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  1. Lawdawg

    Whooa! Your fave very brief moment in a song!

    Apparently, Mick Jones loved it too since he sampled it for the start of "The Globe"
  2. Lawdawg

    Whooa! Your fave very brief moment in a song!

    It's the opera in the background that bleeds into the track around :30 - :38 right when Stewart Copeland's intro fades into Sting's vocals. Apparently it was a complete accident, Andy Summers amp picked up the station, but they thought it sounded cool and left it in. They were right!
  3. Lawdawg

    Lou Reed, the Music Snob

    Lou Reed never shied away from some hot takes! I probably agree with more of these opinions than not, especially California bands and Zappa.
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    How many guitars?

    3 electrics -- Strat, Tele, Les Paul 3 acoustics -- Martin D16, Baby Taylor, Classical 1 bass -- Ibanez Roadstar II 3 amps -- Twin Reverb, Hayseed 30, Marshall Origin 20 Would love to pick up a hollow body and offset to round out the electrics
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    Interrogations and Depositions

    I'll let y'all in on a trade secret -- 99% of real world litigation is boring as hell unless you're directly involved.
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    Can’t stand U2? Nor can Bono

    I don't think anything he said was that surprising, U2 have always been a little self-deprecating when they're not busy trying to be the biggest band in the world. For that matter, lots of big time musicians are their biggest critics and don't particularly enjoy their own material. Ditto with...
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    Are we guitarists the absolute worst about buying stuff for our stuff? Who is worse than we are?

    True. That said, there are a lot of folks (I'm guilty as charged) whose GAS has been fueled by the advent of large online markets for used goods like eBay, Craigslist, etc. . . I buy mostly used stuff for my hobbies, but probably spend more buying more used stuff than I would if buying new.
  8. Lawdawg

    Are we guitarists the absolute worst about buying stuff for our stuff? Who is worse than we are?

    Guys and toys is a real thing. Here are some others to add to the list: Photographers -- there's always another camera body or lens to add to the collection Audiophiles -- self-explanatory BBQ/Grilling -- this one has grown a ton the last 15 years
  9. Lawdawg

    What’s you favourite compilation?

    So many great ones listed already. For genre compilations I love these two: What It Is! is a great anthology of lesser known funk and soul jams. Nuggets II is a great companion to the more famous original Nuggets compilation but focuses on 60s garage acts outside the US.
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    Alexander Howard Dumble RIP ?

    Thanks @Silverface for a fantastic post! I'm a generation behind you, but am old enough to have witnessed firsthand the impact of the internet on gear prices. I was a keyboardist before I picked up guitar, and saw the same thing happen with vintage synth gear. When digital synths and...
  11. Lawdawg

    "What Your Favorite Sad Dad Band Says About You"

    If he's writing for McSweeney's I'd put the over/under for the author at 46. The joke descriptions are clearly written by someone of sad dad age themselves. Edit: Confirmed! John Moe is 53 and is rocking some mega sad-dad style.
  12. Lawdawg

    "What Your Favorite Sad Dad Band Says About You"

    The concept is funny and the descriptions are funny, but they don't really match up with the bands. Maybe it's all a meta-meta sad dad joke about sad dad bands by a sad dad literary journal. That said, this one hit a little too close to home -- "Was that place a dance club? A friend’s house...
  13. Lawdawg

    Alexander Howard Dumble RIP ?

    Agreed, I was about to post something similar. I suspect that Dumble could have made a ton more money partnering with Fender, Marshall, Boogie or some other amp manufacturer to market and sell an affordable 'designed by Dumble' amp. From everything I've read it appears that Dumble considered...
  14. Lawdawg

    PRS Silver Sky SE officially announced.

    By far my favorite thing Mayer's done.
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    Any Pink Floyd Fans Out There?

    I'm more of a casual fan than a diehard, but their run from Meddle through The Wall is pretty unassailable. As much as they're been played to death Meddle, DSOTM, and WYWH have aged incredibly well and I still enjoy listening to them regularly. On the other hand, I now find The Wall to be...
  16. Lawdawg

    Using delay pedals to get reverb

    I've also moved away from reverbs towards using delays as my primary ambience effect, especially since getting a Volante. It does take a little extra tweaking to get a subtle delay to sound right as a background ambience effect, but once you get it dialed in it sounds great.
  17. Lawdawg

    Why. Oh, Why.

    If that publicity shot bothers you, stay away from the videos from his new album. Like @Tele-friend said, it's an intentional, and I would argue loving, homage to the slick 80s pop/rock of Mayer's youth. Mayer clearly has a sincere appreciation for that genre but is being more than a little...
  18. Lawdawg

    On what have you changed your mind over the years?

    If I include all the stupid opinions I had when I was younger it would be a long list. I got over my long standing aversion to Gibsons last year when I bought my first Les Paul. I'll probably always prefer single coils, but man it's been nice to finally rock out with one of these
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    Is there one do-it-all amp?

    The short answer is no, there's not one amp that can do it all. The longer answer is, you can get pretty close especially if you're ok using a modeling amp. The digital Boss Katana amps get a lot of love around here and they're a lot less expensive than a Helix. For a super flexible and...
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    College Football Season 2021

    Obviously I'm pulling hard for my 'Dawgs but recent history doesn't bode well. Regardless -- GO DAWGS SIC 'EM!!!! Regarding the playoff, I've always thought an 8 team playoff would be ideal and that's where it will probably end up. That said, the 4 team playoff is more than a fair test to...
  21. Lawdawg

    So, why all the bird hate?

    I wouldn't say I hate the PRS birds, it's just not to my taste. For some reason I think I would like them better on an acoustic, go figure. People like different stuff, I like tort pick guards and a lot of people think those are ugly -- de gustibus non est disputandum.
  22. Lawdawg

    Any one use a sound bar mostly for music

    I'm not using a sub or satellite speakers with it. Both the Bose 900 and Sonos Arc will work just fine on their own without a sub or additional speakers unless you want a more immersive surround sound experience and low end thump. For the use you're describing I don't think you would need...
  23. Lawdawg

    Regional Pride (sorry south).

    I've lived half my life in the Midwest and half in the South and I'd say the misperceptions between the two are about even, although I tend to find that southerners have a somewhat better understanding of the midwest than vice-versa. What's interesting to me is that for all of the differences, I...
  24. Lawdawg

    What Is Your Snow Removal Strategy?

    Growing up in the midwest I paid my dues with plenty of nos. 2 and 3, but don't miss it a bit!