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  1. johnnylaw

    Need some advice about a possible Gretsch NGD...

    I am fortunate enough to play a Gretsch MIJ thinline with mud switch, pickup volume, and MV layout. Once you learn how to drive it, there is no kind of American music you couldn’t play. The trick really is to set your amp louder than you need to be heard, and use the MV to find your place in the...
  2. johnnylaw

    Complaining about the world, then and now.

    Complainers just complain. Age, gender, faith, ancestry, home town, etc. got nothin’ to do with it. May your glass be half full always…
  3. johnnylaw

    Pickups known to be wound with 43ga wire?

    I seem to recall the original Joe Barden twin blade Tele neck pickup as a 43 gauge wind.
  4. johnnylaw

    Dachshund sticker shock

    For 55 large, I’d buy a White Falcon and a Tone King.
  5. johnnylaw

    Found a vintage Wen "All Saw"

    Still going strong. The “carrying case” weighs about 3.5 pounds!
  6. johnnylaw

    This old house, check out what I found.

    No asbestos in this here wallpaper, so it stays!
  7. johnnylaw

    Pink Floyd Argument Bait

    Well, it ain’t the Sex Pistols. My fave is Piper at the Gates of Dawn, hands down. Dare I say, there may be some soft rock found there too.
  8. johnnylaw

    Tell me about your Thinlines

    TLAC in sunburst, and Mexi body with Musikraft neck, Tonerider Vintage Plus pickups, ElDorado hardware, and Hipshot. She’s the workhorse.
  9. johnnylaw

    Lipstick advice...

    I love the ones I’ve played. The best to me were the Seymour Duncan Strat size. They are not as overwound and compressed as some if the others. Worth the cost if you’re going that route.
  10. johnnylaw

    Factory Defects on Satin Poly Neck - 2016 American Elite Strat

    I only want 1% of the gross.
  11. johnnylaw

    Factory Defects on Satin Poly Neck - 2016 American Elite Strat

    I had Musikraft build me the ideal Tele neck some years back. Not unlike myself, the guitar passed through some rough patches, questionable accommodations, and a lady you would not bring home to meet your mother. Among the resulting scars are a collection of significant dings and depressions on...
  12. johnnylaw

    NGD: Reverend Contender 290

    Nice looking axe there. Reverend does great work. I’ll bet it sounds as good as it looks.
  13. johnnylaw

    Your favorite compressor and experiences

    I’ve played a number of comps over the years. The one thing I’ve found in common is that “less is more”. I’ll start with the low setting, raise it gradually while playing until I can hear it. I then back it off a little. Note: This will not give that pop, clank, squashed “effect compression”...
  14. johnnylaw

    Any reason I couldn't use this as a tone cap in a guitar?

    Do it! No more neck dive!
  15. johnnylaw

    Pay Attention to Your Breakfast!

    Wow. You could mill those down into control knobs for your next build. Serious knurl.
  16. johnnylaw

    Songwriter Practice

    All songs are not created equal. Gods be praised. Mostly, I got “do you”. What you “know” are your natural resources. Following this creed, you have no need to make anything up; you just have to package it. We are on the other side from the passive listeners. Sometimes we’re too close to zoom in...
  17. johnnylaw

    Favorite Down Jacket Brands

    Western Mountaineering. Big bux, but really well thought out build for those prioritizing the performance per gram calculus.
  18. johnnylaw

    NPD - Barber Gain Changer

    I have a red one. I think it must be nitro paint because the tone is to die for. OK, that might be stretching it… The Gain Changer is very dynamic/touch sensitive. Rather than mask your finger work, the pedal response itself is playable. Great pedal. Regardless of amp or guitar combination, it...
  19. johnnylaw

    Is a tube screamer too much mids for a tele?

    The last dirt box I think I will ever have purchased is the Gain Changer. Between the three position tone switch and tone knob, I can’t imagine it not working well, regardless of amp and guitar combination. It’s good enough at bedroom levels, and terrific at gig volume. Also, it’s clean enough...
  20. johnnylaw

    What Is Your Snow Removal Strategy?

    Best results consistently occur when I call in sick, go skiing all day, and deal with the mess later.
  21. johnnylaw

    Fender Precision? BASS GAS alert

    You just have to have a proper headstock to achieve glorious tone.