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  1. Collin D Plonker

    can't lower my action, saddles sitting on the bridge plate!

    +1 on the Stew Mac shim. Or make one yourself if you have the skills. Crimson Custom Guitars has a YouTube tutorial.
  2. Collin D Plonker

    Let's say you just drilled through the headstock..

    Leave it. It builds character.
  3. Collin D Plonker

    Most surprising guitar you didn’t bond with?

    I loved my Paul Reed Smith S2 Custom 24 for about three or four months. Now it sits in its case longing to be played. I started making my own guitars during my Covid-era term of unemployment. I really haven't played my "store bought" guitars since.
  4. Collin D Plonker

    NAD--Origin 50

    Just got a Marshall Origin 50, and I am very pleased with it. It sounds sounds awesome. I was a little worried about it being too loud, based on some of the reviews and forum comments. It's not too loud for me, primary because I prefer using a pedalboard into a clean amp. I was playing with my...
  5. Collin D Plonker

    What do y'all think of this one?

    1965 Fender Telecaster - Blonde Looks too good to be true to me. It's supposed to be a 1965, but it's got no fretboard wear. Very little paint...
  6. Collin D Plonker

    Crazy things by the roadside.

    I saw a giant dinosaur in Virginia once, but of course you had to pay admission to see it up close. East Coast has no sense of humor.
  7. Collin D Plonker

    Poodle case

  8. Collin D Plonker

    Is the Tube Screamer only good with a BF/SF Fender amp???

    Personally, I like a mid-pushed tone in my amp. It cuts through better and sounds better in the mix (though not so much on its own). Being that all my amps are already middy, adding more mids never sounds good to me. I have tried to like screamers, but I just don't bond with them. On Marshall...
  9. Collin D Plonker

    To good to be true

    Update: Reverb responded and automatically sided with the seller, saying "they had some issue with the pricing," If it was $3 I could understand, but $207 rather than $320 sounds like bait and switch. So I responded to Reverb, "So I can do this too? Sounds like a good strategy to get more for...
  10. Collin D Plonker

    To good to be true

    Update: I heard back from the seller. They said the price they posted was incorrect due to a glitch in their system. So I escalated it to Reverb. I filled out s form and explained what happened and asked whether the seller was allowed to up the price after the sale went through. I said it...
  11. Collin D Plonker

    To good to be true

    I did contact the seller and asked why they refunded me. I will let you know what they say.
  12. Collin D Plonker

    To good to be true

    I snapped up a deal last night on Reverb - a Vox AC4-C1-12 for just over $200. I always like to pay 50 percent of the new price on used gear, so this was a really good price. To good to be true, because this morning I got a notification that my money was refunded. Looks like it was priced...
  13. Collin D Plonker

    Tele + Vox Brightness Help

    I have an Xotic Super Clean Boost I use for leads. I have it set to treble cut. This works well for leads. You will never get a guitar to respond exactly how you want in all situations. If you look at the pros, they are constantly fiddling with their knobs. Practice riding the tone knob.
  14. Collin D Plonker

    Do I need a 6 string bass?

    You need one because you don't have one. Get it and enjoy it. But please don't bring it to your gigs. It's best kept to yourself.
  15. Collin D Plonker

    Tele + Vox Brightness Help

    Have you tried lowering the treble side of your pickup?
  16. Collin D Plonker

    The boring story of my name.

    That's Fine, Otis.
  17. Collin D Plonker

    Last thing I need is a new guitar

    At least you didn't buy something you didn't need. It may have been the last thing, but you did need it. Still do.
  18. Collin D Plonker

    I’m going to the store.

    Just take some cash back for me.
  19. Collin D Plonker

    What kind of wood is this?

    Wow. Lots of options. Can't be Basswood because it's a guitar, not a bass. Duh. I've never seen it before so it can't be Popular. Depending on the year, it could be Older. Personally, I think it's Tonewood.
  20. Collin D Plonker

    One Maple piece. What is better to do with it

    Make the Les Paul. Flamed Teles don't do it for me. But LPs, hecks yah.
  21. Collin D Plonker

    I call my new guitar the tele killer...

    Please don't kill any guitars, teles or otherwise. That's a spine-tingling thought.
  22. Collin D Plonker

    Pedal Brands... How Many Are There?

    "Full List: Guitar Effects Pedal Brands/Manufacturers – My New Microphone"
  23. Collin D Plonker

    Selling our music at gigs - CDs are obsolete. Put music on a flash drive?

    That's a good idea, but iTunes is probably better. They can download while they are at the show. Just mention it enough, and people who like the music will probably "impulse shop."
  24. Collin D Plonker

    Chinese knobs

    Nice. Back to the knobs. They look pretty cool. Most of the ones I have seen have plastic inserts. Those are probably pot metal, which could be iffy for longevity. Let us know how the reaming works out (and the test).