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  1. Greenmachine

    The Ringle Factor: Are your neighbors always outside when you are?

    I think I used to live next to the Ringles crazy aunt. Every time my kid went on the rope swing she was out there. She thought she owned the tree.
  2. Greenmachine

    Cheaper Nut Slot Files?

    10-46 stewmac. Don’t make do. My two cents.
  3. Greenmachine

    Any fans of the MIJ acoustics from the 70s to mid 80s

    Yes! Just reset the neck on one of my vintage Yamaha's. Plays great now.
  4. Greenmachine

    Danger... Rhythm section is MUTATING!

    You would vomit if you had my band. Yours sounds good to me.
  5. Greenmachine

    Favorite Down Jacket Brands

    In Montreal Canada Goose was the brand to have.
  6. Greenmachine

    Knew Bonamassa was talented, but...

    Ha I didn't realize he was a child talent. Say what you want about him but he can really play.
  7. Greenmachine

    Should I sell my 2016 Gibson 1958 ES-335 VOS??

    Geez ... If those were mine they'd be lifer instruments. I say no sell. No sell!
  8. Greenmachine

    Fernandes shredder axe too muddy (chicken coop content)

    That's the Oxford English dictionary definition of a project.
  9. Greenmachine

    I learned why you shouldn't do late night repairs.

    I was doing a neck reset for the first time and honed a putty knife down into basically a real knife. I was loosening the fretboard and it slipped and cut right through my work glove above the knuckle of my thumb. I was lucky it didn't cut through the tendon. Five stitches.
  10. Greenmachine

    Best Experience With Wood For The Body

    Yellow cedar. It comes out looking like a yellow tele without any pigment or paint!
  11. Greenmachine

    Stew Mac - The Spam That Doesn't Stop

    I like stewmac but yes they are pricey.
  12. Greenmachine

    What is the oldest Coffee you've ever drank.

    Folgers always tastes old to me.
  13. Greenmachine

    Who Ya Got?

    Bearcats. I can’t imagine a fiercer animal.
  14. Greenmachine

    Which is dumber?

    I think planning a dumb thing is worse.
  15. Greenmachine

    If you feel like talking, can we discuss SM57's....

    interesting post. I’m curious about what your favourite mic’s are. Thanks.
  16. Greenmachine

    Have you made a neck yet?

    I bought a bandsaw used for $50. Maybe you could get one. I used it a lot. And clamps. And fretboard radiusing sanding blocks. And you’ll probably need to make a fret wire radiusing jig. And fret press cauls to insert in your drill press. And a neck rest would also be good. Fret nippers and...
  17. Greenmachine

    You have a budget of $300 dollars

    Used Epi Dot.
  18. Greenmachine

    If you feel like talking, can we discuss SM57's....

    I prefer the beta 58 for vocals.
  19. Greenmachine

    Building your first amp kit

    Way to go buddy. Start saving for the next project because it’s addictive I’ll tell you what.
  20. Greenmachine

    MEN! Bidet toilet seats? Whose got one?

    I would happily use a bidet. It would help me to never have an itchy smelly bum and chicks would dig that I bet.
  21. Greenmachine


    YES. Buy a TELECASTER. You won’t REGRET it.

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