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  1. RogerC

    What's on your workbench today?

    Working on a birthday present for a friend's 50th. He and I have been friends since jr high, and he and his family hold a very special place in my heart because they provided a lot of experiences for me that I wouldn't have otherwise had. One of those being taking me for my fist time on a...
  2. RogerC

    What's on your workbench today?

    Nice work! Since you're developing this for sale, I'm assuming you've gotten a release from Jack Daniels in order to use their IP?
  3. RogerC

    Fretboard Dots - Brad Point??

    Yep, another vote for forstner bits.
  4. RogerC

    What's on your workbench today?

    This guitar has undergone a few variations at this point. First iteration: 2nd iteration: Where it's at now :D This was one of the very first builds I started, and it represented a lot of firsts for me: - first multi piece neck - first set neck - first inlay - first thinline...
  5. RogerC

    Help - Tru-Oil process

    Sconnie summed it up nicely below: And as he also iterates, make sure you're leaving a full 24 hrs between coats. This isn't going to be a quick process, but your patience will be rewarded.
  6. RogerC

    Help - Tru-Oil process

    You don't need to sand to anything higher than 220 when prepping the wood. Also, There are no pores in alder or on maple that need closing, so that step isn't necessary. Just sand your wood to 220 and apply a very thin coat of oil. Let cure for 24 hrs and apply another very thin coat. Repeat...
  7. RogerC

    Hobby transition

    Funny you mention your old hobby was restoring Porsches and then you moved into guitars. My hobby was building guitars, and now I want to restore a mid ‘80s 911. :D I’ve been scouring CoPart just to see what prices were like. I can see the finished car in my head and would love to tackle it...
  8. RogerC

    One man's trash is another man's trashy Dolphin Nose bass

    Another really cool project, Marty! And by the way, I always really get a kick out of your sigs :lol:
  9. RogerC

    Having a small problem setting up my tele

    I vote for improperly cut slot in the nut. You need to be sure there's a slight angle from the fretboard side of the nut down toward the tuners. Only the front edge of the nut should be contacting the string.
  10. RogerC

    Completed custom build: The Partymaster

    That whole design is pretty sweet, but I particularly like how your headstock design really fits in with the overall aesthetic.
  11. RogerC

    Is this maple?

    Next to impossible to tell from that pic. Really no grain that can be seen.
  12. RogerC

    Wide-belt sanders?

    I would check government surplus auction sites. I used to peruse them quite frequently, and it wasn’t uncommon to see wide belt sanders up for sale.
  13. RogerC

    Possible total failure

    Well, as much as it sucks, it can be fixed. And I will say that you appear to be handling it better than I typically do with those kinds of things :lol:.
  14. RogerC

    Bench Top Drill Press - Is 12" swing large enough?

    I'm with you on old DPs. I started with this early '60s model. Bought it for $50. ] Turned it into this: Then sold it in order to buy something older :D
  15. RogerC

    Long Time Coming

    Great work as usual, man!
  16. RogerC

    Do you glue your frets in when fretting a neck?

    I used to glue in all my frets but found it was more hassle than it was worth for me, so now I just use a combination of fret press and hammer to seat them nicely. I can't think of a time when I had a problem with ends popping up.
  17. RogerC

    Bench Top Drill Press - Is 12" swing large enough?

    No. As others have already said, a 12” drill press only has 6” from the bit to the pillar. That’s not going to get you what you need on a JM. keep an eye out on CL and FB marketplace for an old 14” model.
  18. RogerC

    NGSD - New Guitar Strap Day

    Thanks, man! Really appreciate it. It goes great with that guitar!
  19. RogerC

    Buying 0.023" saw blade for fret slotting from McMaster-Carr and shipping it to Canada

    Listen to Marty and George. We’ve all had the same idea at one point or another, and it just doesn’t work.
  20. RogerC

    CRL 3-Way Switches and Stock Tele Wiring

    *deleted* Was thinking about Rob, not Rick.
  21. RogerC

    What's on your workbench today?

    It's been awhile since I've done anything on the SG. The weather's really nice here today, and I had the day off, so I figured I'd get a little more work done. Then I ended up doing this... Yeah, that sucked. I was pretty irritated with myself to be sure. In all honesty, though, it...
  22. RogerC

    DIY Drum Sander...need help to get flat bed

    Definitely should be opposing directions.
  23. RogerC

    What's on your workbench today?

    When you’re getting close to final fit and can’t quite figure out where it’s hitting to keep it from seating perfectly, put lipstick on the tenon where you think the interference is and then set the neck in place carefully. When you remove it, the lipstick will transfer from the high spot to...
  24. RogerC

    What's on your workbench today?

    Yeah, I cut about 1/4" sections of the tubing, fill them with clay and then bake them at the appropriate temp. Then I install them with epoxy, and then file/sand them down.
  25. RogerC

    What's on your workbench today?

    Working on the final neck fit on the SG. I've worked it down to very close using the lipstick trick and the fine side of a farriers rasp. Now I'm flossing it in for the final fit.