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    I’m gone

    I’m gone
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    Jason Isbell

    Here’s one my band does.
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    Let’s see your Halloween costume

    I was traffic director for Trunk or Treat at Church
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    Should I get another delay?

    I have two A Carbon Copy Deluxe and a Westminster Effects Chick-delay The Chick is my go to. It’s a two stage analog delays each with their own delay and regen knobs. I love it
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    Watching Mayer and Frampton.... lots of 3 finger use

    As a recovering bass player it’s taken years to restrict my tendency to use my pinky. I use three fingers for most playing, but pinky for chords
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    My son came home

    You do realize he only wants to impress some girl at school and will not show interest in your knowledge of Duck Dunn, Geddy Lee, JP Jones or CC Ramone
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    I died a little inside today.

    Opinions are like a$$es. Everyone has one
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    Restringing Question

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    Randy Backman obtains his '57 Gretsch stolen in '76

    Such a great guy , check out his book Tales from Vinyl Tap
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    One of these things is not like the other.

    The PRS ought be on a separate stand , ready to be played?
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    Mine …

    Oldest is in Florida while her hubby is studying at Seminary. Middle one is 3 weeks married tomorrow and youngest lives here while attending Law School.
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    Best compliment you ever received?

    A very statuesque gorgeous blonde smiled and said , “you certainly are a generous giver” after a steamy enounter.
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    How to carry everything in one trip?

    Groupies, and don’t carry anything.
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    To fix or not to fix - such a bummer.

    I’ve heard that Parallel Universe Series guitars tend to chip when brought too close to Flux capacitor equipped car. Do you or your neighbors own a modified Delorean?
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    Mustangs...Ford, not Fender

    I have A 2010 Mustang GT convertible in GrabberBlue. Nothing like punching that baby on a long stretch of open highway and getting pushed into the back seat. Son in law had it up to 108 last week.
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    Best Bond villain and henchman

    Mr. Kotto stayed a while in Baltimore while filming Homicide: Life on the Street He was very well liked and known as a friendly, approachable, generous man.
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    Why Jennifer Turner is One of My Favorite Guitarists

    I love this song. I danced with my middle daughter who got married one week ago today to this song. It reminded me of the day she was born, there were complications and I nearly lost them both.
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    Best Bond villain and henchman

    Yaphet Kotto, Mr. Big in Live and Let Die
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    Strange Happenings in My ‘Hood

    Red , Let the dog go first, he has far better hearing and will smell the trail of the person, and chase away or lead you to the person. We are Big dog folks. Here are Natty and Milo. Use your Big dogs to save your butt.
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    I found a quote that puts into words my feeling about metal lyrics.

    Ping, I always enjoy your posts, you remind me of Andy Rooney.
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    Oh, Facebook...

    I only have one FB friend, my wife. I belong to the Terry Kath Group and a private restaurant Operator group where we may blow off steam privately against the Home Office. Yes , one friend and I refused my mom 3 times.
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    What is a decent affordable PA for vocals?

    Gone are the old mixer, power amp and speakers with 15”, 12” speakers and horns. Self powered speakers, a digital interface like a Soundcraft ui-16 powered speaker towers and a tablet. For powered vocal towers, try the Gemini 300 BT I use a pair for rehearsal with band and one does well with...