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  1. tah1962

    Pandemic lockdown song

    Very nicely done!
  2. tah1962

    NGD 1964 Firebird

    Very nice! Congratulations and enjoy!
  3. tah1962

    New Member

    Welcome to TDPRI :)
  4. tah1962

    Air Travel in 2021: a mini rant.

    Sorry to hear about your hassle flying. I can’t imagine flying in today’s madness. My last flight was my last week of work, (retired 3/29/19) and it was no fun then. Between two jobs in 31 years, I flew 3 out of 4 weeks a month. I don’t think I’ll ever fly again. Best of luck with the job.
  5. tah1962


    Nice score! Congratulations and enjoy.
  6. tah1962

    NGD - I guess her name is Penny

    Very nice. Congratulations.
  7. tah1962

    Hello from Canada

    Welcome to TDPRI.
  8. tah1962

    mismatched concerts

    The Dictators & Burton Cummings opening for Alice Cooper.
  9. tah1962

    NAD Vox AC10C1

    Very nice! Congratulations and enjoy your new amp!
  10. tah1962

    NGD Vintera 50s Road Worn

    Nice! Congratulations.
  11. tah1962


    Very nice! Congratulations.
  12. tah1962

    Hello from Southern Colorado

    Welcome to TDPRI :)
  13. tah1962


    Nice! Congratulations.
  14. tah1962

    R.I.P., Robby Steinhardt

    R.I.P. Robby.
  15. tah1962

    This has probably been done to death but what's your got to distortion/ gain pedal?

    I bought mine (used in mint condition) on before the prices got out of control.
  16. tah1962

    NGD - It followed me home (Hollow body content)

    Very nice! Congratulations.
  17. tah1962

    NAD Ampeg Rocket Bass RB-115

    Very nice! Congratulations.
  18. tah1962

    NGD...Squier 70's custom Tele.

    Very nice! Congratulations.
  19. tah1962


    Very nice! Congratulations.
  20. tah1962

    NGD Gibson ES-335

    Very nice! Congratulations.
  21. tah1962

    NAD... 1965 Fender Princeton Reverb

    Sweet amp! Congratulations and enjoy.
  22. tah1962

    NGD x2 - A Tale of Two Tele's

    Very nice! Congratulations.
  23. tah1962


    Very nice! Congratulations.
  24. tah1962


    Sweet! Congratulations.

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