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  1. wrathfuldeity

    Anyone go back to school later in life?

    Went in for a masters at 34, had a 3 month old baby, 8 year old and Mrs W. Also did a work study job at 20hrs/wk. Younger folks in the program wanted to go out for coffee, drinks and study groups. Ehmm, better things to attend to. Done in 18 months with 72 semester hours and 3.9gpa...
  2. wrathfuldeity

    Acoustic treatment of your music room/studio?

    Use "a 8 or 10 foot roll of blanket insulation" on the ceiling but don't finish/cover it. Just have it tacked up like a puffy tuck'n roll. Hang rugs, acoustic tiles or heavier blankets on the walls and carpet/rugs or eva foam matt on the floors. Have a basement guitar room/napping room in a...
  3. wrathfuldeity

    What's your hometown's claim to fame

    We have a few serial killers hang out around here.
  4. wrathfuldeity

    Do you think second-hand gear prices will ever come back down?

    In the past 3 months, I'm wondering if there is dis-inflation of non-essentials. Sure there is inflation of gas, food and some new items. But folks are letting go of some used gear...and wonder the reason...perhaps to cover debt and cost of living? Though noticed its not moving very fast as...
  5. wrathfuldeity

    NPD- Envelope Filter- Disappointed

    ^Interesting, though really don't have an idea what your are talking about. Similar issues as others noted, however its been greatly and mostly resolved. Tried compressor, parametric eq...ehh meh. But the simplest, easiest and best was to stick ye old modded Seymour Duncan Pick up Booster in...
  6. wrathfuldeity

    The most important lesson you or your children can learn.

    Don't let school get in the way of your education. Life happens...embrace it.
  7. wrathfuldeity

    Thinking about a serious career change

    Couple of things. Back about 18 yrs ago, got my rear end fired...caught in a political crossfire. I was on the career ladder, ego invested and seemingly everything going well. It was a shock to moi and my colleagues, but it was the best thing ever. After a few months of anxiety and wtfness...
  8. wrathfuldeity

    Thinking about a serious career change

    In August, walked away from 37 yrs in public mental health service...imo its become a cluster for various reasons. Had done a wide range of things; manage, consulted, mentored, hired, trained, program development, policies, procedures, grad research etc. Considered a dinosaur (63 yrs) and was...
  9. wrathfuldeity

    Tweed Harvard with 2x6" speakers? Yay or nay?

    You could front load one and back load the other spkr. Mixing an alnico and ceramic is the cats meow. Depending on the spkrs, have a couple 4" that sound good, an old 6" rola that is great, a couple of weber signatures 8 which are good. Also an old alnico Jensen 6x9 in a Muchxs champ that is...
  10. wrathfuldeity

    Trouble with my new puppy.

    Iirc, a pup needs to stay with the litter and mom for at least 12-14 weeks mimium. During this developmental time is where they learn some hierarchy, bite inhibition from her litter mates and introduction to play behavior. Get a pro consult and perhaps get her back in to her litter for a time...
  11. wrathfuldeity

    Making choices…

    Keep what you love, if you don't need the money. The drunks in the bar don't matter...what you love matters. My plan is keeping what I love and then when I'm about out the door to the next big gig ;). They are going to someone (have several potential young guns in mind) that will use and...
  12. wrathfuldeity

    ash vs tulipwood vs birch for cab?

    Ime/imo it depends on the amp your are matching with and for what purposes...without the iso box. But with the iso box...idk. However that being said, the baffle thickness and its attachment will have a significant influence. solid softwoods like pine for low watt tweed type amps birch for...
  13. wrathfuldeity

    those records which change your way of playing.

    As a teenager with lowly skills...didn't loose them...still got them. Zuma seemed accessible and subsequently wore it out.
  14. wrathfuldeity

    How important is tube generated reverb and tremolo to you?

    Also use a tube buffered/framed fx/pedal board...not exactly tube generated...but tubes are involved. Imo, thus is much more range to fiddle with.
  15. wrathfuldeity

    Olde Amp Smell

    TRUTH! In more than 1 Commercial ones cost a few grand. Mine was like $5 for the transformer, $1 for the old computer fan and $1 for the DC walwart for the fan and some scraps of metal screen, a piece of glass, a couple pieces of wire and 8" of 4" pvc tube. Be careful...its high...
  16. wrathfuldeity

    Olde Amp Smell

    Yup, ozone generator...found an old neon light transformer...easy to jerry rig a ozone cannon. Works great, lent it to a neighbor who had a small fire. But be mindful, don't be in the room when its on, turn it off, open the windows, wait at least 30 minutes...ya don't want to breath in the...
  17. wrathfuldeity

    "lunchbox" amp options

    Love the stromberg. My $65 old school lunch box...pp6V6 monoblock sans pre...just plug in right into the PI...either git and/or pedals etc. Low volume...unless you want to goose it.
  18. wrathfuldeity

    What I Learnt in 2021 About… (pedals)

    At the beginning of 2021, did not know about Fuzz...and now must resist in 2022.
  19. wrathfuldeity

    Mod Shop Strat?

    Until today, was not awares that a Fender "Mod Shop" strat was a thing...guess somewhat like the old Carvin model of the buyer spec'n things together from a menu. Anyway, its local and seemingly checks a lot of boxes. But was also unawares of a thing called a deluxe 2-point synchronized trem...
  20. wrathfuldeity

    Some good stuff happened to me in 2021

    Walked the dog at least twice everyday, averaging 4 miles per day. Actually look forward to it...rain, shine or snow. Last evening was a beautiful alpine glow while walking around downtown. The pups and people were all generally happy and enjoyed chatting with each other. In August...
  21. wrathfuldeity

    Did You Grow Up Without a TV Remote?

    Rabbit ears and tin foil…held just right
  22. wrathfuldeity

    At What Age …

    At 63, a grandpa and have sucess at thrift stores in the summer looking for merino wool base and mid cardigans yet...maybe if they made merion wool ones, though have never seen one.
  23. wrathfuldeity

    So the new Frontier is a Tacoma?

    It would be fun to have a new tacoma but I don't want to pay for the for the bougie crap and image. Love my 1990 Mazada b2200 x-cab, 5sp with 140k, rwd, the only luxury option is power steering; bought 6 years ago and have diy's brakes, clutch and a couple of minor things. Before that was a...
  24. wrathfuldeity

    Tankless hot water systems: reliable?

    Actually, this is my fall and spring routine takes me about 20 minutes...having a basement. I rig up the hot water tank with a garden hose with a drain line balloon and flush out my drain lines for the kitchen, bathroom, basement sinks and central basement drain. Thus killing several birds with...
  25. wrathfuldeity

    Tankless hot water systems: reliable?

    yup...let her it may easily notice more hot water for the mrs If you got a central drain in the basement, or perhaps run into a sink or toilet in the basement/same floor level if no basement. The water pressure should/will be sufficient to flush out the...