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  1. mexicanyella

    Whooa! Your fave very brief moment in a song!

    Got a couple from Walt Mink, a band I listened to a lot in college. This guy, John Kimbrough, was a beast at holding back screaming amps with cranked, overdrive-y mids, and then turning them loose in super crunchy awesomeness. Volume knob roll-up at 0:29: And the hammer on/pull off riff at...
  2. mexicanyella

    Show us them sexy straps!

    So my son bought me this black woven nylon DiMarzio strap for my new instrument, and it turned out to be a little short for the sort of up-and-out guitarrón position. I took it back to Guitar Center today to find something a few inches longer. I had something narrow and leather in the...
  3. mexicanyella

    Show us them sexy straps!

    I’m about to go exchange a too-short strap purchase for a longer one for my new guitarrón. Perhaps I will find an especially sexy replacement. Honestly, my favorite straps so far have been black nylon 2” DiMarzio clip locks and skinny black leather Fender vintage straps with the shoulder pad...
  4. mexicanyella

    Show us them sexy straps!

  5. mexicanyella

    NC&CAD: New cheap & cheerful amp day!

    One of my favorite trying-a-guitar-at-a-store memories involved a black 1990s Gibson SG and one of those Cube 80s set on a blackface setting at Rockley’s Music in Denver, CO. I was pretty impressed with the amp, and it was the best playing SG I’ve ever picked up. I too thought I didn’t much...
  6. mexicanyella

    Where is everyone? Has anyone else noticed the slowness

    The only thing musical going on in my life right now is trying to learn to play my new guitarrón, and I have brought that topic up a few times already. Haven’t mentally “reset” enough from the holidays for the guitar and bass inspiration to kick back in yet, seems like. But I have a guitarrón...
  7. mexicanyella

    Belated NBD - Jerry Jones Single Cut

    That’s a really cool-looking instrument. I’d love to hear one sometime.
  8. mexicanyella


    It only contains four guitarrón notes, which is about all I can hit reliably at this point, but it contains them a lot, for 42 seconds: I’m sneaking up on those flats and sharps, and that F...
  9. mexicanyella

    Recommendations for simple guitar interface for MacBook Air.

    I’ve had good luck with a $40 iRig 2 for recording into my iPhone 6S, using the BandLab app. One track at a time, but that seems to be how I roll these days. Inability to record stereo tracks or multiple simultaneous musicians seemed like a bigger deal when I was younger. Now I’m limited more by...
  10. mexicanyella

    Here's thirty-four seconds you'll never get back!

    Well, you seem like you have the picking-hand agility of a pedal-steeler. Looks like a very light and even touch on the strings. I am a flatpick-and-two-fingers hamfister, so your approach is fun and interesting to watch and hear.
  11. mexicanyella

    Suggestions for a Rockabilly/Jazz Tube amp for bedroom practice - under $800 new/$500 Used?

    @BigDaddyLH , @KC and @ndcaster beat me to it on the Nocturne stuff, which I have been hoping for a chance to try myself. Another option if you’re not locked into an actual octal-tubed combo is the Sarno V8 Octal Tube Guitar Preamp: I’ve...
  12. mexicanyella

    Here's thirty-four seconds you'll never get back!

    I’m happy to have spent the time watching that. I admire the string-to-string timbral evenness and the picking rolls you are doing. You make it look easy.
  13. mexicanyella

    Question for Joyo American Sound owners

    I have the British Sound version, and when I use it for Marshall-esque guitar crunch it does have some noise...but so have a lot of other higher-gain crunch pedals I’ve tried. I use mine for DI bass recording: always on, drive set low, voicing set high for upper mid boost, output cranked or...
  14. mexicanyella

    Fender rumble with Guitar.

    Yeah, it’s nice how understated they are. Sorta vintage, sorta not, look appropriate in various settings. Now my manages to have the spiky stoner Peavey logo, the early 90s teal stripe and tiny knobs, the later-era extruded aluminum stiffening strips along the grille, a faint...
  15. mexicanyella

    Fender rumble with Guitar.

    Another member here, guy called @FortyEight , has recorded some guitar through a Rumble 40...maybe he’ll chime in. I really dig running my guitar through my Peavey TKO115S bass combo...sort of the same thing but bigger (and heavier...) The TKO has active high and low shelving EQ knobs flanking...
  16. mexicanyella

    What's The One Piece Of Gear You Can't Live Without?

    For me, right now, it’s kind of a toss-up, and at the forefront of my mind because I want to do a gear purge. Two things come to mind: my early 90s Peavey TKO 1 x 15 bass amp is a great utility piece of gear. It isn’t really powerful enough for bass use with my band, but it’s flexible and...
  17. mexicanyella

    What's it mean if a pup won't give output, but can hear it.....

    One pickup in the middle position...DOOOOOO IT: That’s a long video and I haven’t watched it all yet, but there are some pretty interesting playing sections around 5:15, 9:20 and 15:20. That guy gets some pretty cool tonal range with only a middle pickup and various slightly rolled off...
  18. mexicanyella

    Found a vintage Wen "All Saw"

    This thread has reminded me of a time I went by a friend’s house and he said “check out what I got on eBay,” and pulled out one of these: Having grown up using the chainsaw version of that powerhead to cut firewood for my grandpa’s two wood stoves, I have to think in circular saw duty that...
  19. mexicanyella

    Found a vintage Wen "All Saw"

    That is cool! Closest experience I have to something like that was inheriting my grandpa’s old Craftsman circular saw, which was all aluminum (magnesium?) and was from the mid-late 60s. I used it for several years, maybe even 10, and then the bearings started howling at roughly the same time...
  20. mexicanyella

    New song from 41TWIN for you all.....

    Wow, that’s P-bass through a Vox Cambridge? That’s punker than...a real punk thing. Yeah, from what I’ve seen P-type pickups seem to skew pretty hot in output; that’s great that with the boost on but gain wound down on that Vox you’ve got a ready-to-go dirty bass tone for recording. Sounds...
  21. mexicanyella

    Daniel Radcliffe to portray Weird Al Yankovic Biopic

    I think Weird Al would make for an interesting biopic. I don’t love everything he does, but I respect his wit and intellect and musical flexibility across the board. He and his band seem to be fantastic at what they do. To hear that he is a great dude in person does not surprise me, but it...
  22. mexicanyella

    New song from 41TWIN for you all.....

    Hey, JJ, happy birthday and the song turned out well! I dig the bassline and dirty bass tone...was that the J or the P? Were you using the JHS fuzz or amp distortion or what? Sounds like a little bit of Geddy snuck in there... Anyway, the bass part and the ebb and flow of the drums really work...
  23. mexicanyella

    Vintage Peavey Classic Chorus 212- I’m sayin it.

    A guy I know who repaired tube amps for a living and could have gotten his hands on whatever he wanted used to use one of those Peavey 2 x 12s When he actually played in his band. I had a pair of little Valco tweed combos at the time and he was working on them once, and when I went to pick them...
  24. mexicanyella

    New guitar…new sound?

    That is a beauty. My experience with trying various SGs (Gibson and Epiphone, various years) is that tonally they are all over the map, and of the several I’ve tried only two really grabbed me. One of the two was a 90s Gibson, and the other was an Epiphone G400 of unknown year, probably also...
  25. mexicanyella

    Road runner - classic Detroit muscle

    Closest I ever came was a clapped-out ‘68 Fury sedan with a 383 my junior year of high school, and a few years later storing a friend’s two-door New Yorker with a 383 in our barn. Not as sexy as the OP’s ad or the Cudas etc...but I loved bombing around in those cars.