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  1. glenlivet

    Won’t be playing for a while…

    "I discovered that it’s very sharp." -- yes you did!! Been there, done that. That's going to leave a mark.
  2. glenlivet

    Need help deciding: a guitar that complements the Telecaster Humbuckers with coil split. Lots of different sounds in these guitars. I don't play with a lot of dirt or drive, but I bet they would chew it up.
  3. glenlivet

    Who coined this Telecaster term?

    "he used cause they were cheaper than the new fangled "acrylic" finishes, and plus nitro dries quicker to the touch so he could push em out the door faster." -- sounds legit...I mean they were "just guitars", built to have the necks replaced when they wore out. It's not like people were going...
  4. glenlivet

    replace hot water heater prophylactically?

    *shrug* if you got the money, and it's in a spot that can cause damage... it's not bad idea. Mine sits a couple feet from my I keep and eye (and ear) on it. Luckily the last time mine blew a gasket, it was the bottom ring, and sprayed water all over the floor, unfinished concrete...
  5. glenlivet

    If you were one of the best amp repair people in the nation,

    ^^^^^^^ this ^^^^^^^^
  6. glenlivet

    Zippo! Who still has one?

    Yep, I still have a couple as well. Haven't filled / used them in years.
  7. glenlivet

    Dachshund sticker shock

    $5,000 ... holy cow. I understand....that's a lot of cuteness...but man.
  8. glenlivet

    Thinking about a serious career change

    At the end of the day, you regret the things you didn't do....not the stuff you did. If you only have yourself to look out for and provide for...then it's truly up to you. Single guy can live off almost nothing. A decent grill and some paper plates, and you're all set.
  9. glenlivet

    Guitar of the Day: 2005 Fender Custom Shop Nocaster B-Bender

    skip to 8:00 Min or so to pass on all the chatter.
  10. glenlivet

    Food you love but doesn't love you anymore

    Give...... up....... coffee .....!?!?!? Just take a couple Tums with each cup....think of them like breath mints. (in all seriousness, I feel your pain...anything really acidic can cause some reflux...I love the stuff but I pay the price.)
  11. glenlivet

    Screw securing PCB on Fender HRD isn't coming loose, HELP!

    if it turns freely in both directions....It sounds to me like the screw head is twisted off. You need to get a small thin blade of some kind under the head and pry upwards while unscrewing it. If it's plastic...pry it up and unscrew until you can get it with a small pair of pliers...then just...
  12. glenlivet

    What Is Your Snow Removal Strategy?

    I'm a 2-3 kind of guy.... gotta keep on it.... it's easy to get lazy, and wind up with a bigger problem then snow (like a ton of ice underneath that snow you were to lazy to shovel). Also...if you keep cement / sidewalks clear, even a small amount of sun can warm up the cement and cause a lot of...
  13. glenlivet

    Dating in your 30’s

    "Super cute woman about my age flashed me a big sparkly smile. ~~~" -- Would have had me a super cute. "~~~~A GIANT, jet black patch of thick armpit hair " --- that can be fixed you know....don't let that kind of thing stop you....seriously...are you "all that and a bag of chips"...
  14. glenlivet

    Dating in your 30’s

    I married my Mrs. @ 35.... we didn't meet till I was 32-33? maybe. Lived in sin for a while then finally made her an honest woman. They are out there. Just keep your eyes and ears open. Met her at the Public Library (I was a contractor doing some IT stuff). She's a little crazy....but it's...
  15. glenlivet

    What was the best/most significant album released in the 1980's?

    London Calling..technically 1979...but it's 80's to me. Texas Flood. Rain Dogs
  16. glenlivet

    Do you look at the fretboard while playing?

    depends on the song... if I've played it 1,000 times muscle memory pretty much kicks in, and I can be off in la la land thinking about new tires for the car. If I'm not 1,000% on it, then yea, I pay attention to where my hand is and focus on whats coming up next.
  17. glenlivet

    Retirement question for you all

    leave the gun, take the cannoli. I'll take my family pics...everything else can find it's own way to the dumpster.
  18. glenlivet

    Gear from 1983 thats worth buying?

    When did fender start making the vintage reissues ? seems like early 80's? Mine is an 88, but I think they started them in 83-85(maybe)?
  19. glenlivet

    log4j CVE-2021-44228

    ..hope you didn't patch to soon. The description of the new vulnerability, CVE 2021-45046, says the fix to address CVE-2021-44228 in Apache Log4j 2.15.0 was "incomplete in certain non-default configurations."
  20. glenlivet

    log4j CVE-2021-44228's ALWAYS Java, always. Oh well....job security.
  21. glenlivet

    Bah, HUMBUG!!!!

    "the older i get the more i understand why the grinch wanted to live alone with his dog" ---Naaa...just joking. I don't mind the holidays...they make my wife happy. She loves that kind of stuff. I could live without the excessive commercialism....but that's pretty much all holidays now.
  22. glenlivet

    As seen on the Les Paul forum......

    "yep....that's art.... or at least it looks like art to me"