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    The good news! 'gig rug' showed up!

    John, if you're finding the carpet does slip around and become displaced, there's a product sold in flooring stores that would likely give some improvement. It's called "T-Baud" and it's an underlayment that has a slightly slicky feel that will lend to cling to the underside of the carpet and...
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    The good news! 'gig rug' showed up!

    Yep, looks like a wall hanger.
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    Anyone use the second input of your amp?

    When I first bought my old Twin, I'd use the second input as a way to tame the volume a bit. However, I've since discovered that I like using both jacks....One to the guitar, and the second to feed my Peterson StroboFlip tuner. One advantage is that if I flip the amp switch to standby, it...
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    How to get dog urine smell out of a guitar?

    A couple of years ago, I adopted a rescue cat that obviously wasn't happy. It hid under my bed for three days and only came out on third day in the dead of night to piss on my homebuilt Tele short-scale bass. First thing I did was get rid of the cat, and then I completely disassembled the bass...
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    Anyone here plays their tele with the ashtray on?

    Setting aside the issue of palm muting, I get really tired of hearing people whine about "ice pick" bridge pickups. Leo designed the Tele to be played with the bridge pickup under a metal cover, and they sound much smoother and more refined when you don't take off parts that were intended to be...
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    Clear sign of growing old in the car stereo store

    Given the severe penalties here for operating any sort of hand-held device while driving, I can't fathom why anybody would want to play music from a phone or portable of any kind rather than a built-in sound system. I'm with stormsedge....I've got a huge CD collection that I don't listen to at...
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    Let's talk Varitones!

    I've used the Artec QTA/QTP which is an inexpensive rotary varitone available in active and passive versions with three tone positions plus bypass. It worked quite well.
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    Short scale thinline.

    I've tried a pair of Rickenbacker Toaster pickups in a Tele build and had some issues. The Toasters seem to be designed more for a surface-mount build or an archtop where there's more string height from the body. What I found is that if the Toasters are mounted into a pickguard and bridge...
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    Short scale thinline.

    I've assembled a short-scale Thinline. It uses a full-size Tele body and a 1965 Fender Musicmaster 22.5" scale neck. I use .010-046 Gibson Brite Wires strings.
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    Let's see your workbenches!

    Not much room in my studio apartment, but I've set aside a small space between my computer area and my bedroom.
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    Worst Squier Ever Built?

    In 2006, I bought the first electric guitar I'd owned in about 5 years. I'd had a really bad experience in buying a MIM Fender Telecaster, so I ordered a red Squier Fat Telecaster. It turned out to be a MIIndonesia model. When I got it, I was dismayed with how heavy it was.....The heaviest turd...
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    Worst album you ever bought because you liked one song...

    Ry Cooder's "Bop Till You Drop". I became interested in it because I was selling audio gear at the time, and it was considered a landmark in recording technology, being one of the first albums that was totally digitally mastered. But, it's got one great song on it - a cover of Presley's...
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    Mini toggle uses

    When I built my 22.5" short-scale Thinline, I was looking for a place to mount the switch for the Villex mid-boost that would be convenient to turn it on and off on-the-fly. I ended up mounting a mini-toggle right next to the high-E saddle. A second mini-toggle connects the neck Filtertron and...
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    Upgrading your computer security?

    I've been using two free programs - Avira and Malwarebytes, and thought they were doing a pretty fair job. Recently, I've begun having computer issues and have been conferring with some experts on the Tech Guys support forum. As part of their diagnosis of my problem, they've done some in-depth...
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    Carver's Magnetic Field power supply amp

    I looked to see if guitar amps existed that use Bob Carver's magnetic field power supply, but couldn't find a common reference on Google. I wonder if the flat, clean response is too sterile for an instrument amplifier. If not, why hasn't somebody capitalized on the low weight, compact size...
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    Battery charger effects on guitar electronics

    This is a fairly old, and I assume primitive, wireless system....a Samson VHF transmitter and receiver. So, no digital circuitry, I don't think, but the lithium ion battery and the lithium battery charger are 9 volts....Not sure how that affects the charging rates you mentioned. By the way...
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    Battery charger effects on guitar electronics

    I've got a Thinline partscaster with one unfinished thing to resolve. I've been building in wireless transmitters into my partscasters, but I'm looking for some advice with someone who has more electronics expertise. In the past, I'd install battery boxes, so I could remove the rechargeable...
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    Fender Deluxe Reverb II

    Click bait....As soon as I saw Deluxe Reverb, I needed to look. I'd never heard of a Deluxe Reverb II. However, knowing that it was a Rivera amp and probably had as much in common with a BF or SF Deluxe as the newer 2 x 12 Concert Reverb had with the original four speaker model, I'm less...
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    The piece of gear you couldn't wait to offload.

    Ampeg SVT 6PRO bass amplifier. Bought it as an upgrade from my old Peavey Mark III. I used it once at band practice. Turned out to be a turd.....I couldn't sit it on a speaker cabinet or it would feed back. And the purported 1100 watts RMS couldn't keep up with my old 300 watt Peavey. I loved...
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    Is Don Williams the mellowest, coolest dude ever?

    I've been a fan of Don Williams since the days when he was part of the Pozo Seco Singers in the 60's
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    A quick tube question

    I'm extremely pissed off and want to warn everyone about the company I ordered my new matched quad of power tubes from - Antique Electronic Supply. I just got my Mastercard statement, and it doesn't show my order as being charged yet. I logged into my account at A.E.S. and it describes my order...
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    Can stripped threads be repaired?

    For what it's worth, those clip nuts that sandwich above and below the surface you want to screw to (like TwoBear mentioned) are called tinnerman clips. They used to be a standard piece of hardware used for mounting car stereo speakers.
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    A quick tube question

    Just a post-script to finish the story.....I dropped ff the amp with the technician and he called me back yesterday. He confirmed that there's one bad power tube in the inside pair I had reinstalled, which is why the amp had developed noise. The bad news is that he says the other three power...
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    A quick tube question

    I've spoken with the technician who was going to test the tubes for me and described the symptom that I encountered when I tried just reinstalling all four tubes. He's prepared to have a look at it for me, and as it happens, my employer's going to cover the cost of my new air conditioner, so it...