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    The Vaughan Brothers - Family Style

    +1 for "Hillbillies"
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    cheap vintage amp day, info request

    VERY VERY unlikely to have "3 6V6" tubes. MUCH MUCH more likely to have 2 6V6's and a rectifier, all of which are a similar size. Your tech will be able to tell you which is the rectifier, maybe 5Y3 or 5U4, etc. Be careful: if you put the wrong tube in the rectifier position you will certainly...
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    Right Angle Plug on Speaker Cable

    Instrument cable is not ideal - it has a slim inner conductor surrounded by a braided shield. Speaker cables are two identical larger conductors, lamp cord is a fine replacement. Right-angle connectors can be a little crowded inside and it's not quite as easy to fit the bulkier speaker cable...
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    R Core Transformers for tube amps

    Oh god - I used stainless ONE TIME. Never again. My condolences. Cool project!
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    R Core Transformers for tube amps

    What circuit did you use for your phono pre? & what were your tube choices?
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    Rock it!!!

    I think Ms. Smyth just gained a new fan.
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    “Stop Your Sobbing” Kinks Cover

    I enjoyed that a lot, thanks @mrsongbird !
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    Anyone have a secret middle pickup on their Tele?

    If I told everyone, it wouldn't be a secret, now, would it?
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    Building a Walnut Tele-Bo! (Official)

    Well, look, this guitar is probably gonna merit two threads anyway. One for Bo and one for The Duchess?
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    Building a Walnut Tele-Bo! (Official)

    Duplicate thread
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    Electronics experts: need help with a pin connector ID

    Those look like Molex to me - try an auto parts store, better prices than electronics stores, and much more commonly found.
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    A guitar of my own design - my 3rd build

    That shape looks so right with the Bigsby.
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    Car dealer Svc department got a speeding ticket in my car...

    I wonder what the REAL story was!
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    Recurring CL Post is bugging me!

    Absofrickinlutely. (NYC.)
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    anyone convert a drill press into an overhead router?

    Yeesh - those are some gruesome stories @Peegoo !
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    Hopefully A Painlessly Way To Get Into Experimenting With Tubes

    +1 - I have the same dc/dc converter here. Not sure you'd get enough current for an output stage (maybe a 12AT7/reverb transformer type is within reach?) But it'll fire up a few preamp tubes for sure, and, yes, it'll need a little bit of current draw to regulate well. If you feel like building...
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    Guitar amp kit (problem with noise and humming)

    Where are you guys finding the schematic?
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    Mesa Boogie leather corners

    35 CENTS?! Dang. Thanks!
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    St.Homer Depotus test build

    Love it. Rock on! Where did you source the 4 + 2 tuning machines?
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    R Core Transformers for tube amps

    I hear that!
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    R Core Transformers for tube amps

    I'll be interested to see how this plays out - please post pics when you get yours?
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    R.I.P. Alex Trebek

    That was a heck of a moment. It was a wonderful thing that Trebek got to hear it and that he got to say it.
  23. tubegeek

    R.I.P. Alex Trebek

    Leno was/is a pretty decent standup but I couldn't get behind him as a host.
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    Help:Input not working, effects return does!

    If the full set of switching options are used on the Cliff jack, you'll want to use the exact replacement. It's capable of switching all three contacts. If the jack is intended to be isolated from the chassis, then you'll need an enlarged hole and a shoulder washer to install a switchcraft...