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  1. lil scotty

    Sports fan? Who is your team no matter what? Show your team colors!

    I think my Suns are going to get you this time. We got the big men now, just need them to have the courage to draw a charge or two from YA. He made Ayton look like a wimp. Great series and congratulations! Hard not to like YA. The fact that he was healthy enough to play at all is a minor...
  2. lil scotty

    Sports fan? Who is your team no matter what? Show your team colors!

    Robert Plant, is that you?
  3. lil scotty

    How does one shop for a CD player nowadays?

    Thrift store
  4. lil scotty

    Pink Floyd Argument Bait

    I did not, and do not bake. I will always hold PF very near and dear to my heart.
  5. lil scotty

    Used Shoes?

    I have bought used boots and shoes at the thrift store. Aside from a couple pair of cool older boots that were in great condition, I have found other practically new footwear. In fact, “practically new“ is my criteria for sneakers.
  6. lil scotty

    Why. Oh, Why.

    The 3 songwriting teams you mentioned: McCartney will pretty clearly say, “that’s a John song” or “that’s my song.” This usually coincides with who is singing it. Mac then will add, I helped with the “middle 8,” (bridge) etc. I don’t have the book anymore but they go song by song. The...
  7. lil scotty

    Why. Oh, Why.

    You make so many points that I get overwhelmed! I generally agree that those who say they “can’t” really “do“ And what they really mean that they aren’t confident about the results. I totally agree that lots of us do other musical things, like play drums, piano etc. I give much respect to...
  8. lil scotty

    Last night, I lost the best friend I've ever had.

    I am sorry for your loss.
  9. lil scotty

    Why. Oh, Why.

    I mean that lots of people that get into the academics of music end up not being songwriters. Most become content analyzing the the nuts and bolts of others‘ output. Or, worse, just reading and playing the notes on a page. Lots of musicians can’t write songs. Not all, but most. No crime in...
  10. lil scotty

    Why. Oh, Why.

    I guess that is the foundation of my questioning “great songwriting being taught.” I have known many musicians who go down the academic rabbit hole. None of them would I describe as songwriters, period. You can study “theory,” “”composition” etc but Songwriting, capital “S,” is another animal.
  11. lil scotty

    Why. Oh, Why.

    ”great songwriting can be taught in college,” is an interesting concept. Makes me wonder who the teachers are? Can it be learned in college too? And where are these people? I am not disagreeing, just find it all fascinating. Especially now, there’s these online classes taught by pros in...
  12. lil scotty

    The cheapo trade-in... maybe not worth bothering, ya think?

    There are folks who make reselling stuff found at Goodwill etc, their business: books, jewelry, instruments, clothes. I’ve seen them in action plenty.
  13. lil scotty

    Why. Oh, Why.

    Please search previous JM posts. This has all been covered, ad nauseam.
  14. lil scotty

    Trying to fill a hole in my soul

    I am sorry for your loss
  15. lil scotty

    Locking Guitar Straps

    Or buy the beer, drink the beer and use the washers!
  16. lil scotty

    I don't usually post these, but perhaps a short one is in order.

    I, too, have regretted the way I dropped off a pet to be put down. It happened years ago. I have handled it much differently, and more courageously, ever since, but I still kick myself. I am sorry for your loss.
  17. lil scotty

    Temporary, energy-efficient wall ideas

    Are the floors fancy, or something? If they’re just regular concrete, I wouldn’t worry too much about patching them up after the fact. Back in the 70s, this job might have been done by framing it in, like regular, then putting some paneling up.
  18. lil scotty

    I know people are afraid to post their mugs ...

    I’ve enjoyed this thread. Thanks OP.
  19. lil scotty

    Shave & a backcut?

    My ‘88 LP lite has the switch instead of one knob; but does have the traditional “custom” trapezoid inlay on the headstock. It’s color is Metallic Sunset, which always gives me a chuckle. Here’s a pic of a similar one.
  20. lil scotty

    I know people are afraid to post their mugs ...

    I’ve heard that before. My mugs are much uglier than his.
  21. lil scotty

    I know people are afraid to post their mugs ...

    I had some business cards made and, for cheap, they offered to put the business card image on a mug. As a joke I got one for my mom and one for my gf. Without going into details, I now have both mugs.
  22. lil scotty

    Charles Bukowski on being Alone

    Sure he was but you don’t produce art like he produced without some self-discipline.
  23. lil scotty

    Piano Tuning as a career. . .

    Between pro tunings, I will make minor tweaks. I bought the wrench to do it. Coincidentally, I just met another local musician who does the same.
  24. lil scotty

    Piano Tuning as a career. . .

    As mentioned above, I bought my piano off CL. I found the guy who both moved it, and tuned it, on a recommendation. This same guy still tunes it by ear, periodically. This is going on 12 years now. He is worth his weight in gold to me. Only reason I’m chiming in here, is that maybe there’s...
  25. lil scotty

    CNC marks?

    Because of the uniformity of the spots on both guitars in my first post, I was speculating CNC (computer numerical control) marks that had been filled in and painted over. I am now convinced they’re clamp marks that kept the guitars from being “Sunburst” as intended. So, Fender tried to fix...