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  1. daddyplaysbass

    Illinois - Twangin' in the Land of Lincoln

    Lived in Freeport - sleepy little town between Galena and Rockford, many years ago.
  2. daddyplaysbass

    Happy Birthday Chris Montez !

    80 YO Today - still kicking' He was not a one hit Wonder, "Let's Dance", "The More I see You", "Call Me", "There Will Never Be Another You". Met him and his lead guitarist at a party in Inglewood in 1966 - sorry no Tele's. both had Jazzmasters..
  3. daddyplaysbass

    Do You Leave Home Garage Open? Why?

    In Phoenix
  4. daddyplaysbass

    Did You Grow Up Without a TV Remote?

    Yes, first TV, 1955, black & white, antenna on the roof with indoor control to rotate it. Test patterns at midnight. "Today" in the morning with Dave Garroway, Frank Blair, Helen O'Connell and J. Fred Muggs the Chimpanzee before i set out for school. I was the "remote" - first remote was...
  5. daddyplaysbass

    Got an electric car

    My Volt came with a wall-mounted charger, the cable pulls off and plugs into the car. 42 miles on a charge, plus about 300 miles with the gasoline engine that runs the generator to charge the battery to run the traction motor. You could bring the wall charger along with you and plug it in...
  6. daddyplaysbass

    All time best US rock and roll band?

    Mitch Ryder and the Detroit Wheels, No Light show, no prancing across the stage -- pure Rock 'n' Roll. Check out their version of Please, Please, Please and Come on See About Me
  7. daddyplaysbass

    5 Classic Tele songs I should learn?

    "Off the Hook" Sue Foley; that should do it.
  8. daddyplaysbass

    Got an electric car

    My 2015 Chevy Volt has only 65K miles one it. GM had the idea, a small gasoline engine that charges the drive battery when it is out of charge, as long as I have a few gallons of fuel, I never worry about charging stations or being stranded. I plug it into a 120V outlet in the garage. The brain...
  9. daddyplaysbass

    Do you look at the fretboard while playing?

    No, I look at my shoes
  10. daddyplaysbass

    Songs with a date in them

    Johnny Paycheck, "(E)Leven Months and Twenty-Nine Days"
  11. daddyplaysbass

    The crows are gone.

    Band name alert: "The Crows Are Gone"
  12. daddyplaysbass

    Who are your top 3 sports players?

    Kyle Busch, Steve Addington, Kyle Larson
  13. daddyplaysbass

    What to play over the IV (in country songs)

    Play what Ol' Fuzzy would play
  14. daddyplaysbass

    All time best US rock and roll band?

    Elvis Presley and the TCB Band.
  15. daddyplaysbass

    Springsteen sells his music rights

    I was interested, but when bidding hit $12 million, I dropped out - too much for me.
  16. daddyplaysbass

    What's your PROMO CODE??

    7734 (hell upside down)
  17. daddyplaysbass


    I'm only guilty by association judge.
  18. daddyplaysbass

    Poll - How often do you use active pickups? And why?

    Yes. Almost exclusively -- that's what my Daisy Rock bass has. no choice.
  19. daddyplaysbass

    There still are some "pre-internet" guitar players out there

    Someone once said guitars are just wood and wire
  20. daddyplaysbass

    The Seemingly Mandatory Blues Fedora

    What about cowgirls with nice legs, short skirts and COWBOY BOOTS ?
  21. daddyplaysbass

    Worst Christmas Songs!

    Deck the Halls With Boston Charlie"
  22. daddyplaysbass

    Backing Track Challenge - 330 Blues

    Here's Duane Eddy playing 3:30 Blues in 1959 with a nice Al Casey piano break; recorded in Pheonix.
  23. daddyplaysbass

    Some cool shots from Austin's past: Johnny Cash content, 1958.

    2nd photo, 7e, is the way we tuned in the early "60's !
  24. daddyplaysbass

    We rehearsed last night...

    "We Rehearsed Last Night" nother band name alert