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    I've been shopping at Aldi for 30 plus years. I don't do all my shopping there but they have come a long way since then. I've never had one within an hour of where I live and when we do an Aldi run it's always a major haul. In the old days there were some items not fit for human consumption...
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    Worst You've Been Called

    I've been divorced twice so I've heard them all.... Some were pretty funny though.
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    Buying Used Peavey Classic 30: What should I Inspect When Trying it Out?

    Not much to be concerned with in my opinion. When it's on listen for noises or crackling sounds etc. Ask about how old the tubes are and look around the back to see that they are lighting up but aren't red plating (metal plate inside the tube is turning red hot is not good or normal). If the...
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    What brand of boots do you wear?

    I do everything in Justin steel toe Wellington Made in USA slip on boots. I don't care for their MIC line.
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    Billie Joe Shaver

    As a kid who took up the guitar in the 80s I was so enthralled with EVH, DeMartini, Jabs, Lynch etc. Then when grunge hit I felt I was without inspiration. Then I discovered Eddy and Billy Joe and Eddy saved guitar for me in the 90s. I have played country as revved up as I can since then. Thank...
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    Your favorite compressor and experiences

    I like just an ordinary MXR Dyna Comp. But I play country and I like the "chicken-picken squash". It allows me to thrash my guitar without the sound getting out of control. So it works for me at low volume gigs without having to intentionally remember to lighten my pick attack. Kinda like when...
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    Peter Frampton???

    You have to think back to a time before internet, YouTube videos, cell phones, MTV and cable or satellite television was available for every house. With no readily available video footage and the large percentage of the population who never heard of a Talk Box effect device and without being...
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    Vintage Peavey Classic Chorus 212- I’m sayin it.

    I was thinking about this just a few days ago actually. In the old days (everything up to about 10 years ago) when I would use a SS amp my biggest complaint of them was there was always something that seemed shrill about them in the top end at gig volumes despite sounding equally as good if...
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    Vintage Peavey Classic Chorus 212- I’m sayin it.

    I miss the one I had too. Bought it new in '96 and sold it in '03 and spent the money on a Hot Rod Deluxe. That was a mistake. The silver stripe Special 212s don't come up for sale very often either. No need for overdrive or distortion pedals the whole time I had it.
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    Actors I dislike for the wrong reason.

    No explanation required....
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    Talk me into, or out of, getting a tube amp

    At lower, home volumes a tube amp isn't going to noticeably excel over a solid state amp if it excels at all for that matter. That's my opinion.
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    New Eagles

    I'd only see them for Vince and Steuart but even that's not enough for me to pay for the tickets.
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    Any Mesa Boogie Fans here on the tele forum?

    At the rate Fender keeps raising its prices I am going to be a Mesa fan real soon.
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    The Return of the Tubescreamer

    Boss Super Overdrive for me. I have a small pile of other overdrives but the SD1 always makes its way back.
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    Dating in your 30’s

    I was married in my early 20s and divorced at 28-29. I started a band at that same time and my 30s were a lot of fun! Playing in a band brought the women to me. Some ended up being really good friends and others came with additional benefits! I know for a fact I would've never met any of them...
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    Using a compressor to get Vince Gill's sound, help me out...

    I have been playing in country bands for the last 20 years and I have used an MXR Dyna Comp that I bought new since the start of these last 20 years. Having been curious of the Boss CS3 for years I finally picked up a used one last summer. I played with it at home and took it to one band...
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    Marshall Shredmaster died on me, any tips on a good pedal to replace it?

    Based on my 30-year-old memory of the Shredmaster and being an owner of an OCD I would seriously recommend a Pro Co Rat 2 which I also own for something more in the ballpark of the Shredmaster. $65-$70 new.
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    Marshall Shredmaster died on me, any tips on a good pedal to replace it?

    Did you ever get it fixed? Back in '91-'92 when those first came out I never heard anything heavier stompbox wise at that time. I was playing in an originals thrash band in late '92 - early '93 and the other guitarist was using one through a solid state PV Musician 400 head and 412 cab and his...
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    New pickups?

    Texas Specials are my hands down favorite tele bridge pickup Fender offers and the only replacement tele pickups I would buy from Fender. Excluding other manufacturers of course However, I have no experience with Twisted Teles but they have to do something different than the Texas Specials or...
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    Going From 10's to 9's Reluctance To Change

    I played 10s on my Fender guitars (strats and teles) for 35 years but always tuned at least a 1/2 or a complete step down. Then 2 years ago I joined a band that tuned to standard. It didn't take long and I was hesitant but I switched to 9's as 10s felt too tight and I missed that slinky feel...
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    What was the best/most significant album released in the 1980's?

    Like it or lump it but the success of this album being the first #1 Heavy Metal album ever opened a lot of doors for future rock bands throughout the remainder of the decade and deserves mentioning.
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    Peavey amp needs a speaker

    Definitely try another speaker if you can or see if you can return it. It's one thing to spend the money on a speaker for an amp you really like whether it's tube or solid state but in this case it's completely unknown whether you'll like it or not if you do replace the speaker. Myself, I would...
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    Thinking of buying another Twin Reverb

    Right now in the tiny amp world they aren't selling/no value. I just looked them up and brand new a 65 Reissue Twin new is 1949.99. That's crazy high in my opinion for an amp who's only additional feature is a vibrato circuit. No effects loop, no lead channel, no power scaling. Just big loud...
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    And now the electric Chevy Silverado

    How soon?