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  1. Smokin OP

    Hei from windy Baltic Sea

    Welcome Tomi & hello! Stay warm!!!
  2. Smokin OP

    Did You Grow Up Without a TV Remote?

    Didn't get a TV with a remote till my 20's. The first VCR I had came with a wired remote.
  3. Smokin OP

    Trudy intro by CJB.

    Call up Trudy on the telephone... Love that tune.
  4. Smokin OP

    NGD!!! 50th Birthday Present to Myself

    Nice! Happy Birthday!!!!!
  5. Smokin OP

    Has anyone played a Sire Tele?

    I currently have an S7 on backorder. Buying sight unseen since there are none available anywhere.
  6. Smokin OP

    Are you going out on New Years Eve?

    Taking a few guitars to my tech tomorrow morning but other than that, nope. If I make past 9:00 tomorrow or any night, it's a miracle.
  7. Smokin OP

    Fun list of tele players

    Built by Joe Glaser complete with one of his b-benders.
  8. Smokin OP

    Fun list of tele players

    Classic Ray Flacke!
  9. Smokin OP

    Christmas In Florida

    We'll be in Palm Coast for Christmas. Love being with our family wherever we are but that area of Florida is not bad.
  10. Smokin OP

    One Meal A Day - Intermittent Fasting

    My wife & I have been doing IF 2 meals a day for a year. We both needed to loose some weight & get our numbers to a more normal level...blood pressure, A1C, etc. We eat very few sugars & eat in @ 6/7 hour period. We both lost the weight & our wellness numbers were great. This is a very livable...
  11. Smokin OP

    Drive pedals and batteries

    Josh Smith has of his pedals running on non-alkaline batteries.
  12. Smokin OP

    Bad Company Premiere 12/8/2021

    Rich Robinson on 2nd guitar.
  13. Smokin OP

    Grits! Love'm or hate'm?

    Slow cooked with cream cheese added! The best.
  14. Smokin OP

    Saw Marty Stuart and his Fabulous Superlatives last night

    Bar none, Marty's tone is the best tele ever!
  15. Smokin OP

    Your Favorite Car Stereo System

    Any sound system that is in a car that is paid for!
  16. Smokin OP

    Moved the B to the G on the Brent Mason guitar

    I'm so wanting to send a tele to Joe for a new bender. Thanks for the video! One question, looks like your bridge & control plate are not gold plated. Is that just the camera & lights playing tricks or did it come like that or did you change it?
  17. Smokin OP

    NGD and it’s a fancy one.

    Beautiful. Love OM-18's!
  18. Smokin OP

    Grandma’s homebrew straight steel

    Wow! That's beautiful!!!
  19. Smokin OP

    Saw Dwight Yoakam last night

    I saw Dwight and the band a few months ago. His guitarist, Eugene Edwards is fabulous. Lots of b-bending tele from him along with mandolin. Great show along with a great band. Glad you were able to attend and enjoyed the show.
  20. Smokin OP

    Gibson GA- Clones?

    Check out the podcast, Truth About Vintage Amps. Skip Simmons discusses Gibson/Epiphone amps quite often.
  21. Smokin OP

    Fedoras: who’s a fan?

    I love them! I wear a wide brim hat everyday to protect my face from the sun, as I've had some stuff removed. I never wear my had inside & absolutely not at the dinner table, per my mother's rules.
  22. Smokin OP

    Strange Happenings in My ‘Hood

    I have Blink cameras all around the property along with signs on both sides of the fence saying you are being recorded. If that doesn't deter them, I have a 12 gauge pump.
  23. Smokin OP

    Dinner tonight

    Grilled cheese burgers with carnalized onions for us tonight. Would love some fresh collards!

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