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  1. Sea Devil

    String buzz even with high neck relief and action

    Looking down a guitar's neck tells you very little. You can definitely spot a twist that way, but not much else.
  2. Sea Devil

    Opinions on Vibramate Spoiler

    I've been playing Bigsby-equipped guitars almost exclusively since 1980 and got used to stringing them long, long ago. I have no issues with an unmodified Bigsby. I think the Spoiler looks awful and is aptly named; it spoils the guitar's looks. The Butchie Bar, not so much. I agree that it...
  3. Sea Devil

    Custom shop thinline with neck dive issues

    fenderchamp, I disagree. Relaxation is incredibly important to fluid playing, and additional tension is a guitarist's enemy.
  4. Sea Devil

    For Sale Rio Grande Muy Grande bridge pickup

    The pickup is sold. I'm just waiting to figure out how to delete or mark as sold.
  5. Sea Devil

    How do I delete my classified ad?

    Searched, but can't find an answer. I don't know how to mark the item as sold, either. Older instructions don't seem to apply.
  6. Sea Devil

    Volume Poti acts tonewise like a on/off switch on a stock 1968 Telecaster

    That's the correct value cap, all right. I've never heard of control cleaner causing a pot to deteriorate, but regular contact cleaner without lube certainly can; in fact, it probably will.
  7. Sea Devil

    Volume Poti acts tonewise like a on/off switch on a stock 1968 Telecaster

    It's definitely supposed to be there, and the solder at least looks original.
  8. Sea Devil

    Lou Reed, the Music Snob

    I was surprised at his take on Roxy Music, and surprised that he liked Creedence. The rest is pretty much what you'd expect, although he was kinder to John Cale than their personal histories would suggest.
  9. Sea Devil

    Volume Poti acts tonewise like a on/off switch on a stock 1968 Telecaster

    There's pretty much no way that the cap could go bad in a passive circuit without visible physical damage, at least AFAIK.
  10. Sea Devil

    Volume Poti acts tonewise like a on/off switch on a stock 1968 Telecaster

    Older caps are often labeled like that. Every cap in my 1964 DR is. I agree that 25V makes sense, and would be about right for the cap's size. Just a weird-looking, lopsided V, I guess. My 60s Tele's volume pot needs a shot of contact cleaner pretty regularly. It's not necessarily a...
  11. Sea Devil

    Volume Poti acts tonewise like a on/off switch on a stock 1968 Telecaster

    That's the only thing we really need to see more clearly. I've enhanced the photo a bit, but I still have trouble reading anything but the 20% and what looks like 25F, which makes no sense (F means 1%) unless it's just a manufacturer code. Neither does a capacitor code of 100, which would be...
  12. Sea Devil

    NGD - Noventa Telecaster in Vintage Blonde

    Very nice! Sometimes you can see the seams of body joins a lot more clearly on the edges.
  13. Sea Devil

    How do you make those stick/holders for your body?

    I use any old piece of wood and two of the existing neck pocket holes. I tape the exposed areas of the pocket if there are any markings there that I want to keep.
  14. Sea Devil

    5 Pedals You'll Never Sell

    I like my TC Electronic Alter Ego delay, MXR Micro Amp, and Blackstone Appliances MOSFET overdrive a lot, but I suppose I'd replace any of them if I found something better. Same goes for my awesome but rarely used Barber Launch Pad. I have only two that could never be improved upon: the Sonic...
  15. Sea Devil

    Favourite photographers?

    I cropped the hell out of my photos back when I shot film; purity be damned. Sometimes I even did things like tearing paper towels to create ragged edges on a print.
  16. Sea Devil

    Anyone learn a second language as an adult?

    I speak fairly fluent French, which I learned before adulthood. I find that other Latinate languages are fairly easy to get a rudimentary grasp of with ease. I speak abominable Spanish and sort of OK Italian, and somehow I can translate written Portuguese, but can't say any of it aloud or...
  17. Sea Devil

    Favourite photographers?

    Apologies for both my misattribution of the NYPD photo to WeeGee and my failure to notice Cartier-Bresson's name in the first post! I have the Luc Santé book, btw; I grabbed my supposed WeeGee photo from a website that identified it as his work. Everyone else was showing a sample photo, and I...
  18. Sea Devil

    Favourite photographers?

    Man Ray!
  19. Sea Devil

    Favourite photographers?

    I was shocked to see how long it took for Cartier-Bresson's name to come up! A zen master of "casual perfection." He never took more than one shot of a given subject. Let me add one: WeeGee! (Arthur Fellig) (EDIT: misattributed photo! Sorry! Damn you, Google Image Search! And I missed an...
  20. Sea Devil

    Jazz bass nut

    Most nuts are cut too high on new guitars. Odds are that no shim will be needed.
  21. Sea Devil

    Jazz bass nut

    I agree completely with loidrinkaku on this. The nut is a disposable, replaceable item. Make the slot right without adding anything and either cut a new nut to fit or use a flat shim to raise the existing one. To make the shim less visible, use a strip of wood the same color as the neck, or a...
  22. Sea Devil

    Matting Tru Oil

    Powdered silica is often mixed into various mediums as a "flatting" agent. I've never tried it, but that may be another option.
  23. Sea Devil

    Musicians- with made up first names

    That Cal, don't fret. The thread should be moved by the mods; no need to delete, although you should be able to do that yourself if you feel strongly about it.
  24. Sea Devil

    Musicians- with made up first names

    Dick Dale was born Richard Monsour, so nope. Common nicknames/diminutives derived from the full name don't count! If they did, we'd have to add Ricky Nelson, Dickie Betts, Jimi Hendrix, and ten million others.