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  1. Masmus

    Turning Japanese?

    I swear the best UFO cover band in the world was from Japan.
  2. Masmus

    Worst You've Been Called

    Once someone I worked with went on a tirade disparaging a particular ethnic minority and said some truly vile things, she didn’t realize that I was part of that ethnicity. I just turned my back and walked away, she wasn’t worth my time.
  3. Masmus


    Not to be flipint but yes because you used all caps in the title.
  4. Masmus


    The original building at this location had a mural with this alien. It was torn down and the bank built in its place. The new art was put up showing the the alien miss judging his landing spot because of the new location of the wall. I first saw this in the early nineties.
  5. Masmus

    I had no idea they made a Jazz Chorus stack This showed up in my local CL a while ago and still for sale. Doesn't seem to be moving so maybe priced too high? I've never actually seen one as a stack before.
  6. Masmus

    I saw something strange yesterday

    Just to be clear I didn't give either of them money I just had never seen that before. There are quite a few panhandlers in the south bay that work together including a group of 4-5 that dress in this weird white uniform costume, and all over the bay there are Roma that are part of a large...
  7. Masmus

    Suggestions for putting a decent “dad band” together?

    I am still a little shocked that ALL the problems I had in bands in my twenties I still have today. You’d think that as we all got older we’d mellow out but you’d be wrong.
  8. Masmus

    Pickups known to be wound with 43ga wire?

    I had heard that his bridge pu was replaced with one from a early lapsteel which are what was going in the early Broadcasters and Esquires. They changed the pickups early on the nocasters so most are 42. They only changed the name to the Tele when they ran out of labels. Hot pickups don’t...
  9. Masmus

    replace hot water heater prophylactically?

    Just put a piece of tape on it with a date.
  10. Masmus

    Tube sets vs mix and match - worth it?

    The number one reason for matching tubes in the 60’s were to have your home hi-fi sound balanced. And there were a lot more stereo systems than guitar amps back then. This is the main reason matched tube were readily available.
  11. Masmus

    I saw something strange yesterday

    They were definitely not a team. Where I am, teams will work multiple corners at the same time. The panhandler was nicely dressed and not necessarily homeless, the guy on the bike had on dirty clothes with holes and had a dog in a trailer on the bike for companionship. You see this a lot here...
  12. Masmus

    I saw something strange yesterday

    I was on my way to work and there was someone panhandling the stopped cars on the median at a major intersection. A homeless man walking his bike through the crosswalk stopped and gave the other man some cash. It was very surreal but heartwarming.
  13. Masmus

    Pink Floyd Argument Bait

    I was a fan before DSM and I've never done drugs. Maybe it's because I heard it when I was too young to do that so I never felt the need to listen to their music stoned.
  14. Masmus

    Recording an amp with reverb setting

    Generally speaking you don’t record with reverb. It may sound great by itself but muddy in the mix. Normally you add reverb later and eq the bottom end to cut the mud. I once had a client send me a track he wanted added to a song that was already recorded and sent it to me with reverb on it...
  15. Masmus

    Pickups known to be wound with 43ga wire?

    The Broadcasters for sure but they may have changed when they started making nocasters.
  16. Masmus

    What's your hometown's claim to fame

    Apple Computer
  17. Masmus

    Broadcaster Reissue (all) Owners' Club

    The bridge pickup does not sound like the original in my broadcaster and is certainly not made to those specs. I have talked to others that believe it's likely a see post above^, remember there is no one spec for the originals. They were generally the same with individual variances with 43 gauge...
  18. Masmus

    John Hinckley Jr releases 10 songs on Spotify

    There is in fact a difference between being famous and infamous.
  19. Masmus

    Weird Phone Calls

    I wonder how long it will be until an agent shows up at your door with potential buyers before anyone ever talks to you.
  20. Masmus

    Weird Phone Calls

    I actually like that the scammers are using fake local numbers. We moved 11 years ago and everyone in the family kept their old numbers. When I see a number from my area code I know it's fake while they think they fooling me with a local number. It's one reason to keep your old cell number after...
  21. Masmus

    Indiana Jones

    The closest you will get to that is Tom Jones playing himself in Mars Attacks!
  22. Masmus

    Broadcaster Reissue (all) Owners' Club

    One is a reissue, one is not.
  23. Masmus

    A buddy wanted me to record a song with him and then he doesn't show up.

    A long time ago I was doing some studio time for someone I knew and they started to no show. After a couple of times I said he had to pay a couple of hundred up front and if he was a no show I kept it. He started showing up after that. When you do favors for people it's easy for them to think...
  24. Masmus

    another very interesting car

    Just to be fair I'd also like to see what a classic american muscle car would look like if it were made by Europeans.