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  1. Verne Bunsen

    Great summer salad

    Love the cukes and onions in vinegar, would never have conceived of adding watermelon. Must try!
  2. Verne Bunsen

    Pending eyesore

    Thanks! That is indeed our Sonoran desert back yard. We’ve put a ton of work in to it the last few years and it has become our little oasis :)
  3. Verne Bunsen

    Pending eyesore

    I hear ya. I love having electricity in the house, because air conditioning and guitar amplifiers, but I do wish the view from the back yard weren't sullied...
  4. Verne Bunsen

    Need to vent..slooow Guitar Center sale..

    This is what I was thinking. For instance if it is a Minneapolis branch, you might stand a better chance of seeing your guitar carried across the screen on the news...
  5. Verne Bunsen

    Middle pickup appreciation thread.

    Love me some middle pickup! I think they sound best when you route the hole for them yourself...
  6. Verne Bunsen

    Semi-Hollow... to f-hole or not to f-hole...

    I’ll play the other side: I think F-holes look sweet on F-style guitars! Hard to say how much impact they have on tone, all of my Thinlines have F-holes and I know they are far more resonant acoustically than my solid bodies...
  7. Verne Bunsen

    Which guitar of yous gets most played?

    Depends on the material I’m working on. Lately it is all about the Jazzmaster with flat wounds!
  8. Verne Bunsen


    I moved from Alaska to Arizona so that I wouldn’t have to worry about cargo shorts season. It is ALWAYS cargo shorts season. Except when I’m working among the brush and cactis, then it’s temporarily full-length cargo pants season.
  9. Verne Bunsen


    Is that not Andy from Pro Guitar Shop on the left? Just sayin’....
  10. Verne Bunsen

    Question re. humbuckered Tele's

    I have a 90’s Tele Special with Lollar Special T in the bridge and El Rayo humbucker in the neck. Together they sound like this:
  11. Verne Bunsen

    UPS Pulls Ahead of Fedex For Ineptness!

    Same package was once again “Out for Delivery” yesterday, that’s four days in a row, never showed and now is scheduled for delivery next Tuesday. “C U Next Tuesday!” I said!
  12. Verne Bunsen

    Lucifer Sam

    Great tune! Lucifer, go to sea...
  13. Verne Bunsen

    UPS Pulls Ahead of Fedex For Ineptness!

    Interesting, I’m in Marana, on the northwest end of Tucson.
  14. Verne Bunsen

    UPS Pulls Ahead of Fedex For Ineptness!

    I don’t mind longer shipping times and logistical complications, it’s a complex world we live in, but what I DO mind is the explanations that are flat out lies. I’m waiting on a package from UPS and for the past three days it has shown an arrival scan in my town, indicated delivery that day, and...
  15. Verne Bunsen

    Warmoth is apparently back up and running...

    I’vs been stuck at work in Alaska for the last 6 weeks, just got home a couple of days ago. A little hunkerin’ and bunkerin’ is exactly what the doctor ordered! I hope that things are well for you and the fam, trying times we’re navigating...
  16. Verne Bunsen

    Warmoth is apparently back up and running...

    Hey, I recognize that album art!
  17. Verne Bunsen

    Warmoth is apparently back up and running...

    Thanks! The pickups are from Revel, traditional Jazzmaster. It is not wired in the standard fashion. I like the standard configuration, ‘dark’ circuit and all, but as this is JM #2 I ventured out a bit. It is inspired somewhat by the Ultra series JM. The lower circuit has 250k pots instead of...
  18. Verne Bunsen

    It Had To Happen

    Actually, it didn’t have to happen. Congratulations are in order that it did! And many more!
  19. Verne Bunsen

    Hocus Pocus acoustic version

    He’s a cannon!