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  1. 61fury

    Contractors/flippers/builders/interior design aficionados : when will white/black/grey/oatmeal be over ?

    We bought our house in 1996. The market was hot then as now. Much of the time a person had to make an offer immediately after seeing the house. Flipped houses were very obvious, lame cosmetics and old fashioned fuse boxes. We settled on a house owned by an old widow, it seemed sound and it was...
  2. 61fury

    Sunset after 1700 CST

    Here in Knoxville, TN we gain a minute of light every day after the solstice. Makes a huge difference when I try to play tennis after work. Right now sunset is in the 5:40's
  3. 61fury

    Let's talk about Classic cartoon series and what you hate about them.

    Yeah that was really cheesy, and creepy too.
  4. 61fury

    Siouxsie And The Banshees

    True fans can ruin almost anything.
  5. 61fury

    Who has ever been in the Ice Capades??

    I was taken to an Ice Follies show on Christmas Eve when I was a child. It was super boring.
  6. 61fury

    Today is... Post a short stupid joke you made up!

    You hear about the suicidal judge who was also a writer? He wanted a novel way to die so he sentenced himself to death.
  7. 61fury

    Last Random Photo of 2021

    Yeah they're vines. I find them in cow pastures, they do not survive the trip home, even in water, so I just take pictures of them.
  8. 61fury

    Last Random Photo of 2021

    Maypops are cool too
  9. 61fury

    Last Random Photo of 2021

    Moss lichen fungi photos are my favorite. Here's my latest entry
  10. 61fury

    Making beer butt chicken again for turkey day. I guess it's become our family tradition

    I love chicken, eat it three times a week. But chicken is just chicken, don't let it dry out. I've done beer can chicken, it's just fine. Just don't let it dry out.;)
  11. 61fury

    best commercial pizza you've eaten

    I always liked Sbarro pizza. Also there was/ is a chain mainly located malls that I like a lot ( Villa Pizza?). Large slices, thin chewy crust.
  12. 61fury

    Machines that just don't work that great.

    With Lenders bagels often you can twist them apart. Sometimes I have to use a knife. Similar problem with the "fork split" Thomas English muffins, why haven't they invested in a new fork splitting machine after all these years?
  13. 61fury

    Flying V Tele Bassist

  14. 61fury

    Has The YoYo Gone The Way Of The Dodo ???

    I remember that guy, he came to my local toy store, his spiel was as memorable as his yo yo skills. I still impulse buy yo yo's but I forget them after about 10 minutes.:( There are many laying around the house.
  15. 61fury

    Egils Leimanis

    I like both clips, they don't overdo it. The singer/ bassplayer seems to be going more for a Mary Ford look as opposed to the way overdone Betty Page vamp thing. Lots of rockabilly bands out there drown in their own shtick.
  16. 61fury

    Movie quotes. If you figure it out, post another.

    Saving Silverman?
  17. 61fury

    Should I buy a left hand guitar?

    What kind of guitar is it? I tried out a lefty Strat for fun, no problem with the knobs flipping it righty. You could always do that with a right handed nut.
  18. 61fury

    I hate white pizza

    I grew up in the Philadelphia area, never heard of tomato pie till I went back to visit. I was surprised how gluteny soggy the tomato topping made the top layer of dough. It was much like a layer of cheese.
  19. 61fury

    Did Fender invent the maple fretboard?

    I want to know if Fender invented string trees. Did anyone else before cut their neck out of one piece of wood that lacked the headstock tilt?
  20. 61fury

    Anyone ever go to comment Jail on Youtube?

    Reminds me of this truism, the origins of which turn out to be not true either.
  21. 61fury

    Have you ever looked in a mirror...

    The mirrors at home are the most kind, my hair looks golden, the lighting is soft. In photos, Zoom meetings, anywhere else in the rest of the world I am white haired and gaunt. Well except for my crappy phone camera, it knows how to flatter me.
  22. 61fury

    Your Least Favorite Custom Color

    I voted Fiesta Red too, for the same reason. Though I am mighty tired of surf green. Often somebody wants something "different" and they paint or buy Surf Green. Every other "different" guitar is Surf Green. BTW what is "foam green" and how does it compare to surf green?
  23. 61fury

    Weird Cartoons

    I like those a lot, they got better and better after the third one.
  24. 61fury

    Weird Cartoons

    Bosch is a creepshow for sure
  25. 61fury

    Fender Japan goes Swinging brings back the Swinger

    did a cheap Paint job and I'm torn, you might be right Side by side

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