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  1. Bob Womack

    Neil Young "Barn" Movie!

    Ol' Neil loves to put off the rustic vibe, but Guy Charbonneau's Le Mobile is on top of the pack for remote trucks. I've actually been aboard that truck. It features a Neve 8058 console and Studer A800 multitrack. I spent the first decade of my career recording on a pair of 8058s and an 8024...
  2. Bob Womack

    Musicians who use made up first names!

    I'm interested in the rash of young female artists who go by their first and middle names. It has started bleeding out onto Facebook and other social media platforms. Bob
  3. Bob Womack

    Happy 76, Dolly Parton

    She's from my neck of the woods. People from her home know her and love her. Bob
  4. Bob Womack

    What's your hometown's claim to fame

    Knoxville, Tennessee Home of the University of Tennessee Home of Olde Tyme Music Steamed Deli sandwiches warmed in a Fresh-O-Matic steamer Lynn's Guitars, the guitar shop that Chet Atkins bought his guitars at. You can ask me about that if you like. "Snap Vents" - look for the round vent...
  5. Bob Womack

    Vintage Organ Grooves

    Here I thought you were talking about vintage organ... I just brought this home. We are breaking up my mom and dad's family home. It is a Chicago Cottage Organ from somewhere around 1890 and has spent its life in the family. Now that's vintage. Bob
  6. Bob Womack

    68 Custom Princeton Reverb

    Please report back to us! Mine is stock and I've been wondering if I should reduce the woof a bit. Bob
  7. Bob Womack

    How Wings Create Lift (Bernoulli's principle stands corrected.)

    That was a common attention retainer in the Air Force. I encountered it in briefings at Blytheville SAC base and Eglin AFB. Bob
  8. Bob Womack

    68 Custom Princeton Reverb

    I've written up my experiences with the '68 Custom Prince HERE. The guy who owned mine before me put a Warehouse American Vintage G10C speaker in it, and it has cleaned things up a bit. I really think the tone stack changes collated over HERE that you apparently know about already are what...
  9. Bob Womack

    Just played a Honeyburst Les Paul Tribute at GC - not a good idea

    I don't have the guitar anymore and, no, I don't carry authoritative materials around in my back pocket. This is merely what I observed holding it next to a Les Paul Standard. Bob
  10. Bob Womack

    Just played a Honeyburst Les Paul Tribute at GC - not a good idea

    I owned a '60s Tribute for a whle, an earlier version with P-90s, and I loved it. I thought it was a great value when compared to my other Gibsons. The body thickness of the Tributes is more slender than the Standards and other LPs. The neck was the '60s Slim Taper and was fantastic. It...
  11. Bob Womack

    The traffic cones mystery.

    I had a similar problem. We live on a corner, so every single realtor feels that he or she has a right to set up signs in our yard for houses down either street. I got tired of it and simply uprooted the signs and threw them over the fence into our back yard. Gone. If they didn't claim them...
  12. Bob Womack

    anybody here reload/handload ammo?

    There is something I should probably mention about reloading and hand loading: In my years of shooting the M1 Garand, watching it being shot, and participating in the online community, EVERY SINGLE RIFLE FAILURE EVENT I have seen in twenty years has been traced back to hand loads or reloads...
  13. Bob Womack

    Wishbone Ash - Live 1972

    The CD remaster of Live Dates by Ted Turner for BGO (Beat Goes on) records is really, really well done. I was introduced to WA by Live Dates. That album features the original band in their ascendancy. BTW, Ted Turner's LP custom was dropped from a truck onto the tarmac at Memphis airport...
  14. Bob Womack

    Going From 10's to 9's Reluctance To Change

    C'mon in! The water's fine. Bob
  15. Bob Womack

    On what have you changed your mind over the years?

    I grew up in a country music stronghold. You were nobody if you didn't play a Tele and people spoke as if when you became a real talent the heavens opened an your Martin was lowered to you. I swore I'd never play a Tele because of all the pressure. The heavens never opened up for me. And...
  16. Bob Womack

    Grandparents' cars.

    You know, I think you are right that it was a Crosley. I mixed up their first two cars. My father ended up being an environmental engineer and measurement systems designer. As a result, he was a prolific prototyper for measurement packages involving optical, electric, electronic, hydraulic...
  17. Bob Womack

    Grandparents' cars.

    My maternal grandfather drove a blue '54 Mercury Monterey for the entire time I knew him: My paternal grandfather died in 1941 in a construction accident. He dated my grandmother in a buckboard pulled by a horse. My wife's grandfather dated her mother in his Stutz Bearcat. I think my...
  18. Bob Womack

    Regional Pride (sorry south).

    I grew up in the Tennessee foothills of the Great Smoky Mountains. I married a beautiful woman who was born on Long Island, spent two years in Upstate New York, and settled in New Jersey, an hour outside NYC. Until I visited, I had no idea why they called NJ "The Garden State." For years it...
  19. Bob Womack

    Trying to fill a hole in my soul

    I'm sorry about the loss of your friend, Mick We've had a brother and sister pair of Labs. Last spring the female, Zoe', reach the end of her life. Her brother, Boo!, is still with us and is fourteen years old, but he doesn't have long. Here they were singing hymns during a Sunday morning...
  20. Bob Womack

    Mailbox Hit and Run

    By the way, when mine got knocked down, I learned the thing about the post office not delivering to a knocked-down mailbox in the most immediate way possible. I resorted to a chunk of wood and clamps until I could get a new post. Mail started arriving again. Bob
  21. Bob Womack

    Mailbox Hit and Run

    I don't live in Florida, instead at the top of the Great Dismal Swamp. We live on a corner. This time of year, our front yard is basically mush from the high water table. We woke up one morning with deep truck tracks through our yard where a drunk didn't make the corner. Drunks happen. Bob
  22. Bob Womack

    Knew Bonamassa was talented, but...

    It is the Internet. Some folks just can't seem to walk by a topic without spewing bile. As he grew up, his father was a guitar store owner. You hear about his entry into the biz in the intro to his Royal Albert Hall vid. Bob
  23. Bob Womack

    Speaker cabinets or combo amps with ultra-wide sound spread - ?

    Those wall-eyed cabs with speakers that shoot sideways will make enemies in the band, thou knowest. Typically, open-back cabs will disperse the sound more than closed-back cabs, which are more laser focused. Bob
  24. Bob Womack

    This guitar has lost its high end

    If you lowered the action and didn't lower the pickups, you've effectively raised the pickups. As strings get close to the pickup the pickup's magnetic influence will dampen the upper end content of the strings. We 1970s Les Paul owners discovered this the hard way. The '70s Gibson T-Top...