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  1. Ash Telecaster

    What is love?

    I think the OP is right, love is a red 65 Telecaster. But... Commitment is a Black Guard Tele. Sexy is a Sonic Blue Nashville Tele. Empathy is an Acoustasonic Tele. Passion is an Esquire Tele.
  2. Ash Telecaster

    I can’t praise my Tonemaster enough

    I'm very happy with my TMSR.
  3. Ash Telecaster

    What holds music but isn't a phone?

    I have a fiio x3 and a fiio x7. They are great for hi res audio.
  4. Ash Telecaster

    Who are your top 3 sports players?

    I don't know their names but I'm pretty sure they would all be cheer leaders.
  5. Ash Telecaster

    All time best US rock and roll band?

    For me, I would have to choose between the Eagles, Steely Dan, The Doobie Brothers, The Allman Brothers, Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, and ZZ Top. It's a pretty tough call. I think I will have to go with Steely Dan.
  6. Ash Telecaster

    AC 15 or DSL40 or Marshall Origin

    A friend of mine got an Origin 50 and he gets great tones out of it. Plenty of volume too. Additionally, the guitarist who plays for the Main Squeeze, find them on YouTube (no affiliation), uses an Origin!
  7. Ash Telecaster

    Telecaster for sale scam!

    I don't remember exactly but you can do it. I put a couple PA amps up and some scammer tried to hussle me. I logged a complaint with CL and the FBI. I don't know if it did any good but I sent the scammer the links to both web forms and told him I reported him. Never heard from him again.
  8. Ash Telecaster

    Telecaster for sale scam!

    Report him to CL.
  9. Ash Telecaster

    Do you display your diplomas?

    I do, hanging in my music room. I worked so hard for them, sacrificed so much time, money, gave up evenings, weekends, music. I went to college as an adult. Over 7 years I got my bachelor's, 2 mba's, and a PMP cert. I don't think about them very often. I don't even notice them and I don't...
  10. Ash Telecaster

    Solid State amp you've known and loved,,, or hated,

    I've had a few. Roland 1x12, from the Jazz Chorus family. Nice cleans but didn't like my dirt pedals with it. Small Cube amp that sounded amazing as a little practice amp. I sold it as I wasn't using it. Not because it wasn't good but because I had a couple small tube amps I tended to...
  11. Ash Telecaster

    What time do you eat thanksgiving dinner? why eat so early?

    Early dinner and late dinner. Followed by lots of snacking
  12. Ash Telecaster

    I Don't Even Like The Beatles...

    I'm looking forward to it. I've been a Beatles fan my whole life. Not to the point where I care what they ate for breakfast but always loved their music. I have come to really love single song live clips of great bands/musicians and have been collecting my favorites. I like interviews as well...
  13. Ash Telecaster

    Anyone seriously consider one of those Tone Masters?

    I bought the Quilter tone block first but didn't like it at all and returned it. I do have a POD GO (baby Helix) which I run through a QSC CP8 and that combination is small, lightweight and sounds great. So many tone options it boggles the mind! Gets surprisingly loud too. I didn't buy the TMSR...
  14. Ash Telecaster

    Anyone seriously consider one of those Tone Masters?

    I have found with my TMSR that brighter ODs like the OCD don't sound great with it. Warmer, more mid rangy ODs like the Walrus ages sound great with it. At least in my humble opinion. That to me is the real difference between a SR and a TMSR. It has to do with the how high frequencies are...
  15. Ash Telecaster

    Fender Acoustasonic Player Telecaster

    That thing looks amazing!
  16. Ash Telecaster

    Tone Master amps. What's going on?

    Love my TMSR.
  17. Ash Telecaster

    Anyone seriously consider one of those Tone Masters?

    I read a lot of TM post on multiple forums and haven't seen any evidence of a lot of reporting of problems and needing repair or service. I've seen a couple but nothing to indicate there are quality issues with these amps. Most criticisms I've seen have been around feel or lack of tube sparkle...
  18. Ash Telecaster

    Anyone seriously consider one of those Tone Masters?

    The cleans are where the TMSR really shines. I use an OD pedal with it even though it has the attenuator. I owned a TR and I tried the TMTR. The TMTR was much more mid range voiced that the TR but that helped it when going for a fat bluesy lead tone. It was a great sounding amp. Getting the...
  19. Ash Telecaster

    Anyone seriously consider one of those Tone Masters?

    I have written my opinion on this topic many times now but I think that is the value of these forums, you can hear a multitude of opinions and ideas and look at the consensus, etc. So, doing my part... I bought the TMSR. I bought it because I always wanted a SR but could never justify it...
  20. Ash Telecaster

    Make up a lie about the poster above you - part 3

    Stringfinger doesn't need money. He's perfectly content to simply sit and ponder all the places he can stick his finger. It doesn't matter if he's sitting on a park bench, sitting in jail, sitting on Santa's lap....
  21. Ash Telecaster

    Sucks having one GREAT guitar.....

    I like variety and I like to switch it up. For the longest time I played 1 guitar but now I go for whatever flavor I'm hungry for; Tele, Strat, Les Paul, SG...though I have to admit I have 3 Teles right now.
  22. Ash Telecaster

    Do You Lap Steel?

    I jam on mine from time to time. Good enough to improv to a blues tune but that's as far as I've taken it.
  23. Ash Telecaster

    Learning to be happy with what you’ve got.

    I go through this all the time. I have more stuff than I need but what I have primarily done is buy, sell, buy, sell, buy.... This has allowed me to feed my gas addiction long term while minimizing the over all cost. There are lots of things I would go back and buy again but my needs are...
  24. Ash Telecaster

    Movies that make you quick to laff.

    The first movie that came to mind, like a rorschach test, was a The Coneheads. I love the second city ulumni movies: Blues Brothers, Harry Crumb, Animal House, Austin Powers, Caddy Shack, etc....
  25. Ash Telecaster

    Entry Level Ibanez very interesting.

    I rescued an Ibanez S series guitar from the island of lost guitars at GC. I love it. Less than 5lbs too!