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  1. wabashslim

    New Eagles

    So is Vince taking Felder's guitar parts AND Frey's vocal parts? He's certainly capable. Who is now Eagles Inc? There were three, two voted the other one out, now there is one. Is Henley now the sole dictator of this mighty corporation?
  2. wabashslim

    What to do with GC gift cards?

    Isn't that about the cost of a 20' cable these days?
  3. wabashslim

    New Eagles

    With Glenn gone maybe they could get Felder back?? Not that Stuart isn't a great player, he is, but it's a shame they're paying him to be somebody else while the original is languishing.
  4. wabashslim

    How in the world does one play this guitar?

    You set it on your left thigh and jam the pointy end into your right thigh...but the point needs to be a good bit sharper to get a really good grip. To borrow another thread's title - just because you can doesn't mean you should...
  5. wabashslim

    Just because we can, doesn’t mean we should. Car related.

    First-world whining. Life isn't supposed to be easy. If you don't like going to work just say so.
  6. wabashslim

    Saugerties trivia

    So now they have the fame but never got the fortune.
  7. wabashslim

    AO 50’s, Mo’ Better Photos

    Get it in tune, make sure it's right, then in true Kluson fashion bend the shaft until it's in line with the others.
  8. wabashslim

    Yellowstone revisited.

    Yeah, I was expecting pictures of hot spots in the meadows where falling snow instantly turns to steam surrounded by 30-foot drifts and such. Imagine my chagrin...
  9. wabashslim

    I think I may be a goner.

    Has Gibson actually made a good management decision? How could such a thing happen? Are they playing the repented monster just to draw the customer base back into the fold, only to spring some new horror once they've got us? Like - Robotuners on EVERY Epiphone to clear their inventory and settle...
  10. wabashslim

    Casino pickup swap...can it be done this way?

    Looks like we're both happy!
  11. wabashslim

    Casino pickup swap...can it be done this way?

    Yes, but you said it almost defiantly...or apologetically. As if there are factions opposed to it who you half-expect to react negatively. Noobs. Purists. Self-admitted non-soldering klutzes. I say poo-poo on them - let them burn their fingers, dining-room tables and precious nitro finishes- I...
  12. wabashslim

    I think I may be a goner.

    ????? Now THAT'S loose!
  13. wabashslim

    Casino pickup swap...can it be done this way?

    Why wouldn't it be OK if its done neatly?
  14. wabashslim

    Wiring help please - separate vol and tone bypasses

    Rev. B - Nope! You still have the resistive element from B to ground; it still functions as a volume pot. You must use the other half of the DPDT switch to lift the #3 terminal from ground.
  15. wabashslim

    Did Hendrix record guitar parts twice ?

    Generally you get chorus when one side modulates slightly against the other, like if one side runs a little faster or slower. If they remain stationary relative to each other you'll get some comb filtering where some frequencies cancel, others boost, as in a frozen flange. If the two sides are...
  16. wabashslim

    Did Hendrix record guitar parts twice ?

    I'd tend to record a rhythm track, pan it hard to one side, copy it hard to the other side and experiment with the delay to get the right fatness, often the delay itself wasn't perceptable. Not just rhythm guitars either, sometimes almost everything.
  17. wabashslim

    First Parts caster help

    First you mount the neck & bridge plate and string up the 2 E's to make sure it all lines up (absolutely necessary if its a Guitar Fetish body; should probably always be done first no matter the brand or if it's new or used). Line the pickguard edges up with the neck pocket, also making sure its...
  18. wabashslim

    Case repair question

    Good suggestions. If you have a glue gun around the house try that. The glue needs to stay flexible on both porous & non-porous materials.
  19. wabashslim

    Slightly baffled by Eric Johnson

    He's a BOSS, and he can do whatever he wants whether I totally love every song or not. I tend to think of the songs that I don't care for as my failure rather than his. Same goes for Michael Hedges and many others.
  20. wabashslim

    Hum and Buzz shoot out

    OT - "Hum & Buzz" is a good name for a Itchy & Scratchy.
  21. wabashslim

    STORM TEAM 5......goofy reporters

    Stations in Tucson will interrupt prime-time shows multiple times when a storm is still a hundred miles away to warn us about a possible inch of rain...10 hours from now.
  22. wabashslim

    OT Placement Headphone Trick

    Dear OP - DO NOT DO ANY OF THE THINGS YOU WROTE ABOUT!!!!!!! None of it makes any sense, first of all, and second you will blow yourself and all your equipment and possibly your house sky high. You're not ready yet. Just play your guitar, get good, and get somebody who knows what they're doing...
  23. wabashslim

    This was harder that I thought it was going to be

    My guess is high or low frets? Strings weren't packaged in sequential order? Low battery in tuner?