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  1. P-Nutz


    DSM has SO much public art, with an amazing downtown sculpture garden and a chit-ton of murals around town. I'd post some, but there's just too much goodness! You'll either hafta Google-machine it, or stop by some time and I'll show you 'round ...
  2. P-Nutz

    Worst You've Been Called

    As mama always said, and I’ve said many times, “Better to be a smartass than a dumbass.”
  3. P-Nutz

    Worst You've Been Called

    One of our state senators just called all of us in public education “sinister” so I guess I’ve got that going for me!
  4. P-Nutz

    It's my birthday today.

    HB, JB!
  5. P-Nutz

    Are You A Tourist In Your Own Town?

    As public school educators, Ms. Nutz and I have taught literally tens of thousands, and it's quite frequent that no matter where we are, someone (parents, former students, former students who are now parents of our students) that somebody doesn't ask/say "Hey! Aren't you Mr./Ms. Nutz?" That...
  6. P-Nutz

    Free heat

    Done this for years after the vent pipe broke; never fixed it, and blocked the outside vent. Use nylon stockings as filters (cheap!), and in a drafty 106-year-old house, there’s enough air flow to keep it from getting moldy! Plus it keeps the guitars and our red slider warm and happy, as it’s...
  7. P-Nutz

    The big guy can pass the ball.

    And he’s “lovely” … Seems like a good man!
  8. P-Nutz

    What brand of boots do you wear?

    Ms. Nutz and I hike a lot, and just got my first pair of Oboz; she’s had them forever. After Hitecs (big ol’ brown ‘70s style, which I love and still own) and some Timberlands (which turned out to be more fashion than function) I am a total convert!
  9. P-Nutz

    First contacts at 60!

    Ms. Nutz is jealous because she used to wear them but can no longer. I have worn bifocals for 20 and readers since college 40 years ago. I’ll be completely honest; it’s a vanity thing for me, looking “younger” on stage and all that. What say you? Who wears contacts? What’s the motivation?
  10. P-Nutz

    The "Shared" Gig

    One band I'm in, never, the other, all the time. No biggie ...
  11. P-Nutz

    "What Your Favorite Sad Dad Band Says About You"

    The Nutz offspring were the ones who turned me on to these bands!
  12. P-Nutz

    This man raised an opossum. Now he thinks they are smarter than dogs.

    I think they’re cute, and we always have a coupla two-three hanging around, along with raccoons, deer and a fox or two. However, they’ve come into the house a couple of times and they smell really bad! I mean REALLY BAD! I hope domesticated ones aren’t as odiferous … just saying …
  13. P-Nutz

    Dunlop strap lock problem

    I've used Dunlops exclusively over the last X-number of years without issue, but the strap ends (slidey balls; band name you can't have) do wear. PM me with an address and I'll send you a bunch!
  14. P-Nutz

    Here’s 14 inches for ya …

    Yassir! Did the same … in Iowa!
  15. P-Nutz

    Here’s 14 inches for ya …

    When they mow!
  16. P-Nutz

    Here’s 14 inches for ya …

    Same here; used to take about 2 1/2 hours including our deck, which I do by hand and takes about a half hour itself. Today, sans deck, an hour, and that includes another neighbor’s sidewalk.
  17. P-Nutz

    Here’s 14 inches for ya …

    True story! When I turned 60, Ms Nutz and the Nutz offspring bought me a snowblower for the holidays … apparently heart attacks and shoveling are a thing? Who knew? ‘Tanyrate as much as I resisted, I ain’t goin’ back and you can’t make me!
  18. P-Nutz

    Here’s 14 inches for ya …

    Oh, and done!
  19. P-Nutz

    Here’s 14 inches for ya …

    “Bart! They said you was hung!” “And they was right!” Turns out your ex was also right; only nine inches by my count.
  20. P-Nutz

    Here’s 14 inches for ya …

    And I ain’t up to tacklin’ it just yet …
  21. P-Nutz

    The stigma of yoga

    Yeah, the one thing that I’ve actually learned in life is never, and I mean never, judge a book by its cover, whether in music, fitness, hell, anything. There’s always someone out there smarter, faster, better, and honestly, it just doesn’t matter.
  22. P-Nutz

    The stigma of yoga

    Ms. Nutz has taught yoga for years … so, yeah! Plus, I’ve been kickboxing and studying martial arts for the last two decades, so, please, take my man card … please?! Edited to add- I’m 60 but most think I’m in my 40s, so I guess we’ve got that going for us!
  23. P-Nutz

    How's THIS for a Bad Dog post?!

    @moosie So, not this, then ...