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  1. MarkieMark

    Do Ya Dare Me....

    I'm the weird guy that wants that Samick(?) beside it. 🤪
  2. MarkieMark

    The Ringle Factor: Are your neighbors always outside when you are?

    No, I think I am the neighbor who is always outside when they go out though... Because... Always outside. They have two dogs who are afraid to go outside, in part because whenever they go outside they see me, shriek like little piglets and run back inside. The neighbors pretend not to see me...
  3. MarkieMark

    How does one shop for a CD player nowadays?

    Understood. I would estimate at least 2400± here, (nearly) all in jewel cases with the original cover art, credits etc. But... I dont read or study cover art and credits while on a road trip. But I do appreciate and treasure their possession.
  4. MarkieMark

    Does the new site grow on you?

    Still leaning toward strong dislike, but accepting that it is what it is. I have yet to find one single thing in the changes that are for me, an improvement. But, thanks for asking, anyway. Little stuff. Spread all around. Little stuff.
  5. MarkieMark

    How does one shop for a CD player nowadays?

    🙉 Make sure you get the heavy gauge (directional) wire with gold plated connectors.... 🙊 I'd add that a current modest consumer grade DAC has as good or better performance specs than one that cost 10x the price 10-15 years ago. Its really a non issue. I "get" the concerns over things like...
  6. MarkieMark


    Yeah, like well over 40 years ago. Left plenty of flesh on the concrete "walls" "bowls" and "trenches" Friends brother died from head trauma long boarding on a hill we rode all the time. Me? Just glad to be able to still stand and walk.
  7. MarkieMark

    How does one shop for a CD player nowadays?

    I have a substantial cd collection, but honestly it largely sits unused. But home system- economy home theater with a dvd player that I KNOW I didnt pay over $60 for. Works fine for movies or music. Two of my primary vehicles still have cd players, but yet again, largely unused except on cross...
  8. MarkieMark

    Kudos To The Members And Of Course...The Admins/Mods

    I have abandoned acquaintances over the practice. I am no prude, and am known to emphasize with color, but the constant casual conversationalist who has the vocabulary of... OK, I'll just stop there. No need to define or describe. Just grow up, or go away.
  9. MarkieMark

    It's my birthday today.

    Happy Birthday John! Hope it was a good day.
  10. MarkieMark


    I didnt catch it initially, but those are carved from the railroad ties! Thats pretty cool!
  11. MarkieMark

    Monkeys Loose in Danville PA

    I've been to Austin man. A truckload of monkeys? Wouldnt even raise an eyebrow. ;)
  12. MarkieMark

    Monkeys Loose in Danville PA

    You sound too certain... Wanna bet? Fine, dont ask for proof. I can only provide healthy skepticism at this juncture.
  13. MarkieMark

    Bring and Take, and my children's confusion about those two words

    I dunno. To me, on the way out- One could take it from the kitchen and bring it with him to the destination. On the other hand, one could bring it from the kitchen to the car, and take it with him to the destination. Same=same. But on the return trip, he could only bring it back. Which you...
  14. MarkieMark

    Chair/old furniture rehabbers: What are we looking at here?

    Durhams is a damned good supposition. I got nuthin better than that guess. I have used it for a number of projects. Some brilliantly successful, others not so much. In the example, it looks like if that is the correct guess, it wasnt mixed thoroughly enough and the base material wasnt prepared...
  15. MarkieMark

    Meatloaf went all the way last night, paradise, no dashboard light...

    He was a VERY theatrical singer/performer. In excess. That was his thing. Over the top. It worked for him. Musically, not my thing either. But I still found it fun and I appreciate it for what it is. Escapism perhaps. Often perhaps it is fun mainstream pablum that is at the same time, making...
  16. MarkieMark

    Monkeys Loose in Danville PA

    Most of the stories I have seen seemed to try to put a good (or humorous) spin on this... Fact is, they were essentially destined to be "lab rats" and being terminated after the accident/escape may be a merciful ending to their story. I hope the lab work is essential and important. Or wish maybe.
  17. MarkieMark

    pig brains, duck tongues, and other delicacies.

    Eh. Needs garlic.
  18. MarkieMark

    Meatloaf went all the way last night, paradise, no dashboard light...

    Well, theres no accounting for... "Bat out of hell"? Owned it, played it a lot. Studied it. Learned things. Fair enough. Furthermore... "Paradise by the dashboard light" might be a bit of over the top dramatic cinema, but... I do recall a long period of time (decades?) where if it was...
  19. MarkieMark

    Pink Floyd Argument Bait

    Is it really a question, if you know the answer too.. Or... how does what I like/dislike effect you? Or... No. The answer to the posed question is no. there is no association IMO. unless there is for some people, which I find to be sad.
  20. MarkieMark

    Can you dig it.

    Scary when I "get" a reference that obscure about two things I care little or nothing about.
  21. MarkieMark

    Orangutan golf cart driver

    But seriously! Seriously! Think about this! That golf cart driving orang had to learn somewhere right? Imagine giving those lessons. Or maybe it was more like somebody threw Clyde the keys and he just eventually learned to do laps around the orang assisted living facility. Next stop, driving...
  22. MarkieMark

    Orangutan golf cart driver

    I was on the road with less skilled drivers today. Maybe everyday. My sister hates this though. Seems to really get under her skin. The question is, can he learn to caddie. "Right turn Clyde"
  23. MarkieMark

    Thinking about buying a Banjo.

    I love the banjo. Dont mind telling that. 😁 I gravitate more toward classic open back clawhammer and two finger styles though. With a rag stuffed inside to mellow it out a tad... I think you are on the right track. Gold Tone makes a pretty good entry level instrument for the money. You can get...
  24. MarkieMark

    How Wings Create Lift (Bernoulli's principle stands corrected.)

    No reason to feel "sheepish" IMO. The video was just another common attempt at a convincing argument that "we had it wrong all this time" when in reality it didnt really bring anything new to the table, again IMO. Current times provide us with ample examples of this kind of presentation. One...