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  1. Jared Purdy

    Anyone go back to school later in life?

    It's never too late to learn. As a college professor, I routinely get students who are in their 40's. Things happen that require us to make changes. The fact that you're doing it is commendable! You have a lot of life skill that you can bring to the class. Other students will appreciate...
  2. Jared Purdy

    Packing my guitars - moving abroad

    I'd call it mid west. It's not south west, that's Cali and Mexico. Mid is Oregon, Washington and BC.
  3. Jared Purdy

    How does one shop for a CD player nowadays?

    I went the stop at no expense route a couple of years ago and upgraded the entire system. The CD transport/DAC in a Moon 650D by Simm Audio. You're right, you get what you pay for. The first rule I laid down for myself that nothing in the entire system would be made in China. Goal achieved...
  4. Jared Purdy

    How does one shop for a CD player nowadays?

    Check out and You'll find something in either place. Very reputable. 100% legit. I've bought and sold many items on the Canuck side.
  5. Jared Purdy

    Famous People You Have Met

    I use to be a commercial photographer, and occasionally dabbled in events. In 2000 and 2001 I was a staff photographer for the Toronto International Film Festival, and that afforded me the opportunity to meet a lot of the "Bold Face". Those I met, and had the pleasure of having a chat with...
  6. Jared Purdy

    What brand of boots do you wear?

    We seldom get snow so deep in Toronto that a pair of "snow mobile" type boots are required, and they're impossible to wear while driving. That being said, I see a lot of people wearing them in the winter. They are warm and waterproof, that is for sure. I have serious problems with my feet...
  7. Jared Purdy

    Thick Plastic Finishes on Guitars is a Buzzkill

    I've never noticed the problem that you speak of with current issue Custom Shop, either Fender or Gibson, or a run of the mill, high end Martin. Hell, even Martin's standard series are excellent and don't suffer the least from what you're referring to. They all use nitro. Man, if I sneezed...
  8. Jared Purdy

    Please recommend me an amp stand

    I have two of these: I use them on a 64' Custom Hand Wired PR (30/lbs~) and a 57' Custom Deluxe(30/lbs~). My only complaint is that they tilt back too far for my needs so I have to put a couple of books...
  9. Jared Purdy

    Thinking about buying a Banjo.

    Be aware the banjo jokes....
  10. Jared Purdy

    How much does what you learned to play on still influence what you use today?

    Yes and no. I started playing the harmonica first, and dug into that heavily for the next seven years. When I was 20, I bought my first acoustic guitar. What I learned on that, and the types of music I learned on the harmonica have not changed in over forty years. I play the same music on my...
  11. Jared Purdy

    Netflix Increasing Shareholder Value Again

    Getting close to cancelling the service. I much prefer Prime. What has Netflix done for me in the last year? Nothing.
  12. Jared Purdy

    80s Fender ( Eminence ) Special Design. Like or Dislike?

    I can't speak to the 80's Eminence Special Design speakers but I can speak to the Eminence Special Design that's in my quite new (2020) 57' Custom Deluxe: Fabulous. I bought that amp new and used it for a while, and had been doing some reading on replacement speakers for the 65 PRRI and the 64'...
  13. Jared Purdy

    Looking Cool in my new Chemotherapy Hairdo!

    Wishing you all the best in treatment, brother. Oh, and I'm WAY a head (no pun intended) in the "clean shave" style. While it wasn't chemo that prompted me to shave my head fifteen years ago, I've been a "clean shave" (a Jamaican expression) since then with no regrets. You loko fabulous...
  14. Jared Purdy

    What is an unspoken rule about getting through society and life that annoys you when other people don't honor it?

    All of the above. Though, I can't say that I have ever been in a situation where either I was invited, or I invited someone out to dinner and I or they had the audacity to complain about the free meal. From your list, morons on speaker phone in a public place tops the list.
  15. Jared Purdy

    Talk me into, or out of, getting a tube amp

    With our respective societies already headed towards being totally digitized, I say, go all tube, all hand wired. Totally old school. Solid pine cab. Accept no substitute.
  16. Jared Purdy

    On what have you changed your mind over the years?

    Well, they are! Just look at the "horns"!!!
  17. Jared Purdy

    How important is tube generated reverb and tremolo to you?

    Oh yes, oh yes. I worship at the alter of hand wired, all tube. A true thing of beauty. Mercy, mercy!!!
  18. Jared Purdy

    Do You Ever Just Look At Your Guitars?

    If I go to the trouble of opening one of the cases during the "furnace months", then I don't just look, but I do that as well. If it's my OM28 Marquis, I take a deep breath into the sound hole and let the bouquet of rosewood fill my nostrils. If' it's one of the electrics, there's not much...
  19. Jared Purdy

    How important is tube generated reverb and tremolo to you?

    In the ever increasing digitization of this world, I love analogue, when ever I can get it. Hand wired, all tube, all the way, baby.
  20. Jared Purdy

    Humidity - again

    We have forced air, and an in-line humidifier. Open concept main floor, large family room downstairs, stairs going up to the second floor, three bedrooms, hall way, bathroom. About 1400/sq. ft. The hygrometers usually never go above 40%, only if the temp rises above 0C, like 5 or 7 and if it's...
  21. Jared Purdy

    NGD: 2009 Fender AVRI 52 Telecaster

    One of the guitars that I sold that regret was a 2011 AVRI 52' Hot Rod. Man, that thing had an incredible neck, and I loved the Seymour Duncan mini HB PU. Came with the same case that you've got. Why did I sell it?
  22. Jared Purdy

    Humidity - again

    They aren't table top. One is the size of a small table (Aircare EP9 500) and the other, a Venta LW45 is about the size of a microwave, sits on the floor. Both are sized correctly for our house. By the statistics alone, two should be over kill, but they're not.
  23. Jared Purdy

    Humidity - again

    Ya, that top should be going in the other direction! I've always been anal with regards to keeping my OM28 Marquis in it's case, with two Oasis humidifiers going. But it was a couple of years ago that I discovered I needed to do the same with my electrics. I use to keep my 2011 CS Strat out...
  24. Jared Purdy

    Kenny Burrell "All Blues"

    Sweet! Love this guy's playing. I've got a pile of his LPs.
  25. Jared Purdy

    What Is Your Snow Removal Strategy?

    It's when the snow falls that I'm thankful that we live in a very typical, early 1900's semi-detached house, with a "postage stamp" sized yard. The walkway from the front door to the curb is about three feet wide, and about fifteen feet long, and about fifteen feet of sidewalk we're responsible...