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    Gibson finish cracking

    I've never thought of finish checking as occurring in long straight lines. I've always thought of it in being those ~half dollar sized polygons. I suppose I'd be inclined to ignore it if it were only a cosmetic feature. However, this and the tuning issues make this seem to be related more to...
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    What is the oldest Coffee you've ever drank.

    Fermented coffee. You've crossed the diamond with the pearl.
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    All time best US rock and roll band?

    I would say Little Richard, but he's too great to fit in any 'band'. The band just has to stay out of his way.
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    Not a Drug Boat

    One of my old employers once did that to a UPS truck.
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    Best target for 1st bass??

    Yamaha BB. Tons of them out there for $400. Solid, professional quality basses. Not some kids toy with the weird resonances and weak sound.
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    This was harder that I thought it was going to be

    OP should switch to dulcimer. Not nearly enough dulcimer players these days.
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    Difficult choice: Cab or neighbor?

    That cabbie knew the risks when he headed out. If he didn't start the meter, then he doesn't get paid. There are risks in every enterprise, and what he experienced is entirely predictible. He has to charge enough for the service as a whole to cover for these inefficiencies. Also, your...
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    No free refills!

    I want my ice, dammit!
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    What Is The Goodness Of 60’s Strat-Positive

    You really have to have a guitar in your hands to see if there's anything special about it. There probably isn't. Strats have always been hit-or-miss. The traditional way of buying them was to go into a store and play a whole wall of them, and then come back if one didn't speak to you...
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    If you feel like talking, can we discuss SM57's....

    I mostly associate Petty with a Sennheiser 441. Although, I imagine he's used every mic on the planet. The 441 is a truly wonderful mic, particularly for a dynamic.
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    Rick Nielsen Collection

    I think I'm going to get like 150 guitar cases, and put blue masking tape on them and just tell people that there are guitars in them.
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    Who Is This Clown?

    Don't know, but I sure as heck wouldn't buy a whole life insurance policy from him.
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    If you feel like talking, can we discuss SM57's....

    A painter may have nothing but green paint. It's possible to make beautiful pictures using only green paint. There's nothing about green that will stop you. If you need a picture today, you can use the green paint. But it will be green. After a while, you may really want to use another...
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    If you feel like talking, can we discuss SM57's....

    I keep a Beyer M201 in the mic stand at all times. It's a great mic. More versatile and less specialized than the SM57. You can record a whole band with nothing but 57's, but it would sound like it. For years I used nothing but SM57's, because I could afford them, and someone told me you can...
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    Slow mail?

    Pretty good for this time of year. They were dying under the weight before, but they have recovered well.
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    Eric Johnson plays 1951 Nocaster and 1954 Esquire

    Why is Johnson's lead tone always so magical sounding? I dont mean how. I know the gear, I know, all in the fingers, yada, yada, yada. But why is the sound itself so appealing? It's really dark. I don't know why when I saw him live, it seemed like it was even darker. I think it doesn't work...
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    Who am I? How did I get here? What's my motivation?

    Well, I prefer a washed rind, actually.
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    Who am I? How did I get here? What's my motivation?

    Yeah, I think it was meant to be tongue-in-cheek. He had a background in philosophy, so it's not exactly an unusual bit of humor in those circles. Much like, uh, well, other places.
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    I'm sure many of us are missing family and friends

    I lost someone to cancer 3 weeks ago. I'm still not really thinking about it.
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    Who am I? How did I get here? What's my motivation?

    Stanislavski said the key to acting is to answer the following questions about your character: 1.) Who am I? 2.) How did I get here? 3.) What's my motivation? Here are my answers: 1.) I am Elmer J Fudd, millionaire. I own a mansion and a yacht. 2.) Wherever you go, there you are. 3.) Brie...
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    Anyone Use Flip Top Tool Stands?

    Looks kind of neat. But the thing I really want out of my planer tool stand is longer material support.
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    Gig pay, 1979 vs 2021...

    Oh, "gig pay". I read something else.
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    Guitar cable ?

    I have a couple of Fender cloth covereds that I use now. I like the weight, and the rubber jack strain seems to last. I'm not picky about cables. Actually, I prefer cheaper ones. A little capacitance and HF rolloff doesn't hurt. I'm good as long as the jack doesn't get futzy.
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    Is it? I'd think that would make Springsteen's catalog worth $200M, not $500M. And you can't tour a catalog.
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    I talked to a Fedex delivery guy today

    Honestly, FedEx is at my house every other day, and I don't experience any delays, either. Same with UPS and USPS now. Things were dicey for a while there, but it eased up. I haven't had a package from Europe in a while, but anything from Japan or China in the past month or so has been here...