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  1. Martin R

    Udemy Recording Class

    Thanks. It's not so much the money, it's the time I'd invest. I'll probably buy it and put in a few hours...just looking to improve my workflow more than anything else.
  2. Martin R

    when is something "good enough"?

    The problem with home recording is you can always do another take...
  3. Martin R

    Udemy Recording Class

    Anybody know anything about this? They're offering offering a Logic X course with 47 hours of video for $15. I can make Logic work, just not very efficiently and maybe something like this could speed things up.
  4. Martin R

    The Handsome Family

    Brett and Rennie are here in ABQ. Very nice people. Brett even gave advice on some of our mixes. Their songs are enigmatic, magical, depressing and uplifting. The melodies work perfectly with their lyrics...amazing musicians.
  5. Martin R

    Do you use an ART tube mic preamp?

    Neither of our acoustics have preamps. We use these when playing live. Cheap and works...Five Stars.
  6. Martin R

    WWYD? Issue With Band Member

    We had the exact same issue. We had the "talk" and lost a bass player and a friend. We found another bass player who was perfect for us, and the former bass player went on to form a successful cover band. You just never know.
  7. Martin R

    Vocaliscious Vocals

    When we first decided to record at home we were told we could get 90% of a professional sound inexpensively. That last 10% was going to cost. We did this on a budget...modest ADK LDC, really good compressor, and GarageBand. (It helps to have great talent in front of the mic.)
  8. Martin R

    Jerry Donahue - "The Claw" | Tab Tuesdays

    We were at the Country Music HOF a few years ago. While we were browsing the gift shop a clerk asked if were staying to see Jerry Douglas.,,Duh! He and a guitar player and bassist set up in a corner with no PA and played and talked for about an hour. There were less than twenty people listening...
  9. Martin R

    Solo acoustic amplification

    If you need more inputs just get a small mixer. We run eight channels through our L1 Model 2.
  10. Martin R


    Someone once asked him to play a happy song. He said, "Darling, these are the happy the songs."
  11. Martin R


    Born this day in 1944. Christina Herr wrote this song about him.
  12. Martin R

    Capo theory

    Thanks. We cut a notch out of the acoustic track where the Tele frequencies were. A little EQ goes a long way. (I don't have my notes and don't remember the frequencies but it was somewhere in the middle.)
  13. Martin R

    Capo theory

    We do that a lot. We work on developing complimentary parts that are different but work well together. This on has my distorted tele with Christina's acoustic...It's a little obvious. This one is more an example of working out parts. The tele is clean and the acoustic is capo'd up pretty high...
  14. Martin R

    Help with computer purchase

    I'm late to the party but GarageBand is awesome! We recorded more than 18 tracks using a 2nd generation Mac Mini. Most of the album was mixed in Logic, but THIS TRACK was recorded and mixed in GB.
  15. Martin R

    Setting up a basic recording studio at home

    We've done four mics and eight mics. Eight mics is better. We also record the drums, (and everything else), individually. Record a scratch track live with a click track and usually the bass going in direct. Then come back and redo each instrument. Our room is very live and reverberates at D. So...
  16. Martin R

    Gear Insurance

    A while back...a long while back...there was a thread that mentioned an insurance company that had policies for gear and even gigs. I can't find it. Does it ring a bell with anyone? Thanks
  17. Martin R

    Tube Microphones info for the clueless - me.

    Next, you'll read a review of the latest YoYoDine 3000 and think, "Hey, I could really use that".
  18. Martin R

    Tube Microphones info for the clueless - me.

    Say goodbye to life as you know it.
  19. Martin R

    Deadheads stand up and be counted!

    And whoever chose it knows we're sitting here smiling.
  20. Martin R

    What Is So Special About The Fender Wide Range Humbucker?

    I do that while recording but can't get the blend right playing live. Love this thread.
  21. Martin R

    Pioneer SX 850 set up

    We have a Yamaha CR-840. The reviews on it was that it had a flat response. Many people didn't like it. Perfect for mixing!
  22. Martin R

    Recording acoustic guitars

    We usually record acoustics with both onboard pups and mics, (usually a LDC and ribbon). It's nice to be able to blend everything. This was mostly LDC with a touch of pickup. This one is mostly the pickup with an LDC for a little air. It also helps to have a really good player.
  23. Martin R

    Rode NTK Tube

    Hey, ten bucks is ten bucks.
  24. Martin R

    Rode NTK Tube

    I've looked there but I can't seem to find a manufacturer called Crap.
  25. Martin R

    Rode NTK Tube

    Does anyone know the brand of the tube in the NTK? I've upgraded and just want to put the stock valve on CL. Thanks in advance,