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  1. PhredE

    Fingernail Maintenance

    Classical guitar background here as well.. Here's a few pointers: * Maintain them well (and often) -- you can use any nail file with a folded over small pieces of fine sandpaper -- 600, 800, 1000 grit works good for this. * Don't let them grow out any longer than necessary; file, don't clip...
  2. PhredE

    tweed super 2x10 speaker solution required

    This is where every player's experience is going to differ a lot. Mixing different speakers can be a 'voila!' moment for some. Others? 'Not so much'. It's a hit-and-miss crapshoot for the most part and entirely subjective. So, I can't help on that aspect. However, on the differing...
  3. PhredE

    Is this Guitar Nut too high above the fretboard?

    Would respectfully add, anytime modifying nut/tweaking height or action there.. Use proper tools, and, Measure, measure, and measure again. .. then, do the work. Edit: An old school automotive feeler (depth) gauge is really handy for measure distance between under side of string and to of...
  4. PhredE

    tweed super 2x10 speaker solution required Rated at 98.2db
  5. PhredE

    Grassers: Do you NEED a red spruce top to be heard?

    ^This. Adjust the technique to (whenever possible) don't pluck / stroke across the string (eg; parallel to the top), instead press down at an angle into the top of the guitar; that additional energy will produce a boost in volume at a modest 'cost'. This is the way classical players are taught...
  6. PhredE

    Tongan Volcanic explosion...

    They call it the Ring of Fire for a reason. "Mother nature bats last".
  7. PhredE

    Thick Plastic Finishes on Guitars is a Buzzkill

    Agree with posts about acoustics vs electrics. Acoustics suffer from too thick a finish--of any kind. This is especially true for the main sound 'engine' -- the top. Electrics? Well, you can have your opinion, but the electronics do 99% of the sound production IMO. At the same time, a good...
  8. PhredE

    Tiffany - SX Ash Tele upgrade project

    I've used those on 2 guitars and think pretty favorably of them. +1
  9. PhredE

    Are Jazzmaster Pickups Typically Very Bright?

    Another thing you might consider is to solder in a small value cap between the leads on the guitar's output jack. Something like a 220pf or 330pf works wonders to just 'round-off' too shrill of a sound. The VM51 has that unique wiring/control arrangement that omits a standard tone pot. The cap...
  10. PhredE

    80s Fender ( Eminence ) Special Design. Like or Dislike?

    I have one from about 1990, it's the blue black 12" with the (approx.) 38oz magnet. It's 'ok' soundwise. Not bad per se, but most of the other speakers I have I think sound better. One thing to keep in mind about those, is that Fender (Eminence) tried to make it a jack-of-all-trades and sound...
  11. PhredE

    Vox MV50 for direct to PA vs Iridium, ASC1 etc or something else?

    Just FYI, the Joyo is 100% analog. It's based on cheap mass production SMD components, but yes, it's all analog SS.
  12. PhredE

    Cello anyone?

    Agree with the previous posts. There have been many transcriptions for guitar. The high-low range mimics the guitar nearly identically (well, pretty close). Here's one performance by a player I have barely heard of. All 6 Cello Suites on guitar. About 90 minutes total. Great stuff! (live...
  13. PhredE

    Tweed Harvard with 2x6" speakers? Yay or nay?

    I've posted about these 6.5" Emi speakers at least twice before (apologies for the redundancy folks), but for the OP.. I bought mine from Parts Express as a Clearance/Buy Out type deal ($13 each at the time)...
  14. PhredE

    Tiffany - SX Ash Tele upgrade project

    I generally view things the same way. On the topic of 'budget guitars', you may wish to keep an eye out for some of the Grote models. They also get a pretty favorable reception by the owners here. They are distributed primarily by Amazon here in the US, but I think you folks in Oz can order...
  15. PhredE

    Andy Summers

    I'm kinda late to the party as usual, and I've posted about this stuff in my review of my Grote Jazz box somewhere on here, but.. This stuff actually works pretty well -- if you want to avoid the nastiness of regular solder / soldering iron: (SOLDER-IT Silver Bearing Paste -- in case the link...
  16. PhredE

    Tiffany - SX Ash Tele upgrade project

    Looks like some SX models are still up on Rondo's site (Furrian [Tele copy], Callisto [LP copy], Hawk [Strat copy], etc.: I have taken a liking to P90s lately and was eyeing one of those "Liquid" models. I don't NEED another guitar, but..?!?!? (GAS)
  17. PhredE

    Andy Summers

    I generally tend to not fixate much on matters of tone, 'if it sounds good, it is good'.. as they say. One thing I really, really like about Andy Summers playing is.. restraint. He doesn't overplay the tune. Usually just enough guitar, but not too much -- leaving 'space' for the other...
  18. PhredE

    Humidity - again

    Yeah, very true. Good point. Being west of the Cascades, we're mostly wet and humid from fall into spring. Summer is a very different story though. Leading up to XMas and until yesterday, we had a blast of cold+wet that probably wasn't considered 'historic', but enough so that most of the local...
  19. PhredE

    Humidity - again

    This is a concern for me also. One inadvertent adaption that has evolved is this: when the temp drops and the wood stove gets used a lot (+some electric heat), we tend to drink much more tea (boiling the water the old fashioned way) and coffee as well. So there's more humidification taking...
  20. PhredE

    For aircraft enthusiasts: More weird concepts and mistakes in WW2 Air power

    I'm glad this one never made it into serious production: (474mph, 2 prop driven)
  21. PhredE

    Temperature is supposed to drop 30 degrees before dawn

    And it does wonders for killing off the unwanted insects too!
  22. PhredE

    Temperature is supposed to drop 30 degrees before dawn

    That air mass from Canada arrived here in my area about Dec 24th. It's just parked and not budged ever since. We've had a snowfall or two, and temps have ranged from about 26F to about 34F for a high each day. Several days we didn't get above freezing at all. Today, however, is the transition...
  23. PhredE

    Replace a 1 x 15" cab with a 2 x 12" cab?

    (If the amp supports the output load impedance of course..) There you go! With a (Y) parallel speaker cable it's the best of both worlds. Run 'em both and see how it sounds. Pulling the backs off and testing also is a good idea as well.
  24. PhredE

    Fender Hot Rod Deluxe speaker swap

    If you're giving WGS speakers a serious look, an FYI.. The G12C/S is similar to the G12C but not quite as bright. Maybe that is another option as well. Don't own one, but have heard one and really like the sound(s). Price, efficiency, power ratings are the same however. I do have the ET65...
  25. PhredE

    Demo of how to get 6 Tones from the Quilter Aviator Cub

    Re: EQ controls.. If you scan the manual it states that the EQs are active (additive above noon, subtractive below). Very different animal than your typical Fender tone stack. And.. the speaker may not be fully broken in yet too.