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  1. Dana Rudd

    Tele, Paul, Strat …

    Strictly home player now. Have been able to buy guitars and amps for their unique sounds. Necks don't bother me in scale width or thickness it only takes a minute to adjust to whatever guitar I feel like playing. My only problem is the household space twenty plus guitars and nine or ten amps...
  2. Dana Rudd

    NGD 70th Anniversary Broadcaster

    Congrats, that definitely looks like a keeper to me. Beautiful guitar, enjoy.
  3. Dana Rudd

    Gone To Wyoming

    I've been gone to Wyoming since late 1994 and have no plans on leaving. Thanks for the video, great song, keep up the good work.
  4. Dana Rudd

    New PSG Day -1973 Sho-Bud LDG

    Congrats on that beauty. Enjoy it. HNPSGD.
  5. Dana Rudd

    Happy New Guitar Year AO50’s

    Congrats on that fine looking Tele. Enjoy and HNGD. Great start for the New Year.
  6. Dana Rudd

    Got GAS

    Good that you were able to cure the GAS. Will be watching for the NGD thread.
  7. Dana Rudd

    New Member - First Telecaster

    Hello @DennyBob521 and welcome to the group, nice to have you join us. Nice Tele enjoy it.
  8. Dana Rudd

    NGD (new to me): a kinda-cool surprise and seemed worth posting up

    Congrats, bet you're going to enjoy that one. HNGD.
  9. Dana Rudd

    My Wife just bought me a $7000 Les Paul!!!

    Congratulations on a very special wife. She is a gift of a lifetime and so is the LP. Enjoy both to the fullest. I can't imagine trying to find an equal gift for you wife. HNGD.
  10. Dana Rudd

    Happy (late) NGD!!! (Paisley Esquire Content)

    Congrats on the new Esquire. I'm not a fan of relicing on guitars. I try to keep all of mine looking new. Great looking guitar otherwise, enjoy and HNGD.
  11. Dana Rudd

    Rattlesnakes of Arizona - 9 species of venomous pit vipers from Sonoran desert

    Thanks for sharing, I've always had a soft spot for rattlesnakes.
  12. Dana Rudd

    On this day, a guitar was born

    Great looking build, congrats and HNGD.
  13. Dana Rudd

    NGD! Well, New-used, and 2 days ago

    Congrats on your new Tele. Looks great, enjoy the playing and HNGD.
  14. Dana Rudd

    NGD Forrest Double Bender

    Congrats on your new beauty, enjoy and HNGD.
  15. Dana Rudd

    NGD Broadcaster

    Absolutely beautiful Broadcaster, congrats and HNGD. Enjoy!
  16. Dana Rudd

    Facial hair. Yay or nay?

    I've pretty much always had a full beard and mustache since I was able to grow one.
  17. Dana Rudd

    New painting: pirate with crayons

    Another great painting. You do such good work, I love seeing them.
  18. Dana Rudd

    New Thinline Tele Day!!!

    Very nice, congrats on that beauty. Great looking body wood. Enjoy and HNGD.
  19. Dana Rudd

    NAD Vox AC10C1 Limited Black & Tan 10W 1x10 w/Creamback and JJ Tubes

    Congrats you will enjoy that one I'm sure. I like the color of it also.
  20. Dana Rudd

    NGD coming up: my Christmas present to myself.

    Congratulations, we'll need more pics and a review once you pick it up. HNGD.
  21. Dana Rudd

    Are You Gonna Go My Way instrumental

    Well done, thanks for sharing. Keep on playing.
  22. Dana Rudd

    I am happy that I'm back

    Glad you found your password and rejoined us. Great looking Tele.
  23. Dana Rudd

    Any Righties Tried Paying A Lefty (or vice versa)?

    I'm a lefty and in my 72 years I have never seen a left handed guitar to even try one out. I think about just ordering a cheap on to satisfy my curiosity, then wonder what I'd do with all my guitars if I was a natural lefty. Guess at this stage I'll keep playing righty.
  24. Dana Rudd

    New Amp Day - Quilter Aviator Cub

    Thanks for the review, hope you get it dialed in to the sound you want, Congrats and HNAD.
  25. Dana Rudd

    NGD - 1991 Stratocaster Plus Ultra in Sunburst

    Congrats on that fine looking Strat. Obviously well cared for. Rock on with that one.

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