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  1. bsman

    Lou Reed, the Music Snob

    Yeah - that's where I am. Having some songs that are popular does not make you an instant expert on all facets of music.
  2. bsman

    Where’s Your Happy Place?

    Back when a trip to McD’s was a special treat - before they started supersizing everything (including their customers’ waistlines & BP!)
  3. bsman

    Where’s Your Happy Place?

    You know - the usual places:
  4. bsman

    I don't want to sharpen my knives

    When you are sharpening, you are removing metal and dealing with things like chips and other imperfections in the edge. Honing simply realigns the cutting edge without removing steel. It is useful to bringing an edge back to good condition between sharpening sessions. I hone my kitchen knives...
  5. bsman

    Oh, just a little reminder how awesome Craigslist is.

    I think your tube head would need to be examined if you even contemplated that trade...
  6. bsman

    What brand of boots do you wear?

    I have a pair of 30-something year old Justin Ropers in shrunken shoulder leather that have been resoled numerous times, a pair of Florsheim "no drip no slip" lace up black ankle boots, and a pair of Clark's desert boots in beeswax leather. We're moving to Wisconsin (after 35 years in...
  7. bsman

    NGD: Reverend Contender 290

    I have the same guitar in a Wildwood exclusive blue color:
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  9. bsman

    A Farewell Gift

    Play it in good health!
  10. bsman

    Is Antonio Brown worth the aggravation?

    No - I don’t believe such a thing exists. They went extinct sometime in the 90s…
  11. bsman

    Is Antonio Brown worth the aggravation?

    No - I don’t believe such a thing exists. They went extinct sometime in the 90s…
  12. bsman

    Is Antonio Brown worth the aggravation?

    Maybe the Bucks will use their heads before signing someone on Princess Brady's say-so...
  13. bsman

    Cheap (under $300 CDN) SS amp recommendation for rehearsal space?

    Frankly, I'd stay away from the Peavey Bandit. New, they're about $500. They have been out in so many different guises (e.g. teal, red, black, etc.) and with so many different speaker configurations that I think it's intellectually dishonest to recommend them without specificity, because (in...
  14. bsman

    Cheap (under $300 CDN) SS amp recommendation for rehearsal space?

    I'd say in that price range a Boss Katana 50 may be a good choice. I've not played one, but they get pretty good press and at $250 (at least in the US) give you the ability to get loud enough (50 watts) to hang in with whatever everybody else is using.
  15. bsman

    New from North Dakota

    Welcome, but I think we've already exceeded our limit of members from ND. Please wait behind the velvet rope... :lol:
  16. bsman

    Getting a puppy today!!

    Pearl says "Hi" and "keep your distance if you value your hide!"
  17. bsman

    Ohio is freaky

    OTOH, Wisconsin leads the US in unpronounceable (to non-natives) place names...
  18. bsman

    Natural Ash Finish Love it or Hate it?

    I sure do like it - particularly in a one-piece:
  19. bsman

    Which Speaker for Monoprice 5 watt Upgrade

    This - I have one in a champ-ish (i.e. 6v6) amp and it plays nice until it gets mad. Then it starts to growl - in a good way!
  20. bsman

    Just Bought a Player Telecaster! (aka Please Help a Newbie)

    Yup - the Standards stopped including a gig bag at some point in the mid-2010s and the Player Series have never included a bag.
  21. bsman

    What a glorious world we live in!

    My wife won't eat bacon. How we've remained married for 42 years is a mystery to me...
  22. bsman

    MF SDOTD (Nobels Mini)

    Good luck - I hope it fills that void in your life. ;) :lol:
  23. bsman

    Kick the Kicker? Why we need ANOTHER Urban Meyer thread

    In many states, the highest paid state employee is the state's university football coach. That's obscene...
  24. bsman

    Liquid Drain Cleaner

    We've used the "volcano" method (the aforementioned baking soda/vinegar) on several occasions where it has worked. When it hasn't the plunger or snake has always done the trick. Flushing harsh, corrosive chemicals down the pipes is bad, m'kay!
  25. bsman

    The Slow Death of a Shopping Mall

    destruction is part of evolution. The mall flourished with the advent of an automobile-based lifestyle and will die with it...