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  1. RollingBender

    Ultra Clean Push-Pull EL84 design?

    Spitfire clone might get you as close as you are going to get. Your tube compliment is there. Ditch the master volume and you have the correct controls.
  2. RollingBender

    Pretty Large Guitar

    I got to play this little cutie a few years back… It was in a gift shop across the street from here… It had bass tuners on it and was strung up with bass guitar strings. It was in standard tuning, just an octave lower.
  3. RollingBender


    In a little town of 450 people, many miles from nowhere, you can find not only one but 2 sculptures by artist John Lopez. The town is Faith, SD (famous for the discovery of the T-Rex, “Sue”). I’ve been going there annually on a hunting vacation. Here’s Lopez’s “Sue” sculpture. One of the...
  4. RollingBender

    Power for the machine

    I’m going with a digitally controlled rotary phase converter. My wife, usually the ultimate cheapskate, stopped me from scouring the used market and told me to just buy new. Wish she would see things that way with music equipment.
  5. RollingBender

    Power for the machine

    My old CNC vertical machining center was built for 3-phase power but ran just fine on 240 volt single phase. I just found out last week that my new(er) machine cannot be wired up to single phase like the old one even though they came from the same manufacturer. …so…now I need to figure out...
  6. RollingBender

    Are You A Tourist In Your Own Town?

    I live in a small town of just under 5,000 people. Been here a bit over 14 years. Between my wife, my daughter and myself, we know pretty much everybody and everybody knows us. My wife works at the local pre-school so all the little kids know her and many of the parents and grandparents. My...
  7. RollingBender

    Trying something different…just like before

    Going to try a variation of the build style I did last year with the 18 watt Plexi where I mounted the tube sockets on the board. This was not the flimsy PCB with soldered in tube sockets but 1/8” thick goralite board with a hybrid of turrets and point to point. It worked out very well. This...
  8. RollingBender

    I Want A 380

    One of the guns that I traded off and have regretted ever since… Not the most concealable by most standards but reliable and very gorgeous.
  9. RollingBender

    No Really Dear, It Followed Me Home.

    This just popped up today on the local online market as a freebie… Must have been a good Baldwin salesman around here about 58 years ago as I’ve gutted 3 of them in the past few years. Each one contains a 36 watt EL84 amp and an 18 watt EL84 amp (shared PT), 2-12” speakers and 1-10” speaker...
  10. RollingBender

    Steve Perry Criticizes Singers Who Uses Auto-Tune

    I’m not sure but I suppose the harmony vocal pedals fall into this same category. I’ve heard them used poorly many times (even once by yours truly) but with practice and a lot of time with the tool, I have worked it up to something that I think sounds very musical and pleasing. My band gets a...
  11. RollingBender

    STORM TEAM 5......goofy reporters

    If you don’t watch the news, you are uninformed. If you do watch the news, you are misinformed.
  12. RollingBender

    Funny Band Names

    Rhino Saurus and the Chubby Unicorns
  13. RollingBender

    Stop embedded YouTube videos from autoplaying

    Don’t do it. I’m sure there is something else she can help you with.
  14. RollingBender

    What's on your workbench today?

    Some jackwagon took a big rasp to the frets on his Epiphone Les Paul and then realized he didn’t have the proper tools or talent to finish the job. I hit it with my fret level beam (though rough as a cob, he got them pretty straight on level) and have been recrowning them to remove the extreme...
  15. RollingBender

    Stop embedded YouTube videos from autoplaying

    Just tried this⬆️ No dice. Touch the video screen any place as you are scrolling by and it starts playing. I’m interested if Lilly can help me. She seems to know stuff.
  16. RollingBender

    Liquid Drain Cleaner

    I’ve used this product several times with great results… …but never in my plumbing. It has the same ingredients used for hot bluing on guns. I made a small tank just long enough for the barrel of the gun to be blued and then boiled it outside on a camp stove for 20 minutes. Nasty stuff, lots...
  17. RollingBender

    No Really Dear, It Followed Me Home.

    oh…I know what to do with the iron… I just don’t want the chopped organ to weigh any more than absolutely necessary. I recently purchased a Yamaha Reface YP organ. I’m picking up a few tunes in my working band that I will be hopping over to play keys on. It does awesome Hammond tones and the...
  18. RollingBender

    What's on your workbench today?

    That one is a lapsteel heavy on Tele inspiration.
  19. RollingBender

    No Really Dear, It Followed Me Home.

    I did the fold back on the M3 that I chopped. I plan on doing the bass fold back on the lower keyboard someday (I did away with the bass pedals). Getting rid of the power amp would be great for what I’m doing. I added a line out, use a couple guitar stomp boxes for reverb and dirt, then run it...
  20. RollingBender

    What's on your workbench today?

    In the middle of a main floor bathroom major renovation and the project wandered into my music room. Need the space for rehearsal and working up new songs so I cleaned it up the best I could. When I put it back together, I’m going to soundproof the floor and re-do the walls so I can have a...
  21. RollingBender

    The Good Feet Store: anybody ever used 'em? Got a testimonial?

    Everyone I talked to about that store had good things to say so I went. I got a pair of quality shoes and a set of insoles. The sales person did not know how to tie a shoe (granny knot) and the insoles don’t fit the shoe properly.
  22. RollingBender

    Dangerous toys from our youth.

    Growing up on a farm is very dangerous for unsupervised children but it was fun. My grandpa built what he called a playground for the grandkids in the backyard but in reality I’m sure it was a controlled scientific test of Darwin’s theory of survival of the fittest. He had a few different...