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    Jumping in. Console conversion to (possibly Vibro-)Champazoo

    Jesus look at the size of that power transformer... Should make a nice amp. Lots of room to work too. I did a few of these in tabletop radios that came out really good. I used a choke in mine and they turned out extremely quiet. They were a 5c1 thing with a beefed up psu and star ground. Have...
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    Project: Low Watt With Reverb

    How about the little Beltran brick digital reverbs? Simple, quiet, effective. Toying with this idea myself.
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    Why Stainless Steel Frets

    Sound difference aside, I noticed better response to hammering on notes.
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    Why Stainless Steel Frets

    You should watch the warmoth YouTube channel, they do a video on this that demonstrates the difference well. Small, but definitely different.
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    Shellacking Grill Cloth Guitar Cab Yay or Nay?

    The cab looks great.
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    Performance Anxiety

    Get yourself a small zoom recorder, or even your phone, and get it the habit of recording yourself practicing. It helps to break the red light fever. Good luck.
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    Old tube radio, tubes good for guitar amp?

    I've redone a few Octal tube radios, they've turned out really great, especially considering I paid like 30 bucks each for the bones (beautiful head shell, power and output tx). 6SJ7 grid leak bias, into a 6v6. A slightly less breakup, but a slightly more enjoyable tone than the average champ...
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    1x12 vs 2x12, 1x10 vs 2x10, etc.

    Hello, the large oversized 1x12 with the oval back. It's large, but didn't sound boxy like other 1x12 cabs. I'd still stick with the 2x12 you have though.
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    1x12 vs 2x12, 1x10 vs 2x10, etc.

    I would stick with a 2x12, however if you must, consider a dumble style 1x12 cabinet. It's the only 1x12 I've heard that satisfied me.
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    My combo amps keep blowing speakers?

    I would definitely check for cabinet vibrations and speaker mounting issues. I recently went through this myself. I had to add weather stripping to the head in a combo to stop the buzzing/"distortion". Sounds perfect now.
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    Is there an “acceptable” noise floor for a Single Ended Tube Amp?

    I've had very good luck using a choke in a couple SE amps. It's worth the few extra bucks IMO.
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    What to play over the IV (in country songs)

    Melodies that target the 4 6 and 1. The Maj Pent scale of the IV. Minor Pent of the I + 6
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    People who drive to get their morning coffee

    Buying a commercial Bunn coffee machine was one of the better things I've done for myself. If you love coffee, it's the way to go.
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    EQ Pedal

    Probably the most underrated pedal.
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    Knobs: They absolutely must be out of the way

    I completely agree and have passed on buying instruments because of it.
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    Rob Robinette website

    I'd be happy to donate a few bucks to help cover costs.
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    Telecaster Vs Les Paul

    The instruments scale length fundamentally shapes the sound of an instrument. Any time I pick up a tele it takes me a minute to adjust to the additional hi end information. I'm sure some find the difference insignificant, but I hear it clearly.
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    Telecaster Vs Les Paul

    Scale length + maple neck - way different top end/harmonics
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    Two Teles, Two Very Different Sounds

    You should really check out the Warmoth YouTube channel. They do very fair shootouts including different tone woods. They absolutely make a difference and it's not subtle. Beyond woods, they have other very interesting tests. SS frets vs Normal, neck construction styles, etc. Very informative.
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    Best uad plugs for classic country

    Hello, first thing I would do is go download the best compressor plug in ever made (IMO and many others). There is a free version, and a paid version. It's cheap (like 25 bucks), and amazing. It's called Fircomp I barely ever reach for a uad comp anymore. It's...
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    Wood type changes the tone of an electric guitar

    For folks who voted no, you should really check out the warmoth YouTube channel. They do very fair tests and the difference are absolutely audible. There is more than tonewood videos, ss frets vs nickel, truss rods, weight relief, etc. It's very interesting.
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    How would you solve this studio problem?

    A small sub mixer for all fx returning to a stereo pair could do the job.