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  1. ftbtx

    Thicker sounding esquire pickup?

    Amazing pickups, can completely change a guitar, for the better. And besides that, Rob is awesome.
  2. ftbtx

    Small pickguard?

    Is Tommy doing guitar related work or a whole new field?
  3. ftbtx

    NAD- Positive Grid Spark 40

    I have to agree, I have one on my desk here at work.
  4. ftbtx

    Ya know what?, that 'Lulu' was one hot cookie!

    I'm still a big fan of Myrna Loy.
  5. ftbtx

    Telecaster - not

    It does look odd, but those Peavey necks are good.
  6. ftbtx

    1959 Blues Strat Set. Best Strat Pickups for Blues Tone from Tone Specific. Guitar Forum Post.

    I can't thank you enough, not just for this AMAZING prize (which I still can't believe), but for all the work you do for Guitars4Vets, such an important charity. Thank you so very much, this is something I'll never forget!!!!!!
  7. ftbtx

    Who else here is not really very good?

    Bad guitar player reporting for duty sir!
  8. ftbtx

    The Ultimate Bedroom Rig

    I'm really liking the Positive Rig Spark so far.
  9. ftbtx

    Who's an elite level guitarist AND singer ???

    Jason Isbell
  10. ftbtx

    Bullets are on sale again - LPB, SG, BSB

    I've got one too, Firebird pup in the neck and a bigsby, can't go wrong with these.
  11. ftbtx

    44 Years Ago Today - What Was YOUR FIRST CONCERT ?

    My first concert was when I was in 5th grade, I saw Huey Lewis and the News on the Sports tour at the Orange County Fairgrounds (NY). The Neville Brothers opened up.
  12. ftbtx

    1959 Blues Strat Set. Best Strat Pickups for Blues Tone from Tone Specific. Guitar Forum Post.

    Thanks for the opportunity to win such great sounding pickups! I recently lost a friend who had an all original '54 Strat back in the '90s. I'd put this set in a lightly relic'd sunburst body and make it a tribute to him.
  13. ftbtx

    PSA: DOD Rubberneck Analog Delay for $119 new

    Saw this good deal and wanted t share:
  14. ftbtx

    Triple P90 Specs?

    Hi, Are you going with soap bars or dog ears? The triple P0s setups I have used all had nearly the same spec for all three with soap bars and I used pickup height to balance them out. I think you'd be fine with a hotter bridge too.
  15. ftbtx

    Clever business names

    In Beaver Oklahoma, there of course is Beaver Liquors.
  16. ftbtx

    very important question: cake or pie? and why.......

    When I first moved to Texas, being a native NYer, I walked into the local pizza shop and asked for a "large pie" and was promptly told they don't sell pies, but have cheesecake. While a cheesecake is more pie-like in my mind than a cake.
  17. ftbtx

    PSA: Grant for Texas' Musicians

    I don't have his contact information unfortunately. Hopefully someone will.
  18. ftbtx

    PSA: Grant for Texas' Musicians I hope everyone s doing well. Bill
  19. ftbtx

    Cosmetic Swirls?

    This is from a listing on Reverb: About This Listing Custom Shop Les Paul Standard from 1996- Good Wood era! Stock from Custom Shop with Grover tuners and un covered 57 Classic pickups. Lots of presence and top end. Resonant and clear like a great Les Paul should be. Perfect 59 neck, not too...
  20. ftbtx

    The prices on 80s Peavey guitars!

    I picked up one for $200 at a Goodwill, thought it was solid and fun.
  21. ftbtx

    What have you learnt from Yodelers?

    I've learned a little old lady says who
  22. ftbtx

    Vintage Car fans

    Beautiful pictures, but sad I'm not driving them.
  23. ftbtx

    Live versions that are better than the studio?

    The Jason Isbell and the 400 Unit album "Live from Alabama" make you realize most of the songs are better live. Also, lots on Tom Petty, especially Southern Accent.
  24. ftbtx

    Suppose there were no "Suppose there were no..." threads

    Imagine all the people....

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