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  1. bigbean

    Alexander Howard Dumble RIP ?

    The first time I caught a whiff of HAD's work was when I heard a recording of Lowell George in his prime and thought. That slide sounds great! How do you get that sound? Some kind of hot wired strat through a Dumble is how. I have never and likely will never play through a Dumble amp. Even if I...
  2. bigbean

    Alexander Howard Dumble RIP ?

    He definitely left his mark on the guitar playing world. I'm sorry to hear of his passing. He was one of the first people to understand that the amplifier is half of the electric guitar as an instrument. Sculpting the sound and response of the amplifier to the use of an individual and his...
  3. bigbean

    Here’s 14 inches for ya …

    Please enjoy the schadenfreude today. I know I enjoy it during hurricanes. The workshop today. ( Kenny will get there with a plow eventually.)
  4. bigbean

    Here’s 14 inches for ya …

    12" in Hartville. My neighbor plowed my driveway as a favor before I got up this morning. The workshop parking lot and driveway etc. hasn't been touched yet so sayeth the outside cameras. After getting the snow blower out to do some cleanup and the area in front of the garage door, It's a...
  5. bigbean

    Snark shade - This settles it for me - No snark 'bout snarks

    I own a bunch of snarks, a bunch of those cheapy Reverb headstock tuners, a couple of Boss headstock tuners and a low profile d'addario, plus two tuner pedals, three plug in tuners and two multi effects pedals with tuners in them. Of course, there is a tuner app on both cell phones and all four...
  6. bigbean

    Snark shade - This settles it for me - No snark 'bout snarks

    A while ago there was some serious shade thrown on this forum about how low grade, rank amateur, lame, cheesy and clueless it is to play with with a visible tuner hanging on your headstock during a performance situation. This actually frosted my onions, gave me the red ass and set my BS...
  7. bigbean

    Home solar backup power developments

    In the last ten years I have had four days without power. Where this stuff is going could allow me to turn off First Energy on purpose maybe ninety days a year.
  8. bigbean

    Thinking about buying a Banjo.

    You might need one of these neck adjustment tools for it:
  9. bigbean

    Home solar backup power developments

    It seems like the developments in the home solar power back up space are happening monthly. I'm not talking about the corporate solutions from Tesla, Generac and so forth. I'm talking about Telecaster owners solutions. I just watched a review on an all-in one 240 v product that is rated at 6000...
  10. bigbean

    How's THIS for a Bad Dog post?!

    Dogs mouths are full of nasty bacteria. Sometimes bacteria take weeks to cause problems in your blood stream. You should seek qualified medical help for your wound. Even if after examination the health care person says " Don't worry about it." At least your dog bite would have a paper trail if...
  11. bigbean

    This Site Is Becoming Very Hard To Navigate

    My reaction is a busload of whatever
  12. bigbean

    Ohio is freaky

    OK, so look, Ohio got off to a bad start. When a half assed writer showed up with some fur trappers in 1645 and asked the local native Americans. "What do you call this place?" gesturing in the direction of the big river at the western border. The locals looked at each other with a big eye...
  13. bigbean

    Sis-in-law fell and was saved by her five-year-old granddaughter.

    prayers for a speedy and complete recovery.
  14. bigbean

    You think you have too many guitars?

    You can only breath in a couple of liters of air at one time. How much air do you keep at your house? That is my stability strategy and it works most of the time. It's getting a little wobbly just now. There is going to be a Tsunami of vintage guitars for sale when the guitar acquisition...
  15. bigbean

    PRS strings

    Having lots of guitars and playing them means I go through lots of strings. On most of my electrics I use nickel 11s with a wound G. This is not the most popular set in the known universe. My preferences are for Curt Mangan or SIT. Like most, I am always searching for a deal. So I tried the...
  16. bigbean

    An Embarrassing Admission

    Fender guitars are fun to mess around with. I have had gold mirrored pickguards, marble looking pick guards (grey marble on a black strat with black pickup covers), pearloid, tortoise, wacked looking tortoise ect. Buy 'em, put 'm on for a while. Take 'em off and replace them with something else...
  17. bigbean

    Steve Perry Criticizes Singers Who Uses Auto-Tune

    Even though I'm a bad singer. I recently started working with a band that expects me to sing a lot of back ground vocals. To protect the listeners from my voice, I bought a a Digitech Vocalist live5 pedal for auto tune and harmony. It works pretty good. It's kind of fun to sing falsetto with the...
  18. bigbean

    The reason we have so many guitars.

    Here is what comes to mind. In the early 80s a close friend had a job running a high end restaurant. Part of his compensation was housing on the very large estate owned by the family that owned the restaurant. The housing was a very well appointed three bedroom carriage house attached to the...
  19. bigbean

    Oh boy, I hope it’s a Telecaster!

    Not that different than my house. They figured I (they) didn't need an electric guitar. I figured differently. Washed dishes, bussed tables, packed groceries, bought and traded my way - to a Bandmaster. Probably big enough for the living room on December 15th 1968. The Bean played his first...
  20. bigbean

    Dopesick on Hulu (Disney+ in Canada)

    I remember that role as well. A very powerful movie. I think he has made a commitment to using his acting to illuminate the damage caused by addiction.
  21. bigbean

    Dopesick on Hulu (Disney+ in Canada)

    Dopesick is very well made. My wife recommended it to me. I told her I would watch it when she said that Michael Keaton had made it. Michael Keaton to me has the same relationship with his work as Gene Hackman did. He isn't going to be on board with anything that isn't interesting to him and it...
  22. bigbean

    You Demanded It. Fender Heard You.

    I just ordered a set of custom built Grover knock offs chambered and filled with spent uranium. I can't wait to hear the difference :eek:
  23. bigbean

    The Beatles confessions: an anthology

    OOPs, I found some other guitars from Sears Christmas catalog in 1964
  24. bigbean

    The Beatles confessions: an anthology

    Good thread- it's the kind of thread I come here to read and sometimes there is good reading to be found. I am in the prime demographic for the Beatles. I was in the fifth grade at the time of their first Ed Sullivan show. People forget the timing of the Beatles and the Kennedy assignation...
  25. bigbean

    Show us your Pedal board.

    New board for new winery and craft brew band gig. It's a trio so everybody sings.