically and comfortable to play. A guitar that's, apparently, used a lot for recording because of it's great, open and clear sound. (And it mic's, well.) They're pricey, but if you're only looking for 1 guitar to own, this one covers more...
  11. rand z

    DiMarzio Twang King compared to Duncan APTR-1

    I had both TK neck and JD bridge in a parts-caster. It's a very nice combo. (Actually, a good Strat neck PU, paired with the JD is very similar... and what JD uses.) imo.
  12. rand z

    Martin CEO 7

    Yes. It sounds exactly like a humidity issue. I keep a wet sponge in a small container with holes in every acoustic guitar case; and also in my electric guitar cases with f-holes. I check them every week to make sure the sponges are wet and the guitar's are doing OK. (I'm not too worried...
  13. rand z

    Good cables make a difference.

    I've used Bill Lawrence cable's, exclusively, for the last 17 year's. I bought the kit for around $60, that came with 50ft of cable and about a dozen connector's. I occasionally have to cut off an inch of an end to reconnect, but they've been better than fantastic! They are low pf so they...
  14. rand z

    What type of music do people want in 2022, but they don't know it yet?

    Something with some substance. That means aiming towards an wider audience (that has some musical history) instead of JUST kid's. Nothing wrong with kids; but too much of music (especially country music), is aimed at a very young audience. There is a much wider audience out there to target...
  15. rand z

    Any Hate For Guitarist Prior To The 70’s?

    That's easy... NO.
  16. rand z

    Magic Sam's Boogie: Smokin'!

    Magic Sam, along with Buddy Guy and Otis Rush, as electric guitarist's and singer's, really helped establish the "Chicago Blues." Of course, there were other's too... imo.
  17. rand z

    On what have you changed your mind over the years?

    Conversely, to other post(s) here, I've found that there is a reason why expensive guitars are, generally, better guitars. I used to buy cheaper guitars and mod them to my needs. It worked out OK. I recent years, I've purchased a few higher end acoustic and electric guitars. They play and...
  18. rand z

    Walter Becker guitar solos

    Yep! I like some of the intros and pedal steel (Baxter) work! Good stuff for a serious SD fan! Thanks!!! imo.
  19. rand z

    Walter Becker guitar solos

    You Bet!!! It's hard to say what actual solo's were played by Walter on the records. Credits are given, specifically, at times to a number of wonderful guitarist's. But, Fagan often credits his guitar work as credible and, at times, great. If you really want a strong taste of his...
  20. rand z

    21 year old musician has encounter with mountain lion at Pyramid Lake

    A hungry bear will run down, kill, and eat a dear. (Normally they eat grubs, berries, honey etc.) The dear is much faster, but tires easily. And a bear can run for a long time. Bears hate loud, shrill noises... and, I've chased them off with a referees whistle. BTW, never try to out-run a...
  21. rand z

    Where to buy lefty pots

    This. imo.
  22. rand z

    P-90 Noise. Worth it? Take the POLL!

    Maybe noisy in high gain mode(s). Not a problem for me... I rarely go into that territory as I prefer the beauty of clean (or slightly distorted) tones/volumes. And, I kinda think all pickups sound similarly... when severely over-driven. imo.
  23. rand z

    i m not a huge dire straits fan but...

    "Privateering" is an exceptionally wonderful album! If you haven't heard it, you need to!!! imo.
  24. rand z

    Blue-eyed soul

    Yep. Daryl hates that "Blue Eyed Soul" moniker.
  25. rand z

    looking for digitech vocalist harmony live processor

    I have one, but I use it a lot. And, I've tried to find a replacement, as a backup, but there's none out there. It's pretty hard to find any good harmonizer, these daze. I've wondered what happened... ??? imo.