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  1. That Cal Webway

    Anyone go back to school later in life?

    Back at 37 to be an RN. Tough, but did it! retired now, but boy howdy did I learn alot... and still do.
  2. That Cal Webway

    The Wampler Terraform -- Why I love it for country picking

    As always, to the point and well done! Ty.
  3. That Cal Webway

    Whooa! Your fave very brief moment in a song!

    Probably one of my favorite songs by them! I remember seeing in '67 or 1966 on that Leonard Bernstein special, where Brian did this song on the piano in his living room. Curiously it was not the piano in the tent in the huge sandbox there!!
  4. That Cal Webway

    Whooa! Your fave very brief moment in a song!

    Well dang, that's cannibalism!
  5. That Cal Webway

    Dogs shedding

    Yea, huskies shed big time!
  6. That Cal Webway

    Lou Reed, the Music Snob

    Yeah- saw Zappa twice in the early 70's so who am I to say... but just what I heard!!
  7. That Cal Webway

    Lou Reed, the Music Snob

    Well he nailed Zappa correctly in my view!
  8. That Cal Webway

    Whooa! Your fave very brief moment in a song!

    I'm talking a sliver of a lick, something super brief... drum etc etc could even be vocal... Mine is just one guitar note at the beginning of, "Should I Stay or Should I Go" by the Clash. At 7 sec, one single gtr note grabs me amidst the raucous loud guitars!
  9. That Cal Webway

    Where is everyone? Has anyone else noticed the slowness

    It's cool for me. I'm still at the Supermax in the sub level, next to the chlorine factory.
  10. That Cal Webway

    Neil Young "Barn" Movie!

    Didn't Neil do a movie too or a play on his Greendale (sp?) album??
  11. That Cal Webway

    It's my birthday today.

    HB John! Always keep in mind, without birthdays- there would be no birthdays!
  12. That Cal Webway

    Did You Grow Up Without a TV Remote?

    We grew up without our own teeth.
  13. That Cal Webway

    PRS SE Sarla

    Yes. 25"
  14. That Cal Webway

    Barrel switch tip in the way

    Heck, I took mine off. Can still change pup positions quickly.
  15. That Cal Webway

    Favourite photographers?

    Edward Steichen Mathew Brady Man Ray -Mathew Brady: Mime Convention 1860- .
  16. That Cal Webway

    Favorite Paintings

    Thomas Hart Benton. The whole Impressionist School
  17. That Cal Webway

    New American Professional 2 Deluxe Purchase

    That is very very nice and congratulations. Someday when you have time, post a video of going through all the pickup positions!!
  18. That Cal Webway


    Arizona statue!
  19. That Cal Webway

    Favorite tele pickup sets…

    Fralin Split Blade "Hot" only slightly hotter, not mid-rangey! Classic tones. Noiseless.
  20. That Cal Webway

    Slightly baffled by Eric Johnson

    "Everything Is Alright" That song really fits his voice- the way he's doing it! Alright! (Usually I find his singing not strong, but passable).
  21. That Cal Webway

    The Great Society - "Somebody To Love"

    What a powerful, commanding voice!
  22. That Cal Webway

    RIP Don Wilson

    Rest in peace