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  1. 2HBStrat

    Worst You've Been Called

    Are those words?
  2. 2HBStrat

    Sports fan? Who is your team no matter what? Show your team colors!

    UK Basketball St. Louis Cardinals
  3. 2HBStrat

    Worst You've Been Called

    An ex called me a loner as we were breaking up. She was a really outgoing partier and I wasn't.
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    I say forget about 'the thing'and concentrate on getting your band to learn songs outside their comfort zone. If you sing bring in songs that you can sing that aren't soft rock. That's about all you can do and if they don't go for it then you may have a tough decision to make...
  5. 2HBStrat

    bourns vs CTS pots

    I like pots that are easy to turn, too. For that reason I use DiMarzio or Mojotone.
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    Your favorite songs with neat key changes?

    The Steely Dan catalog...
  7. 2HBStrat

    Pink Floyd Argument Bait

    What about (the) Eagles?
  8. 2HBStrat

    Pink Floyd Argument Bait

    That's right. The Pink Floyd template was set with Pipers at the Gates of Dawn.
  9. 2HBStrat

    Yvette Mimieux - RIP

    Me, too. Big time crush. I liked her in the relatively obscure 1968 movie "3:in the Attic "
  10. 2HBStrat

    Japan and wackiness.

    Japan has Chocolate Cheetos!
  11. 2HBStrat

    Dimarzio Pre B1

    What's a 48 proto pine Tele? What's a 48 Proto Broadcaster piney?
  12. 2HBStrat

    "What Your Favorite Sad Dad Band Says About You"

    I've heard of all of them, heard most of them, and really like several of them. Funny link.
  13. 2HBStrat

    Thick Plastic Finishes on Guitars is a Buzzkill

    I have a "Crafted in Indonesia"Squier Bullet Strat HH with a blue sparkle finish that is the most acoustically resonant guitar that I have, and it gets the most play other than my acoustic. I have no idea what kind of finish it has
  14. 2HBStrat

    Pay Attention to Your Breakfast!

    I was watching TV and absentmindedly eating a bag of nacho Doritos when I got a ball of conglomerated Doritos seasoning that had gongealed into a ball about 1/3 of an inch in diameter. I ate it. It was delicious. There were 3 or 4 of those balls in that bag.
  15. 2HBStrat

    New Telecaster American Pro 2

    I have a 2020 American Professional II Tele just like the one in the op. To me the pickups are the weak point of the guitar, and the series position does not approximate a humbucker. It IS a fatter sound so if you're used to a Tele it might be enough. Yes. Late '86, actually.
  16. 2HBStrat

    Snark shade - This settles it for me - No snark 'bout snarks

    Same here. I just don't like the look of keeping the tuner hanging on the headstock.
  17. 2HBStrat

    This man raised an opossum. Now he thinks they are smarter than dogs.

    I think possums are cool. And they kill and eat snakes. They're immune to snake venom.
  18. 2HBStrat

    A buddy wanted me to record a song with him and then he doesn't show up.

    I told his wife to let him know if there's anything he needs or anything I can do It ran through my mind George Jones driving to the liquor store on his lawn mower
  19. 2HBStrat

    A buddy wanted me to record a song with him and then he doesn't show up.

    How about "Oops I did it again?"
  20. 2HBStrat

    A buddy wanted me to record a song with him and then he doesn't show up.

    Correct on all counts, I think. According to his wife he has a serious drinking problem, which I never knew about. She says he's been lying to her about how much and how often he's drinking. At this point I just hope he gets the help she thinks he needs.
  21. 2HBStrat

    A buddy wanted me to record a song with him and then he doesn't show up.

    Well, maybe, but after talking to his wife last night I found out that he has an alcohol problem. On the night that I texted him he was drinking AND driving, as in driving while drinking, ran off the road, hit a couple of trees, and totally his truck and ended up in jail. She says that he had a...
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    Ex-bandmates want to meet for a drink!

    No news. The chosen meeting place had a band that was VERY loud and played an unbelievably long set. When I left they had been playing for over two hours and I realized that he there would be no real discussion. We did try to talk some but it was like yelling. As I was leaving the lead singer...
  23. 2HBStrat

    Help! Scratches after using #2 steel wool

    What does Lollar use for fine "sanding?" I've used OOOO steel wool on my Fender necks with no issues. I take the necks off or cover the pickups with masking tape.
  24. 2HBStrat

    Made Jaeger Schnitzel for dinner.

    Looks great!