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  1. brashboy

    About the ES-335 . . . .

    Nah, no seeming shortage of Epi guitars. Gibson can raise the price of its guitars all it wants, not gonna affect me, ever.
  2. brashboy

    About the ES-335 . . . .

    Anyone who likes the 339 size should check out the Ibanez AM93, superb guitar for not a lot of money. My son owned one that was sublime. $650 at SW.
  3. brashboy

    About the ES-335 . . . .

    The Beatles and many others have shown what a Casino can do.
  4. brashboy

    About the ES-335 . . . .

    I have a great one, too. Now I'm thinking to order an EART E355 and put real filtertrons in it.
  5. brashboy

    About the ES-335 . . . .

    If you're talking about the new "Inspired by Gibson" Epi 335s, I agree totally. The ones I've played are noticeably better than the Epi 335 Pro and a huge step up from the regular Epi 335 Dot (which is not a bad guitar), in tone and build quality. I think playability is better, too, but all...
  6. brashboy

    How much a refretting changes the worth of a 73 Tele

    You mean, compared to having the original frets, worn down, with divots?
  7. brashboy

    Rib cuts

    That's you. I love em'.
  8. brashboy

    Tele or Esquire

    This truly could not have been said better.
  9. brashboy

    Ready to Gig? How to know, what to do...

    You learn to play with others by playing with others. Preferably a little better than you. Gigging comes when you and your jam pals turn into a band.
  10. brashboy

    Guitar finish impacts sound in the audible range

    I'm guessing that if you stuck a wad of chewed gum to the front of your guitar it would affect the sound in some way, measurable by very sensitive scientific instruments. Could a human or even a dog hear the difference? I doubt it. Isn't this really a question for sound
  11. brashboy

    Dipping a toe into semi hollow guitars

    I've had two Epi Sheratons, both Korean. Also had an Epi es335 pro. I also had a Gibson historic collection custom shop es 335. The wolf KSA 50 that I have now easily beats all the epiphones, both amplified and not, and I think stands shoulder to shoulder with the Gibson, though not nearly as...
  12. brashboy

    Best Tele player ya ever saw live?

    Roy Buchanan, in Baton Rouge. Never saw Gatton..
  13. brashboy

    The most reliable amps

    Traynor, for my money, made in Canada. The YLG2 is a 30w 112 MV EL84 beauty. They have others, well built and well thought-out.
  14. brashboy

    So what do they play at your funeral?

    "Gone, Just Like a Train" by Bill Frisell.
  15. brashboy

    Surf Collection

    Here's Magneto by the Russian surf band Messer Chups:
  16. brashboy

    Best setup for slide

    You, too? OMG, how many Corricidin pills have gone into the trash over the years?
  17. brashboy

    Does this broken head need a spline?

    Dealing with glue squeeze-out: Fit the pieces together so that they mate (as if unbroken), then lightly run some vaseline around the break, being careful NOT to get any on the bare wood. Then glue and clamp. The purpose of the vaseline is to catch the glue squeeze-out, which will not stick to...
  18. brashboy

    Why Clip On Tuner Instead Of Pedal?

    Every clip-on tuner I've tried has been fairly inaccurate, and I've had 10 or so. Plus, battery did not last long. I use the Strobe Tuner Pro app on my phone, REALLY accurate. It was $3 or something. No batteries to buy. I am not affiliated with this app in any way. Live, ambient noise...
  19. brashboy

    Underrated Guitar Brands.

    I don't get what you don't get. Krenal reviewed a guitar for the builder and liked it so much he bought it instead of mailing it back. He was perfectly straightforward about it. He doesn't even use affiliate links and is not peddling lessons and such. Doesn't remotely look like a commercial...
  20. brashboy

    Underrated Guitar Brands.

    Never been able to bond with the new mass-produced D'angelicos, and i've played maybe a dozen. When I started playing in the 60s, John d'Angelico was still building, his guitars legendary. That headstock looked cool on the New Yorker and other huge guitars John built but to me look silly on...
  21. brashboy

    Underrated Guitar Brands.

    I hope you are gigging professionally, you definitely could have a career.
  22. brashboy

    Can anybody recommend a good attenuator?

    Great if 8 ohms will do it.
  23. brashboy

    So where’s the go to place to purchase a new tele these days.

    I'm in Florida - in a guitar desert, like you - and have bought several guitars from Dave's Guitars in LaCrosse, Wisconsin. All were beauts.
  24. brashboy

    How serious is this crack?

    Correct - they would much prefer to sell it to the next guy, who may not notice the issue, or care, and just gotta have a Gibson.