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  1. The Ballzz

    Barrel switch tip in the way

    Bending the switch blade AND a Strat tip sounds like the best combination of all solutions. I've already got the Strat tip on there and bending the blade will happen the next time I pick up my Tele! Just Switchin' 'N' Tippin' Gene
  2. The Ballzz

    Tweed Twi-Luxe, Gonna Do It! Need Help?

    The TWI-LUXE has been mostly finished and fired up! A few issues, "I"s to dot and"T"s to cross, etc, but it sounds amazing! The girth, clarity and harmonic response that sits somewhere between a well tuned 1959 at it's sweetly cranked spot and a great Blackface Fender Showman at the same spot is...
  3. The Ballzz

    Selecting a Cathode Resistor Value (to adjust bias)???

    Which is more important to us, having our dual triode powered amp sound great or saving the price of a $20 tube over the differential course of three years vs four years? I Thought So! Gene
  4. The Ballzz

    RobRob bucking transformer

    @Jason McG Never mind, I found it, and nice work! Thanks Again, Gene
  5. The Ballzz

    RobRob bucking transformer

    Do you have a link to the treatise on what that does, how it works and how to build it? Thanks, Gene
  6. The Ballzz

    Tweed Twi-Luxe, Gonna Do It! Need Help?

    Hey Folks, I was torn about resurrecting this 8-9 month old thread or starting a new one for the actual final build? I made the executive decision (I'm President of me!) to simply continue with all the great comments, info, etc, that has already been shared here! The circuit board has been...
  7. The Ballzz

    NAD - Lil Dawg Tweed Delux

    I've heard rumors that some lousy 5E3s have been built, but haven't seen one! I think a person would either have to be a totally incompetent butcher or actually "TRY" to mess up such a simple circuit! Mods and supposed "improvements" notwithstanding. Let's face it, Leo was known for being about...
  8. The Ballzz

    ClassicTone Data Base?

    Well, 6 or 8 months back, the Triode site looked hopeful that a company called "USA CLASSIC" was going to pick up the ClassicTone football and run with it, part numbers, data sheets and all. The fact that nothing has seemed to come to fruition yet on that front has left me a little less hopeful...
  9. The Ballzz

    ClassicTone Data Base?

    Thanks For That, Gene
  10. The Ballzz

    ClassicTone Data Base?

    Hey Folks, Do I recall that someone compiled a ClassicTone Transformer data base/spreadsheet? If so, how do I find and/or access it? Thanks, Gene
  11. The Ballzz

    Starting Down the Road - Amp Building

    Go here and start comparing schematics. Look at the simplest (Champ) first, and note the evolutionary changes over time. Then look at the Princeton and Deluxe models. There are even schematics for your Bassman 10. Good to identify if you actually have the Bassman 10 or the Bassman 10 - 70 watt...
  12. The Ballzz

    Just ordered my first soldering iron, what now?

    You just got a soldering iron! Read below: Ya know, to me it's hilarious that many guitarists can sit and work/practice on a specific lick for hours on end, yet refuse to get a good soldering tool and spend an hour "practicing" how to "PROPERLY" use it! The main trick to good soldering is the...
  13. The Ballzz

    Fuse Holder Polarity?

    In my frame of reference, I've always felt that anything bad that CAN happen and can easily be guarded against, probably should be! Always better to be safe than sorry! Just My Take On It, Gene
  14. The Ballzz

    What are these speaker connectors officially called?

    Many speakers have different sizes for +positive & -negative! Compound that by not being sure if they are metric, imperial or one size fits all/none sized! If you are a manufactuterer, you can get exactly whatever you need, but mere humans no longer have any convenient or sane access! New &...
  15. The Ballzz

    6v6 pinout question

    In addition and/or alternatively, it appears they might have been using the chassis/ground for one leg of the 6.3VAC heater circuit. I would check this and undo it, if this is the case! Just My $.02, Gene
  16. The Ballzz

    How Do We Like this?

    @Lowerleftcoast , @King Fan & All, Upon a closer look at that Modulus layout, I must embarrassingly admit to being at least partly "full of POO" and that some of my whining and ranting has been a moot point! :oops: I now see that the "0" volt common of the output transformer secondary...
  17. The Ballzz

    How Do We Like this?

    While I wholeheartedly agree, in principle with your changes, the drawing requires five leads connected at that point "A" filter cap lug, which could become a bit cumbersome. Of course, elevating that filament center tap would remove one of those five wires from that "A" lug. And everything I...
  18. The Ballzz

    How Do We Like this?

    Yes! I like the way the pot bodies actually get connected to the chassis ground, and the shields get grounded thru those pot bodies and therefore the chassis, in that manner, but none of the actual circuitry depends on the chassis for it's ground. In this case (pun sorta intended) the chassis...
  19. The Ballzz

    How Do We Like this?

    Hi Folks, Just curious as to everyone else's take on Modulus' "0" volt common grounding arrangement? Note that the only two connections to the chassis are the AC Mains ground lug and the termination lug near the input jacks. I know what I think, but want to hear what others think. Thanks Folks, Gene
  20. The Ballzz

    Tell me I don't need a 2nd Princeton!

    Substitute the word "amps" for "guitars" and the equation is equally valid! :eek: :p Just Equatin' Gene
  21. The Ballzz

    Shielded wire I can’t be liking this

    Works well from treble pot to passive effects loop and back to the master. Pretty good for to & fro a post phase inverter master volume pot. Fairly unnecessary in most other locations. Just Shieldin' Gene
  22. The Ballzz

    Shielded wire I can’t be liking this

    I like Belden 8451. #22 gauge, red & black inner conductors with a "drain" wire, full coverage foil shield and 75°C/164°F rated! Sturdy, insulation doesn't melt like wax when you solder it! Small diameter profile and no unbraiding! Can be found fairly cheap as roll end cut offs, otherwise $.28...
  23. The Ballzz

    OT Placement Headphone Trick

    I get it now! I did not understand that this process was near the beginning of a build, for the purpose of finding optimal transformer placement. It makes more sense now. Thanks, Gene
  24. The Ballzz

    OT Placement Headphone Trick

    o_O ???????????? :confused: