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  1. kennl

    I'm Getting Reverse-GAS-Syndrome?

    I discussed the “change your guitar for every song” concept I witnessed at a recent concert with some non-musician viewers they were not bothered by it, and considered it part of the theatrical aspect of the show I consider it a distraction that should only be tolerated when necessary - electric...
  2. kennl

    Telecasters Can't Do Jazz

    Jesse Van Ruller
  3. kennl

    Ethical question about a gig.

    "act of God" clause in a contract would protect you from liability, and stipulate any payment that would be refundable does Gig Salad have some sort of boilerplate contract?
  4. kennl

    I'm finding it hard to get out of my career

    the algorithms that sort out applicants tend to eliminate overqualified and capable workers
  5. kennl

    Good cables make a difference.

    depends on the application onstage - find a cable that does not tangle, has zero microphonic and good shielding added points for rugged jacket that can withstand the impact of a dropped cymbal during load-out studio - short, low-capacitance, well-shielded band-aid - low or high capacitance...
  6. kennl

    Is there one do-it-all amp?

    no too many variables
  7. kennl

    Where to buy lefty pots

  8. kennl

    PRS Silver Sky SE officially announced.

    just like Leo did for Paul Bigsby (guitars) and D. T. N. Williamson (amps) ?
  9. kennl

    Bobby Charles

    my favorite
  10. kennl

    WARDS Airline branded vintage 6V6 set - test good

    restore your vintage Airline amp (or two) with these rebranded Raytheons from years past $60 PayPal gift includes shipping to lower 48
  11. kennl

    SD Mini Humbucker Neck positioning

    a 21-fret fretbpard will cause the pickup to appear closer to the bridge compared to a 22-fret board
  12. kennl

    Solo/Duo Performing Live on Electric Guitar?

    the Acoustic Sim patch on my Zoom MS-50 has garnered quite a few complements from acoustic players
  13. kennl

    So, why all the bird hate?

    I think that birds cross the line between function and form on the way to "tree of life" which I believe actually deters from the function
  14. kennl

    THE easiest+best-sounding ME pedal for pre-setting a set list?

    older rack mount stuff was made for that, like ny ART SGE Mach II if your favorite new multiFX has a MIDI input, you could store and recall patches with a controller pedal I use this one
  15. kennl

    Riviera Update

    I meant that a 1-screw truss rod cover should be doable, since the nut would prevent rotation and the single screw would maintain contact with the peghead a machine screw and threaded brass insert would be ideal
  16. kennl

    Steve Perry Criticizes Singers Who Uses Auto-Tune

    the wah pedal analogy is accurate Auto Tune is a tool ubiquity can render it cliche it’s use can add or detract from a given performance, and tends to mask some of the individuality of the unaffected sound
  17. kennl

    Riviera Update

    a properly designed truss rod cover can be secured with just 1 screw
  18. kennl

    Are you going out on New Years Eve?

    early 2-set duo gig at an upscale brewpub I’ll be home in time to catch the “ball drop” on tv
  19. kennl

    Slightly baffled by Eric Johnson

    at one time, artists released individual songs (singles) then the “album” concept became fashionable and track-to-track continuity was a consideration - leading to the “concept album” format current listener trends and attention spans have popularized the single song as the default unit of...
  20. kennl

    Stacked vs Regular P90s

    I have 2 vintage Epiphone Coronets - one with original P90 and one with a P100 (stacked humbucker) they sound different, but I can adapt you should try a mini HB and P90 in your rig before deciding
  21. kennl

    Playing Out with a Tip Jar and QR Code

    my duo partner uses a mic stand tray set up with a scannable QR code display and cash box to cover either method
  22. kennl

    Does anyone on here do online Hammond B3 session work?

    I did a session on bass where the drums, bass and scratch guitar and vocal parts were tracked in a studio known for its drum sound. Session keys player recorded His parts at his home studio on real B3 and piano. I would recommend that process for best results.
  23. kennl

    Budda Bud-Wah…..thoughts?

    I have the black label I use wah in clean "Shaft" applications and it's great
  24. kennl

    Can anyone recommend a fuzzface from a minority owned company?