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  1. ReverendRevolver

    NAD, my third Fender this year.

    I missed this thread when it was new, but I'd hoped to open it and see an M80 in all its grey carpeted splendor staring back at me. Those priceton112s sounded OK. I forget there were a few decent SS fenders since they churned out such a high ratio of garbage to gold.. I'd probably consider...
  2. ReverendRevolver

    Pawnhop Steal Vibrolux Reverb Update

    I'm tempted to hit up MusicGoRound with a head and a speaker cable that's quarter inch to spade clips to test out the used pile. Maybe I could make up a box out of pegboard to hang them in? If I left the cable and box after buying a speaker, they'd probably be able to use it to sell more of the...
  3. ReverendRevolver

    Whooa! Your fave very brief moment in a song!

    The 9 notes in the solo where everything else stops in Buddy Holly by Weezer. Times artists slip in funny wrong words during live shows (a small regional pop punk band called Nothingless had a line of "I know i miss her and I feel kinda bad" in a song. After returning to Ohio after a short...
  4. ReverendRevolver


    Aldis is OK. The ones around here are not fast to get out of, there are Always long waits with lines 10+ deep. Prices are good, several things aren't carried for long, but it's like a treasure hunt. Some items are sort of sketchy, but I avoid and carry on. I've heard that they suck to work at...
  5. ReverendRevolver

    Guitar lessons @ Guitar Center

    It's never prudent to turn down a way of learning. It's deliberately limiting your potential. I'm nominally self taught. That's a limitation not a bragging right. I used to think it made me more "authentic" or some such nonsense. It really meant I stumbled along blind instead of seeking a...
  6. ReverendRevolver

    Vintage Jensen p12p info needed

    I have 2 of these, in Bell & Howell cabinets. I just emailed PMR yesterday about advice on recone/rework vs. A new speaker to run with my Frenzel. (I'm outside a MusicGoRound about to look at used speakers b4 I meet up with my drummer at dunkin donuts as I type this...). The p12p's don't...
  7. ReverendRevolver

    Are we guitarists the absolute worst about buying stuff for our stuff? Who is worse than we are?

    Cars, motorbikes, rifles, handguns, fishing, golf, gas powered rc cars, boats, and bicycles all are bigger "tinkering money pits" triple the cost if you're into red competitive side of any if them. Sports memorabilia, graded comics, and watches all have high costs and less tinkering (just...
  8. ReverendRevolver

    Daniel Radcliffe to portray Weird Al Yankovic Biopic

    I dig weird al. I was very into him when boy bands were popular, and ironically it coincided with me really getting into music in general. At a live show at the Midland theater a couple years back, he left mid song singing wireless while a camera guy followed. Took a lap around the block...
  9. ReverendRevolver

    Thick Plastic Finishes on Guitars is a Buzzkill

    In the 2000s the highway 1 series had thin finish, and while beloved in hindsight, people at the time talked smack about how cheap and trashy it was. The best contemporary compliment I remember was that Fender "made them to look relic'd by the owner". Worst thing is how much more expensive less...
  10. ReverendRevolver

    Need a SIMPLE 4 track recorder. Suggestions?

    My father and I threw in halfsies on a small silver Korg 4 track digital thing in the middle 2000s. $25 each, it was used on ebay and 1 track didn't work. Pandora or something? Quality level was lower noise that the cassette setup but overall modern interfaces and DAWs are 1 laptop and 10...
  11. ReverendRevolver

    Speaker Wiring Harness

    Spool is 12ga.(I think, rubbers thick, I used the 12 hole on the strippers in it...)Leftover from running it for a basement home entertainment setup. Given what has been said here, I may have to grab a foot of 14 or 16 if the 12 is too big for the jack. These are for smaller gouges, 20-16 and...
  12. ReverendRevolver

    The Tweed Amp Owners Club

    Third Rail 5e5 pro
  13. ReverendRevolver

    Speaker Wiring Harness

    I'll be in need of a wiring harness for a 1×12 speaker cabinet within the next 3 months. No rush, but on the radar. Weber sells one, it's $25ish shipped. Other places also do. About the same. Feels high, but I'd rather not just go for some cheap one on ebay. However, nearest I can tell...
  14. ReverendRevolver

    What is an unspoken rule about getting through society and life that annoys you when other people don't honor it?

    Is that shop still around? I stumbled upon thier website while shopping for a new jacket in like 2008. Never been to Chicago, but somehow found that place.
  15. ReverendRevolver

    Scary Movies

    I really liked Cabin in the Woods. Final Girls was OK. I have to admit that I've deliberately chased cheesy stuff lately.
  16. ReverendRevolver

    Which of the 3 blues Kings is your favorite?

    Neither of them would be able to convince me they're comfortable to play sitting down though. Been there, tried that, sold the V. Look cool on those 2 for sure.....
  17. ReverendRevolver

    Show us your guitar case and amp stickers

    The toronado case had more on it before the kids peeled off stuff. I'm down a few EHX things, a GWAR sticker(you can see some of it still) and probably more. At least my Mitch Hedburg pictures still there I guess. And all the tiny stuff. My name used to be on there in foil tape. It's still on...
  18. ReverendRevolver

    Trouble with my new puppy.

    This is probably the root. Puppies interact to learn what is expected, including amount of pressure for play biting and when to tone it down. I know people think stormsedge is talking crazy (and I wouldn't bite a puppy.......) But when we first got our boxer (he was a 3 year old rescue at the...
  19. ReverendRevolver

    Which of the 3 blues Kings is your favorite?

    Albert. Doesn't mean I share his taste in guitars or amps, but hes my favorite.
  20. ReverendRevolver

    How do I learn from mistake-or ?

    How'd I miss a guy saying you cant play rock on a Tele? 50% of the pickups on a standard tele are ostensibly one of the top 3 rock pickup sounds that exist. (Its the half nearest the saddles, incase anyone is confused...) I too am cool losing an odd post here or there. The mods here are level...
  21. ReverendRevolver

    How do I learn from mistake-or ?

    Nah, that hedges the line between an asthetic deal and a "woo" thread. It's "safe" but I feel sorry for mods that have to oversee/check on those. I figured the new layout came with an auto-block feature regarding fretboard tone. Maybe next time? @blowtorch has been out awhile, he's still...
  22. ReverendRevolver

    Winter Basement Amp Storage?

    My basement is partially finished (walls are sealed, no real moisture problems) and I've kept 4 SS Peaveys down there with no environmental problems (well my daughters hamster got out and was nesting in the Bandit for a few days, but didn't harm the amp somehow...) for a couple years. Last year...
  23. ReverendRevolver

    Do You Ever Just Look At Your Guitars?

    Yes. I look at my strat and think about dusting it. I look at my duosonic and remember I need a new strap for it, since I took the one I bought for it and put it on my most recent tele. I look at my Mustang on on wall in my living room debating if I want to play it or take something out of a...