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  1. otterhound

    Monkeys Loose in Danville PA

    Davey , Mickey , Peter and Michael .
  2. otterhound

    Are fully electric cars really “coal cars”, “fracnatgas cars”, “uranium cars” or…

    When I was much younger , I actually believed that Mr Ed could talk . There are so many inconsistencies being put forth here , I felt compelled to post the Mr Ed thing . Bye bye .
  3. otterhound

    How Wings Create Lift (Bernoulli's principle stands corrected.)

    When does sectional dynamics get added to this discussion ?
  4. otterhound

    And now the electric Chevy Silverado

    Imagine that .
  5. otterhound

    Got an electric car

    Imagine that .
  6. otterhound

    Got an electric car

    Imagine that .
  7. otterhound

    What is the oldest Coffee you've ever drank.

    Imagine that .
  8. otterhound

    Frank Zappa: Black Napkins

    I attended that Philly show .
  9. otterhound

    CROWS: and their fascinating behaviors and intelligane

    The flock that you write of is actually called a murder of Crows .
  10. otterhound

    CROWS: and their fascinating behaviors and intelligane

    A guy across the street years ago had a pet crow .It's name was Ellsworth . Nolan taught this crow to speak and it would fly about looking for whatever school room he was in and spoke or yelled as he sat on the window ledge . The only problem was that this crow only knew/spoke his name and...
  11. otterhound

    CROWS: and their fascinating behaviors and intelligane

    Does anyone here know what you call a group of Crow's ? If you manage to kill one of the members of a murder without a sentry raising the alarm , the remainder will either kill or drive off the sentry that failed . They are organized . An Owl decoy will draw them in very effectively for hunting...
  12. otterhound

    5 immutable laws of human stupidity

    BS article . Y chromosomes don't trans .
  13. otterhound

    5 immutable laws of human stupidity

    Genius typically shows itself and needs not be declared . I know a few like this , yet they continue to make declarations .
  14. otterhound

    5 immutable laws of human stupidity

    A pregnant woman is pregnant and a woman that is not pregnant is not pregnant . All in 1 sentence as well . How did I do ?
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    ... And in the end .... You chose a fine place to begin anew . I never parted with my Thorens .
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    21 Strange and Ingenious Uses for WD40

    #16 works great when removing wasp nests from the open ends of pipe like that on a Cantilever/slide gate . First you give them a good dousing to hinder flight and then you give them fire . Of course , they try to escape which causes them to crawl with their coated bodies through the flames . It...
  17. otterhound

    Uriah Heep!

    Saw them at Hershey , Pa . The guitar player passed out and threw up on stage during the show . Shortly after that , his Hepatitis issue was reported in the local paper . Even with the ' event ' , they put on a great show .
  18. otterhound

    5 immutable laws of human stupidity

    In a world where education replaces intellect , all bets are off .
  19. otterhound

    Sycamore Esquire

    Would you share a photo of the lower edge of the body ? You know , the flat surface that circles the circumference of the body . I would like to see the endgrain .
  20. otterhound

    Nut files, yeah again

    Can't really say about their file cut , but they sure do the job for cutting a nut slot with a round bottom . Martin sold the Grobet files . I can't comment on the others simply because I don't know . As I said before , they are worth every cent to me because they are the correct tool for the...
  21. otterhound

    Sycamore Esquire

    I do not know Sycamore as a light weight wood .
  22. otterhound

    Sycamore Esquire

    They love wet areas and are not as dirty or vulnerable as Willow trees .
  23. otterhound

    Sycamore Esquire

    The random , interesting grain you write about are called medullary rays . They are present in all Sycamore , but it must be close to or dead on quartersawn for them to show . I know this for a fact and have harvested and sold a fair amount of this wood species . If you choose to burn this wood...
  24. otterhound

    Nut files, yeah again

    I had believed differently . Thanks . Would you please post here where they are available ? To me , they are worth the plunge .