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  1. kLyon

    My predictions are becoming true.

    I agree. I remember when they were new; wondering why anyone would buy them. The Pacer and Gremlin? Positively elegant by comparison. Someone should film a mockumentary about the design process of that car; it had to have been a bad collection of committee decisions.... but if it was a single...
  2. kLyon

    Alexander Howard Dumble RIP ?

    Very nice guy; sorry to hear of his passing. He didn't create the craziness surrounding him; he was an artist and it just happens sometimes. (I remember playing with him at a jam at the Alley one night... he was cool; played completely clean and never touched the overdrive))
  3. kLyon

    Good cables make a difference.

    No love for ProCo? Solid cables with a lifetime guarantee that they absolutely honor.
  4. kLyon

    Blue-eyed soul

    Jack can flat-out sing)
  5. kLyon

    Martin Barre? Martin Barre!!!

    When I was coming up and amazed at the guitar sounds on Benefit and Aqualung, I always assumed that that was the direct result of a Les Paul and a Hiwatt stack. Sure that there was no other way to get that amazing sound, I aspired after that rig. And never got it (I tried a Hiwatt stack once and...
  6. kLyon

    Martin Barre? Martin Barre!!!

    Yes, Mick Abrahms... another great one. Ian finds them)
  7. kLyon

    You Must Believe in Spring - Bill Evans

    Every room has a ceiling, every mountain has a top. That's Bill Evans. He never played a bad note, never a cliche, never anything corny. All the albums are great. (That said, did you ever hear the one he made with Toots Theilemans? Damn.))
  8. kLyon

    Favorite Down Jacket Brands

    I've been doing Russian tours for about eight years with a Canada goose jacket I bought at It's a Wrap in Los Angeles (which sells clothes from films and TV shoots...) Somebody - maybe Matt Damon? - wore it for a couple of shots in the Bourne Conspiracy and I bought it for fifty bucks. A good...
  9. kLyon

    This Site Is Becoming Very Hard To Navigate

    I haven't read through the thread; this may have been addressed (if so, excuse me...) Is there any way to get the old view back, where all the most recent classifieds show up on the right? I really liked that, and hate going and looking through specific categories.
  10. kLyon

    Gretsch guitars...tell me about them

    I love my Japanese made Firejet; it's impeccable. I don't have it with me right now, but I believe it is missing something else that sets Gretsch apart: a zero fret. I like zero frets, but they cut the nut perfectly on mine so I don't care. It came with Dynasonics, which are really great...
  11. kLyon

    1971 Rosewood Tele: Any recs for routing repairs? (ideally SoCal/AZ)

    Even though I tend to the "leave it alone" camp, I understand - and respect - your feelings/intention. I recommend Fren Asken in Los Angeles: that's who I would trust with something that important to me. He's an ace (and a great guitar player).
  12. kLyon

    Are you going out on New Years Eve?

    I remember when everyone - everyone! - who could play and sing, even a little - had a gig on New Year's Eve. One-handed accordion player? Booked. Tone deaf trumpet player? Working. Everyone. About five years ago that changed. After a lifetime of being a professional on New Year's Eve, I could...
  13. kLyon

    Steve Perry Criticizes Singers Who Uses Auto-Tune

    I've worked with young singers who were great - right in tune - and still wanted to be auto-corrected. It's the botox of the audio world. The erasing of character, as it were, has its artistic place... but when it's table stakes it sucks. (By the way, have you ever heard T-Pain sing? He's a...
  14. kLyon

    How many delay pedals do you have/actively use?

    Way too many)
  15. kLyon

    What effect is used on this song? I Got A Line On You by Spirit

    I love Randy California and Spirit; The Twelve Dreams of Dr. Sardonicas is an amazing piece of work, as advanced as anything in the world of popular music at the time. And beautiful. RIP.
  16. kLyon

    Tube Amp Myths

    Albert King too... I saw him live at Tipitina's way back in the day and couldn't believe the sound he was getting out of those Acoustic stacks... with horns! like an old church pa system))
  17. kLyon

    No more tasteful echo (opinion warning)

    It's true. One thing I noticed from Get Back: they're on that rooftop plugging straight into Twins and sound great; sound iconic. Sound like the sound of my youth. Sound like... victory) Me, straight into a Twin with no echo? I'm miserable. Wes Montgomery? Echo? I don't think so. What can I say...
  18. kLyon

    I Slept On Old Peavey Solid States for Way Too Long

    Someone already did this, but we called them "Mississippi Marshalls..."
  19. kLyon

    Quote Someone Smart

    "After all, it is no more amazing to be born twice, than once..." (or words to that effect...) Voltaire, on réincarnation.
  20. kLyon

    Making a Twin into a true stereo amp

    Find an old Ampeg Super Echo Twin: true stereo, two Reverberockets in one box... they're a little rare, but they couldn't be that rare: I have one))
  21. kLyon

    RIP Michael Nesmith of The Monkees

    First mention of this. Big cosign: brilliant movie. And then there's that bastard art form known as the "music video..." He practically invented it. Brilliant man, another sad day. I visualize him at the pearly gates, in line behind Robbie Shakespeare. I bet they'd come up with something pretty...
  22. kLyon

    R.I.P Robbie Shakespeare

    Jacob "Killer' Miller! We lost him a long ways back. Sad about Robbie; another great one gone.
  23. kLyon

    Cavalier Phoenix Firebird

    I can attest that it is a very fine pickup. (Which, of course, shouldn't surprise anyone who knows Rob's work...))
  24. kLyon

    Thoughts about coffee

    Life without coffee is unthinkable (at least for me, in this lifetime...) I started out on cafe con leche as a 12-year-old in southern Spain (five pesatas - about seven cents US at the time, but Franco was still alive, so it was awhile back). Then back to hometown Miami, where Cuban coffee was...
  25. kLyon

    The World is a Ghetto

    Great band, great cover of a great song. (Check out War's original and George Benson's cover, if you haven't heard them...) I'm going to go with sax when that part kicks in (as well as the sound, the melodic content and style are very different than that of the first solo).