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    Where Does The Tone Come From? Jim Lill video

    this will rattle some folks
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    Sports fan? Who is your team no matter what? Show your team colors!

    kinda gradually lost interest during the 90s. don`t know or care why
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    The Other Favorites plus one

    I was glad to see and hear this
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    Super Rare Bird

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    I saw something strange yesterday

    I`d rather give a few bucks to someone who`ll spend it on their favorite drug than to some organization that`s gonna spend it on brainwashing people
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    Pay Attention to Your Breakfast!

    sugar coat them, you`ll be fine
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    Stop now or keep going(Micawber content)

    there`s Willie and of course the Queen herself
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    NGD - The one I always thought was out of reach

    what your wife don`t know can hurt you
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    Real or Not ?

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    Richard Pryor sings

    anyone seen this
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    Hummingbirds fight to the death.

    whatever critters you`re feeding will attract whatever eats them
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    Do You Trust Your Brain?

    not as much as I use to
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    What Is Your Snow Removal Strategy?

    same way I deal with hurricanes
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    I called the police, would you have called the police?

    I`d have called sooner
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    Big Army or Little Army

    lotta folks still playing
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    you can`t prove pain

    finding the cause of it would be a start
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    you can`t prove pain

    I have chronic pain (not back) but since nothing shows up on CT scans or an MRI it doesn`t exist
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    you can`t prove pain

    what to do if the doctor doesn`t believe you`re in pain ?
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    Betty White rip

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    Bald Eagle

    love your pictures, thanks for sharing them
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    Fret Buzzing, New Player

    learn to set them up yourself. you`ll save a lot of money and aggravation
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    Baby’s Coming Home

    nice, I appreciate your sharing it
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    Are you going out on New Years Eve?

    probably do laundry
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    Tell me I don't need a 2nd Princeton!

    how does "need" enter the question?