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  1. Tuxedo Poly

    EMG-T quick-connects - no capacitor needed?

    There is an installation pdf with diagram at EMG which mentions a built in cap.
  2. Tuxedo Poly

    Bill Lawrence 5-Way Telecaster Mod Question on 5th Position

    How is the tone control designed to work? Grounding the end lug seems a bit unusual. Below is the drawing with an alternative more conventional cap wiring.
  3. Tuxedo Poly

    Wiring Diagram Needed

    Something like this should work.
  4. Tuxedo Poly

    Coil split wiring help

    I use the lug on the base of the switch Fender use the bottom of the switch
  5. Tuxedo Poly

    Powerhouse Strat question?

    There's more info in the Strat-Talk owners club thread
  6. Tuxedo Poly

    Length of American Luxe Neck Plate Screws?

    The Ultra uses 1 1/4" at the top and 1 1/2" bottom #8 oval head Phillips The regular Fender screws are 1 3/4" which will be too long.
  7. Tuxedo Poly

    2006 Blonde Highway One - Real or Fake? Need advice

    There are several Fender serial number lookup pages, there's one which is quite good. This one Fender Serial Number Lookup The Ops guitar neck serial comes back as Z6011746 0111202367 HWY1 TELE MN HBL 04/2006
  8. Tuxedo Poly

    Fender Double-tap Shawbucker wiring: how to humbuck

    It is defeating the object of the DoubleTap design. Mr Shaw spent a lot of time experimenting with the coil values to get the split/tapped sounds he wanted. I wonder how many failed attempts to use the regular Fender HB color code have there been. Green and bare to ground, black and white...
  9. Tuxedo Poly

    Serial number look up, oops. They are correct. I double checked and my pictures were swapped. My 2003 has been heavily modified since bought new

    US14 is 2014. A 2003 would be Z3. Link to Fender info Someone swapped the neck while you weren't looking? Might be worth checking the neck heel for date stamps.
  10. Tuxedo Poly

    2012-2015 American standard tele neck pickup 2 or three wires?

    Early versions had the yellow wire soldered to the cover tab nearest to the eyelets. The Baja Tele had a slightly different version of the Twisted Tele with black, yellow and green wires
  11. Tuxedo Poly

    Fender 2016 USA Pickups ??

    Fender US Standard pickups up to 2012. Pickups in a 2016 would be vintage style Broadcaster bridge and Twisted Tele neck.
  12. Tuxedo Poly

    Push Pull to S1 Help, Please

    This should work. The switch output (white wire) is routed through the spare S1 pole and on to the modified TBX input. The TBX output is routed as original diagram (yellow wire). Operating the S1 disconnects both the input and output of the TBX and routs the switch output directly to the S1...
  13. Tuxedo Poly

    Do these look like Highway One Telecaster Pickups?

    AFAIK the original Hwy 1 pickups were the same as the Classic Series. Plastic bobbins, no baseplate on the bridge and with plastic covered wire, white and blue neck, yellow and blue bridge.
  14. Tuxedo Poly

    (Now with photos) Convert Fender Telecaster American Pro II from 3 to 6 saddles, help

    Another comparison image to try to clear up the confusion. Cotoh modern and Fender vintage bridges have the same screw fixing and string-through hole locations relative to the bridge pickup. They are different to the Fender American Standard, Deluxe, Elite and Ultra and do not fit these models...
  15. Tuxedo Poly

    (Now with photos) Convert Fender Telecaster American Pro II from 3 to 6 saddles, help

    The solution is fit an American Standard/Series or a Deluxe/Elite/Ultra bridge with 6 saddles. The American Standard/Series pre 2008 is similar to the Delxe Elite with block saddles and offset intonation screws. You will have to drill one extra hole. Fender part numbers may help in your search...
  16. Tuxedo Poly

    Fender FSR Serial number

    That Fender serial link doesn't work for me. Am I doing something wrong? Here's a few more oddball Fender serials AMXN + 6 DIGITS California Series electric guitars and basses, '97 and '98 (The California Series instruments with an AMXN prefix share U.S./Mexico origin.) MSN + 6 DIGITS Some...
  17. Tuxedo Poly

    Help identifying this tele

    The Fender registration site identifies it as a Special US12071109 Product 0115802305 is the American Special in Olympic White
  18. Tuxedo Poly

    Fender Double Tap humbucker-- how does it work?

    Something like this
  19. Tuxedo Poly

    6-Way Switch Review!

    That Megaswitch M diagram is geographically challenged. The pickup representations are left to right with German names which is very confusing. This follows the usual convention of bridge (steg) pickup on the right and neck (hals) on the left The 6 way Electroswitch review is useful. I've...
  20. Tuxedo Poly

    Help with a 50s Road Worn Strat listed for Sale

    Sold for 585 GB pounds this morning at 10.48GMT. I wonder if the OP bought it.
  21. Tuxedo Poly

    American Deluxe Professional 2 vs American Deluxe Professional

    Pickups? The Am Pro D/L has Shawbuckers and the Am Pro II D/L comes with V-Mod II DoubleTap with coil split/tap. Am Pro vs Am Pro II - marketing.
  22. Tuxedo Poly

    My Feeling About Tele Bridges is . . . . . (a survey)

    Any old steel plate and a set of these
  23. Tuxedo Poly

    Reverse Baja pickup wiring?

    This should work - no guarantees!!