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  1. takauya

    Making a heavy guitar body lighter

    I removed the finish off my Baja body. The poly finish was thinner than I expected, so it reduced only about 100g. It rings so much better after though. I'm thinking about removing my another Baja body.
  2. takauya

    Boss Blues Driver or Tube screamer?

    Some of you might find this video interesting. They think the stock BD2 is completely useless, buried in the mix as soon as you step on it, at 9V but find it useful as a fuzz at 4V, and sound good as a drive pedal at 18V.
  3. takauya

    are scales and modes really necessary?

    If I could start from the begging of my learning, I'd definitely learn scales immediately. Learning scales doesn't mean you learn patterns on the fretboard though. For me it's how to harmonize notes within a scale, understand the relationship between chords and melodies, and being able to hear...
  4. takauya

    neck debate

    I used to own one but never noticed if the headstock was angled. I miss that neck though, if only the radius was 7.25" or 9.5"... It's kinda weird that 12" on Gibson is fine but 12" on a Fender neck is no for me. Sorry to derail the thread.
  5. takauya

    Marshall Vibratrem...

    I don't know anything about the pedal, but I love vibrato effects. I never use it as a weird noise making machine though. Just use it as a very subtle effect when you play some chordal stuff with clean or a slight gain. I actually like the Univibe's vibrato mode more than the chorus mode.
  6. takauya

    neck debate

    Hmmm, really? The EJ Strat uses staggered tuners and IIRC, its headstock is a bit thinner so that the angle from the nut becomes steeper, thus no string tree, but I never heard the angled headstock thing.
  7. takauya

    Vintera 50's Telecaster Review

    Thanks guys. Oh, so they are still doing the edge treatment on some of them. It's good to know. Apparently, a QC issue then. I'll keep trying to find another neck similar to my Baja's. A couple of weeks ago, I asked a seller who was selling a 2015 Baja, assuming the neck had nice fat round...
  8. takauya

    Partscaster vs MIM

    I meant string spacing at the bridge. It's really hard to tell from the pics. Maybe it has a F-spaced bridge pup?
  9. takauya

    Partscaster vs MIM

    I'm not 100% certain but string spacing might be narrower on Squier?
  10. takauya

    Vintera 50's Telecaster Review

    So, here's a question to you Vintera owners. Are your Vintera neck's fretboard edges sharp or "slightly" rounded (I mean not like the rolled edges on relic guitars)? I just want to make sure if MIM completely stopped this little nice treatment or not. I've had three Baja Teles (two 50s and one...
  11. takauya

    Bill Frisell and Julian Lage "Someday My Prince Will Come."

    Bill Frisell's tone and touch... Just incredible.
  12. takauya

    Japan and wackiness.

    Well, I didn't watch the full videos but I noticed immediately that the 2nd video is not in Japan, but in China or Taiwan, so I assume this channel is by Chinese or Taiwanese as well. And, other comments about "Japanese thing" for people outside is true and just fabricated silly stuff. No...
  13. takauya

    Vintera Mod 50s roasted Tele neck?

    Soft V feels thin compared to fat C or U if depth is the same. And, what Fender calls soft V varies A TON. There are degrees of V-ness and they call them all soft V. Also, they make nut width 41mm - 43mm for the same model. I'm trying to find another Baja neck similar to the size of mine for 2...
  14. takauya

    4 Way with Out of Phase

    Also, you might have to consider which series or parallel OoP you would like. I personally believe parallel OoP is the worst tone you could produce from a Tele, IMHO, YMMV of course.
  15. takauya

    5 Pedals You'll Never Sell

    BOSS TU-2 RAT L6 Echo Park x 2 L6 DL4 (as a looper) This list is actually all pedals currently I own. lol
  16. takauya

    21 year old musician has encounter with mountain lion at Pyramid Lake

    I didn't know there are wild lions in America. 😲
  17. takauya

    Sold my baja for a 50's road worn tele

    I just bought a mint 50s road worn tele yesterday. I'm apparently not a fan of the tex-mex pups. Fortunately the neck is nice and chunky enough (still not as chunky as my Baja's though), so I think I'll just use the neck for my project w/ a stripped Baja body, then sell other parts.
  18. takauya

    Going From 10's to 9's Reluctance To Change

    Tone-wise I prefer 9s on Teles, and they are fun. Super easy to bend, but they wear really fast, and you cannot dig in as much as you would with 10s.
  19. takauya

    Should I sell my 2016 Gibson 1958 ES-335 VOS??

    Up until Mike Volts took over at Memphis factory in 2013, they had really terrible QC. At the time I'm pretty sure there are many people misunderstood their use of "Memphis Custom" naming and thought they were made at Custom Shop and better than the Nashville USA though. The only reason why...
  20. takauya

    Stand By Switch

    I trust what techs say. It's just a handy tool. I don't use it with my amps when I power it up, but I'd use it on others because they'd upset if I didn't. And tbh, I wasn't following the rule; warming up tubes, blah blah, even before I learned the correct info on the net. 😅
  21. takauya

    Disappearing Les Paul Jr.

    I got an Antiquity P90 bridge even though I don't own any guitars with P90s. Just in case...
  22. takauya

    Fender 52'RI vs 62RI vs 64'PV bridge pickup for 69' Thinline Tele

    I think the OV set is good enough for any Tele for most people including myself.
  23. takauya

    88-89 MIJ Strat..looking at it today..what is it??

    Some of you guys know about MIJ guitar history way deeper than some Japanese (me included). lol

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